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    Phinci Art Market !

    Hello ! I'm super new to renewal RO ( stopped RO when woe 1st launched ) (-﹏-。) I will be opening mini commissions soon ! ( need to finish up current commissions ) You can book slots below ! Samples of artworks are under the spoiler tab. For more samples, google my name / pm me for links :D. Please be cautious as my blogs are NSFW. 18+ of age only. If you are under the age of consent please check out the pieces under the spoiler tab ! Below are SFW pieces so be at ease Commission prices ( Note that this is only a NovaRO special ) Flat quick illustrations : 20k CP / 90m z (20USD) Quick illustrations : 35k CP / 155m z (35USD) Slots are opened for booking now ! Will update the dates when I will start working on them. 1. 2. 3. Contact me through [email protected] / through the novaRO discord. Phinci#7635 igns : Phinci PhinciA PhinciB ohPhinci
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