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  1. Hello there, Since there are more and more alternative save spots in towns being added, why not add a @go shortcut for them ? But instead of what is currently done where the number is just incremented, by adding one more number after the town's ID. Like for example with the different Prontera spots, @go 00, @go 01, etc... Dunno if it will clutter the command list though, or if it's possible to rearrange it in a easily readable way ? Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion !
  2. I try to keep the guide updated indeed : https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Leinarth's_Rune_Knight_Class_Guide I haven't taken the time to add FAW and the shadow sets though yet because I'm in a busy period. But it's more than enough to build an endgame RK
  3. Idk, feel free to read the wiki I guess
  4. In the Illusion of Labyrinth patch, we got this fix : Super Novices can now wear Ninja Manual, Gunslinger Manual and Taekwon Manual. It's especially nice because they are tradeable so we can get them by making another Novice and trade them to our SN. My question is, could it be possible to make the basic 1st class ones tradeable too ? Because otherwise it means we have to recreate a Super Novice from scratch to get them when Novice. And when you have a book of a class as a Novice, you can't get the other ones at the same time, you have to give back the one you currently have, which means no possibility of having others. Even if we consider that it's fine to only have one book, you can't go change it once you're Super Novice, because the NPCs are wondering why you're here after changing your class and won't accept trading manuals again. Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion !
  5. This is quite custom, if you want to look for a Bio5-like hat for extended classes like Super Novice, you'll have to wait for the Temporal Circlets from Glast Heim Challenge : https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19491/temporal-circlet-super-novice-1
  6. Leinarth

    Illusion of Labyrinth

    The manuals for Super Novice are character bound and can only be obtained when we're Novice, what do we do ?
  7. Just make job XP get taxed too, nailed it.
  8. Why only this one in particular ? It feels like you just want the effect that interest you, should be the whole pet update. And since it's official kRO content, it'll probably be added here sooner or later I believe.
  9. Time to bring AEsir back into the game kappa
  10. Oui en effet, on est à Louyang si tu veux nous rejoindre !
  11. I ran into that issue in this very evening, got into the instance but my AB partner couldn't join because he just finished the quest... One CD wasted :<. Altho' it's not the end of the world, it's still very annoying and will bother all people who start farming that instance.
  12. Leinarth

    Level 185 - Coming Soon

    They can be easily obtained, unlike YSF's armor.
  13. Leinarth

    Patch Notes

    Acute 15 GX memes incoming
  14. Bonsoir, En effet nous sommes toujours actifs, on essaie de programmer des sorties à Bio5 les weekends en ce moment ! N'hésite pas à passer à Louyang, tu devrais tomber sur du monde . Sinon tu peux me contacter sur discord. Au plaisir !
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