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  1. Nerf reverb rework in pvp/bg/woe !! This skill now can be spammed with turbo in bg/woe is definetely imbalance. "Removed variable cast time. Changed fixed cast time to 0.5 second for all skill levels"
  2. I am a BG / pvp players. 3 biggest issue with BG now (my opinion): 1. Random team member distribution Team with more pvp geared SC will sure win. Team with more pvp geared GX/RK will win. 2. PVM geared players joins BG for weekly quest/coin Measure to check bg pot in inventory prior joining BG is not stopping this. 3. MVP carded player ( mostly WL/RK/GX/sura) add more salts to BG wounds. (eg : 1 shot kill to player with 82% demi resist , with medium shadow mail, cranial shadow shield, and all other protective buffs and foods on)
  3. Whatever meta in kro, what I am trying to say is in novaRO current woe/pvp/bg meta, even with 82% demi human redux ,elemental and size resist, ppl still get 1 or 2 shotted by broken job skill. This is why sura and warlock rework are disabled. GX rework will be disabled too considering how crazy damage of new CI.
  4. All new skills "rebalanced" for warlock/sura/gx/rk and other jobs in future will be customized in nova pvp/bg/woe for sure. We all know that basically renewal skills are broken in pvp (1 shot thing). KRO focus for all these rebalanced / revamp are for pvm content.
  5. Kurtis NPC (exchange coins) is disappeared in prontera ... where to exchange the remaining coins ?
  6. +1 for restricting mvp cards in pvp ranked room. For miniboss card , I think it should be maintained usable. Ghostring, angeling, deviling cards could be obtained at very affordable price now (300-600m) . Not like mvp card (ie gtb) that destroy the fairness of pvp ranked system.
  7. Basically I very much agree with BG reduction. If you take a look on first day implementation of ranked PVP room, the top ranked were dominated by Star Emperor (400+ points) because they easily "Nova explosion" other players. Or imba oboro/kagerou with GTB that running around rapid throwing others , easily can 1 hit KO players with HP < 50k. This will attract more strategy of lower HP pool class ( mage, archer) to survive & play PVP. But off course the downside is it will be difficult to kill job like RG, SC (which previously easier to do with SE). Suggestion : after implementation of BG reduction in ranked PVP, please reset (first day) ranked player point achievement.
  8. Hi, I am planning to make magic oboro for pvp my questions is, 1) which set below give higher matk damage : right hand : +7 faceworm queen leg (2x zakudam) left hand (offhand) : + 7 / +4 faceworm queen leg (2x zakudam) OR right hand : + 7 faceworm queen leg (2x zakudam) left hand (offhand) : main gauche (4x zakudam) 2) Does refinement level affect matk on left hand (off hand) weapon? Thanks for reply
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