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  1. From my knowledge the Orc Hero inside has the name ID like the normal one. So I guess yes...?
  2. KaiaKaito

    Patch Notes

    Even if my suggestion for Utility got rejected, you gave my role new power AND revert some of the nerfs in the end. This is in generel one of the best patchs so far. Thanks for the great work!
  3. The best way to play Auto Cast SC is to optimize MATK and get some Autocast. Most Gear/Cards looks nice but are not worth it in a Long turn. I play ASS Chaser by myself (because its fun) and I can give you some suggestions of what you can do and build to make it somehow strong, but always remember its an Fun Build. Headgear: For Headgear I can only tell 2 Options, Smokie Trans. Leaf and the Inconspicuous Hat. Smokie gives alot of new and strong Autocasts (Chain Lightning is 1% chance if I remember correct) and the Inconspicuous Hat gives massive Matk. The Question is what you need more. If you choose Smokie, you neet atleast +10 it (Can be simple because of Weekly Quests) and the Inconsp need atleast +7-9 to be effective. If you choose Smokie, be sure to get Matk from other sorces. Wickebine's Black Cat Ears will be a great choice if you dont take Matk Pierce from Shadow Gear/Card Combos. Weapon: Next Chapter for important decisions is the Weapon. Most people pref. Faceworm Queen leg because of the strong EQ Autocast (which scales still with Matk here). The other Options (and more expansive) are the Illusion Bazerald which Boost Matk by a good amount and boost some Fire Skills or Platinum Dagger which is the strongest Dagger (but extrem expansive because of the Memory Enchant). The other Weapons sounds nice but hard to execute and in the end not worth it. Maybe Old Parasol can be considered but im a not a fan ot this. As for the Madogum, I dont have any clue how good that is actually. Never saw it in Action but maybe its worth an try. You can still get the Immortal Wind Ghost Card for the juicy Killing Cloud Level 5 Autocast, which is kinda underrated. Accesory: Last but not least this. Alchemy Glove will be the cheapes Option because of Autocasts and Dmg increase for Fire Spells. But in the end you will need Life Leech and Power, so getting the Illusion Booster (Matk one) with the Hp Reg Enchant, Spell, Aspd and the King Schmidt Accesory for the Temporal Combo will be must have in most ASS Builds. For Cards you can still increase Dmg depends on your Main Dmg sorce (Mavka for more Fire and Elvira for more Wind) or go for the strange Card Combo from Owl Visquant and Marques (How are they spelled the Nightmare Clock Owls?). Rest of the gear is focused on Matk, Aspd, reduce and other magical dmg boosts. As for Mvp Cards: Lich Lord: Would be insane good Dark Lord: Still a good option EL-A17T: Not good, dont do it Baphomet: Aoe Attack can trigger autocast which can be insane in Mobs. I dont know if that help you, but this is my thought of this. Most iteams sounds good but are still traps sadly... Greetings Kaia
  4. KaiaKaito

    RK sonic wave

    I remember this one Weapon which can Auto Cast Sonic Wave... I mean in an classic Beserk Crit Playstyle it can work or am I wrong?
  5. If you talked to Loli (at the beginning) you need to find the Dragon. The thing is, the spawn of that mvp is random so you can lucky to get him early on or you need to walk the entire dungeon. After defeating you need to get to Loki (Who has an girl lying around). The thing is the Dragon Mvp Spawn can be tricky. Just use a map to know where to navigate and where he can spawn.
  6. Always Rebel and Sura Why? Sura is my favorit class of all time. I know what to excpect and how I can play it down and yes, biggest fun ever. Rebel because of the fact, its the easiest farm class and cheapes (Yeah even than shit ranger) with multiple build option. I think this would make sense tho.
  7. Well nice to see someone who are interest in these builds too! Build alone looks decent, but I think you should go for Temporal Int (Spell/RM) since this gives an HUGE amount of Magic Damage. You can use CD in Mouth to proc Runaway Magic more often and with that more the Killingcloud Cast from IWG Card. For other Autocasts its hard to tell. I think 1 Evil Glove is enough, so getting an other Matk Boost Accesory would be lovely. I think the GMT Ring with 6% Matk as Enchant would be perfect for that. But these are my personal ideas I can give you as an unusal Rebel player (I mean Im working for an Crit Shotgun Build).
  8. Its dam good. I thought it would be complex but its really helpful. Thanks for the work x3
  9. KaiaKaito

    Christmas Patch Notes

    My time of complaining is over, finally my Asura fix <3 But I need a new thing tho...someone ideas?x3 xD
  10. KaiaKaito

    New Year's Teaser

    Mh2 for new Shadow Gear (Monk+Sura Set) EDDA with Gear for the same skills like Mh2 Shadow Set It will be a good year for an Old School Sura main like me.
  11. That can be true and would be lovely. The other part is, that would motivate player to play more Mh2 outside of the weekly (For regular Monster or Mvp Cards).
  12. KaiaKaito

    Patch Notes

    Dam no Asura Fix in view :c But funny, I dont know that Spread Shot from Illusion Gate-Keeper had this "bug". Good thing it got fixed instant after getting +10 xd
  13. Well I can agree on the Incarnation and Morroc Part, but I dont think Plants or Shrooms get any Cards soon, so adding/create them (maybe as loot card with combo effect?) wont hurt. But the MH part of this post is really nice. I think we can do regular Mobs as only Inside Mh or Mh2 (Because they are easier to contain) and Mvp's for the generel play (but balanced ofc). The idea's here are great and I think we are digging to something create. And I agree 150% to things like these make people super creative!
  14. I find this interesting but hard to make it real. Maybe to make it simple but still to the similiar thing, we can give Nyia Deluge and Jackfrost Lvl 1/2/3 and Garanth Vulcano and Killing Cloud Lvl 1/2/3
  15. MH1 Mvp Cards is a nice thought. How could I forget these monsters *facepalm*
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