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  1. That can be true and would be lovely. The other part is, that would motivate player to play more Mh2 outside of the weekly (For regular Monster or Mvp Cards).
  2. KaiaKaito

    Patch Notes

    Dam no Asura Fix in view :c But funny, I dont know that Spread Shot from Illusion Gate-Keeper had this "bug". Good thing it got fixed instant after getting +10 xd
  3. Well I can agree on the Incarnation and Morroc Part, but I dont think Plants or Shrooms get any Cards soon, so adding/create them (maybe as loot card with combo effect?) wont hurt. But the MH part of this post is really nice. I think we can do regular Mobs as only Inside Mh or Mh2 (Because they are easier to contain) and Mvp's for the generel play (but balanced ofc). The idea's here are great and I think we are digging to something create. And I agree 150% to things like these make people super creative!
  4. I find this interesting but hard to make it real. Maybe to make it simple but still to the similiar thing, we can give Nyia Deluge and Jackfrost Lvl 1/2/3 and Garanth Vulcano and Killing Cloud Lvl 1/2/3
  5. MH1 Mvp Cards is a nice thought. How could I forget these monsters *facepalm*
  6. Hi Sothis and nice to meet you! But we all know, Lorenz is the true Waifu of Three Houses :^)
  7. Hello players and Gm's (maybe). Few weeks ago was a nice conversion on the offical Nova Discord (If your not part of it, pls join. Less trolls than #main Chat). The topic was Cards from Mobs which dont exists. I did on some thinking and im a bit curios how cards would be for certain mobs. Which mobs you maybe ask? Simple: -All Plants and Mushrooms (Including Illusion Mushroom from Vampire Dungeon) -Scaraba Eggs -All Incarnations of Morroc -Satan/Wounded Morroc I dont think gravity have plans of creating cards for these kind of monster and my first 2 thoughs are: What effects could they have if they exist? And Will it be a nice idea if Nova could create custom Cards for these mobs? I could in theory share every though which I have in my head, but even my Microsoft Word document is huge with possible ideas and stuff, better I spare you guys x:. I think it would be a nice idea in the first place. We could have a nice Community Event for artist (Card Splasharts) and maybe for effect ideas. We could add (Not Satan/Wounded Morroc obs) these plants to the OCA/OCP pool and can maybe create something special or interesting. Nova could use some custom iteams and I think it dont hurt the server. BUT now I ask you guys, what do you think about it? What possible options could they have? What are your thoughs for this topic? Share it here, maybe we can set something in motion or I embarrass here myself x_x Thanks for your attention. Greetings Kaia Ps: Im sorry, but english is not my motherlanguage and im not good at it x_x
  8. KaiaKaito

    Cawful Patch Notes

    Looks nice, old Eq can be boostet but still no Asura Fix :c
  9. KaiaKaito

    Halloween Patch Notes

    Big patch with big nice buffs! Still waiting for the 3 Sec Asura Debuff tho..:c
  10. FInally something for counter Reflect Mvps... I dont pla Genetic, but my Sura will love it. Btw Rip RG in Pvp if this comes...:c
  11. Well I saw on Divine Pride that Asura got an Change with the Knuckle Changes. The reduce of the Asura Debuff from 10Sec to 3Sec (Which should be costum for Pvp but for Pvm great so Asura can still be relevant). Will this come as well? Found here: https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3453-kro-mass-skills-balance-1st-2nd-and-transcendent-classes-skills/
  12. Well Complet Solo Asura Strike (No Ab/Wandy/Lex/Mins/Sorc). If you gear it correct, than most Mvps will be explode (like Anna showed). But personaly I use 120 Int for more Sp. I mean the bonus is not big but having more Flat Sp increase the Dmg overall so yeah.
  13. Hello everyone! Im doing the Central Lab instance for a long time and I just realize how many Mvps are not there. I uset the time and find an Post there someone said which Mvp spawns in which "Tier" (What I call it). I will suggest to add more possible Mvps in this instance to give the players the option to fight many other kinds of Mvp. Here a list which one: Drake Gopinich Kraken Nightmare Amon Ra Nightmare Baphomet Wounded Morroc Generel Daehyun Gioia Angry Student Pyuriel (Gold Queen Scaraba, but I would agree if someone say this is to hard). Before someone ask, why add Gioia/Pyuriel/Daehyun, we have already Kades inside. I think it would be a nice change of quality to give everyone an chance to meet these Mvps. Thanks for reading Greetings KaiaKaito
  14. KaiaKaito

    Patch Notes

    Well the Patch overall looks very interesting and finally we can re-enchant/safe enchant for the older Content. But the Illusion Labyrint Problems are still there, which is sad :c
  15. This iteam is extrem hard to contain (Only Mvp drop it) and for the craft progress of both Morpheus you need 30. In the past Nova did some custome changes to the other Illusion Dungeons as well (like Frozen made the costs cheaper as example), so I would suggest to get a overall drop chance from any mob and reduce the total cost from 15 15 to like 7 7.
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