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  1. Well sorry no, just witnessed my friend doing it, that's all. All I know is he tailored his build for FOGH, and that's about it, no need for MvPs.
  2. Actually 0 MvP card, and just +9 gears and a +15 weapon, something completely reachable.
  3. When GX got reworked previously, and Fall of Glast Heim came out, GXs were soloing the boss in 3-5 hits, when everybody else was having trouble taking care of the boss. This resulted in GX players playing solo and ignoring party play. That goes against "party gameplay".
  4. Wrong, katar CI GX is very easy to build and can go for 10M hits when properly built, whether enemy has huge DEF or not, without MVP cards. It's all about the theorycrafting in the end. It's only when you try to play dual dagger SBK that you rush into a wall; it can hit hard but you face all the issues of a skill that depends on a lot of factors : ACD, halved crit chance, ASPD... etc. Using two daggers give you a lot of penalty, especially if you don't use metal detectors which ease the ACD issues. Yes dual daggers can have the biggest damage output, but they are also the most costly way, and
  5. Good luck on your next adventures friend.
  6. This is a great suggestion for super high rate mega custom servers ! You should seek them out instead of NovaRO which stays true to official content.
  7. This is a dev blog I'm very pleased to hear about since it concerns leftover classes, I hope not only these classes will be changed and the bigger picture will be taken into consideration as we all know that a lot of classes aren't performing that well except sometimes extremely geared ones (and I hope you fixed the heal part for the non-healer roles ! ). Keep up the good work !
  8. As much as I want to agree with you on that case, I think running around with an LGBT flag with a name probably containing LGBT, is digging your own grave. While you totally have the right to be what you want to be and I totally respect it, screaming on top of roofs what you are will indeed attract dumb people who know nothing but throw hatred at people different from them. Actually a ton of stuff is done, I see very commonly people getting renamed but the staff can't look manually at all the characters of 4000+ players to see which one is bad, it works on player reports mainly.
  9. @Ariasmen Wow thanks I could have never guessed that without you !
  10. Hello @AnnAnna, your fervor on the asura build made me want to go back to it again ! Back then when I stopped upgrading it, this is where I stopped : I know my weapon is obviously garbage (and also don't mind the armor card, I didn't have the right armor available when I wanted to take the screen sooo) but you could give me some pointers on the rest ? I stopped working on it because I had very bad luck on refining my morpheus gears. I'm currently close to 10K SP with the SP pots and I wanted to know if it's worth it for me to refine both morpheus gears to +11 and get the nives w
  11. PVM-wise other classes are performing better indeed, and in the custom endgame content MH2, they are pretty much dead currently.
  12. Good luck on your next adventures and life, though if you desire to come back at some point, hit me up on Discord and I'll be ready to help you set up some new dank builds for SC, including several magic autocast ones ! It's not necessary to make the biggest numbers in damage to have fun, just playing some special build is just as much fun !
  13. Il faut nous PM IG ou sur discord, voici mon tag : Pimousse#3938, hâte de te voir IG
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