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  1. Hi! I have before when i drew an avatar for someone. I try to draw them in my style tho.
  2. Update of some recent commissions I Finished It wont let me upload it all so for all the recent ones go to my i n s t a g r a m Icons: Chibis Full Body
  3. IGN: Strawberry Thug Art Shop Instagram✿
  4. Edit: Ive been really busy with real life things and pretty much quit playing and drawing. I will return eventually! Hi!! My name is Kim (◠﹏◠✿), and my friends have been pushing me to open an art shop so here I am!! I draw in a variety of styles, but because I draw so slow it will only be three slots at a time If you would like to see current works you can go to my Instagram uwu Slots Open: 1. Closed 2. Closed 3. Closed I will draw as fast as I can so just message me on discord if you are interested and I will let you know when the place is open!! - Examples - Prices Things I need from you!! - Screen shot of your character from a few different angles - Your head gears you would prefer - Any special things you would like me to add! Contact Information: Discord - Kimblast#8205 That is the best place to message me Payment: Please pay half before i start and then the other half when I'm done. If you would like to tip you are more then welcome to as well
  5. Hi, I hope this counts as me being the first person!! I also dont mind turning into a gender bender/peach clone I included a picture of my character just in case i do count haha
  6. I like eggs IGN: Strawberry Thug
  7. IGN: Strawberry Thug Not so subtle advertisements
  8. Congrats too all the winners!! Everyone's cards were awesome
  9. Coyote Card Brown Rat Card Gaster Card Marsh Arclouse Card IGN: Strawberry Thug
  10. Geffen Gangster Blut Hase IGN: Strawberry Thug
  11. IGN: Strawberry Thug Chilling at santas factory.
  12. Trying to blend in... IGN: Strawberry Thug
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