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  1. Leinarth

    Level 185 - Coming Soon

    They can be easily obtained, unlike YSF's armor.
  2. The hat's description says it is supposed to give 10% ASPD, but it is currently giving 10% ACD reduction: So I guess either the description is wrong, either the script is wrong.
  3. Leinarth

    Patch Notes

    Acute 15 GX memes incoming
  4. Bonsoir, En effet nous sommes toujours actifs, on essaie de programmer des sorties à Bio5 les weekends en ce moment ! N'hésite pas à passer à Louyang, tu devrais tomber sur du monde . Sinon tu peux me contacter sur discord. Au plaisir !
  5. I'm sorry but no. It's clearly possible to do many CI on NovaRO, I saw a GX do 8 CI in front of me at the dummies, your choice to believe it or not. I'm pretty sure it's all about training (and kinda about ping too). It will be obviously easier for American players !
  6. The problem with him becoming a GM in case it ever happened, is that he won't be able to do everything he's been doing till now like FXFreitas said. Another thing he won't be able to do which was mentioned in OP's post, is that he helps players learn their class when he encounters them in instances, go through an instance with them to make them experience his teachings. I think that it's not part of the duties the staff gives to GMs, simply because it's something that can be, and currently is, done by the players (I'm also thinking about the guides).
  7. I don't see why this is a problem for you guys. It's the current last content of the game, and you want its era to finish quickly and forget about bio5. Of course it's not gonna be easy. If there's a new content (instance, dungeon, whatever) available and you're still stuck since the start of the Tomb of the Fallen availability on the server, then we can start pondering about what to do for players with extremely bad luck. Making it easier will only help reducing the already small number of people going there: I sometimes wait 1 hour to get a correct team, and there are the usual leavers because they get mad or they have to leave because they didn't think we would sit 1 hour in front of the dungeon. Please don't kill bio5.
  8. Acute enchant is not working properly currently, it seems the critcal damage increase is increasing the critical chance by a percentage instead. I can't find the formula error.
  9. Well that's the title. I said it was a visual mistake as the AoE is actually good. So that's not really an invalid bug .
  10. Bots like MEE6 can easily take care of this problem (I use him on my guild discord). It's not like you have to create one, but I understand if you want to keep only stuff you guys made.
  11. Leinarth

    Patch Notes

    The special dungeon you can access in Glast Heim, look it up on internet
  12. Fortune's Kiss is weirdly positioned, as you can see here: The minstrel gets the buff here even though he isn't in the "hearts AoE", and at the left side of Fortune's Kiss, if you're right on the last column, you don't get the buff. The visual needs to be moved one square to the right.
  13. Envoie-moi un message sur Discord quand tu es disponible, comme ça on s'arrange !
  14. Bien entendu ! Tous ceux qui peuvent parler français sont les bienvenus !
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