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  1. Aki

    Friends & Family Art Contest

    IGN: Eiwaz A lot of mates have been returning because of the situations happening now, it's also a good chance to make new friends and start an exciting adventure together in NovaRO!
  2. IGN: Eiwaz Pet: Deviling (still working on others uwu)
  3. Hi fellows, A lot of new contents arrived in NovaRO recently and further more in the future. We need to get some new cards and of course gears to adapt the new metas, especially after the performers skill revamps. Tests have to done and they usually require decard service which now charges 1m+ with 1 star crumb and 1 yellow gemstone. Not all of us have access to multiple high refined gears and cards of a kind to complete gears+cards combo tests, somehow the fee for swapping in and out cards when testing damage can actually worth a lot. Although there is another way to decard with item #32239 decarding voucher, but I found no one has been selling it in market and I myself never got one from the event eggs either. May we have a kind review on the decard fee and adjust it to meet most of the players' needs please? Thank you!
  4. LOL I'm not really a veteran, I just tell what I see in those times I have spent. Just that everyone is trying to put effort into what they want to play, i myself don't like PvM and not as geared wouldn't say the PvMers grinding makes NovaRO an unfair environment for me. People who stayed in this server for longer tend to have more advantages, but this applies on every single server. What if a PvPer suggest GMs to give PvM gears just because they don't want to spend time in it and want to reach the same level as a hard core PvMer? PvM community would also have told him to start off in Gefenia too. To have absolutely fair PvP gameplay, most likely you will look for a PvP oriented server instead of a player- centered server as Nova. As a WoE player, of course I would like to see new people joining us and make WoE more competitive and fun. Just that letting them to play in something not close to the real experience and limit their creativity in gears won't help at all. Or it may make newbies mistaken how WoE works.
  5. Well, it seems not so relative but please let me share some of my experience. At first I really didn't know how renewal WoE works and I was (or "am" because until now I'm still an inactive PvM player) poor, with like only 5m zeny in bank. I started out as an AB but now, I have gears for RG, AB, Minstrel, SC and RK. I didn't spend much time farming or money to buy NP to get my gears, a large portion of my income come from WoE 1 solely, point to note is I am not even from the winning guild with long term dungeon access. More to that, BG reward: valor badges, pretty much covers what most players needs, WoE sets, glorious weapons for DPS, glorious rings, potion supplies. Yes I can't deny I have no interest on DPS roles, but my stance for switching roles within guild is definitely supportive. Some like me would get bored if staying in the same role for long time, what we do is we discuss and suggest what roles you want to try within guild. I myself really love to test builds and even different roles to "change the mood" in Draft too. This is the reason why I have an emphasis on gear freedom. Of course you don't necessarily own high-end gears, but i think the point that you wanted to move from support to DPS roles, can simply be solved within your WoE guild. You wouldn't want to embarrass yourself by forcing into a role and surely not to disappoint your guild by not knowing what your roles do or under performing. Proving to your guild mates that you are fit right into your desired role is all you can do if you wish to get the role you want. Guild for newbies is scarce nowadays. But if you look up in Draft Discord #recruitments, newbies can know what the guilds want or telling others what they want to try easily. Guilds won't just go around towns and ask unknown people if they want to fill in some roles for sure, I believe you don't send random invite to some gramps players as a PvM guild as well. Plus if you are playing with friends, starting a new guild is a more optimal choice. A group of friends interested in WoE asking for help in NovaRO or Draft Discord, would be really welcomed. Since Draft Discord already gathered the main and active WoE society, nevertheless the veterans there are helpful when newbies ask questions, I think whoever is interested in WoE would frankly appreciate a nice discussion there. In this way, newbies don't need to waste their zeny in useless gears, nor going into a wrong direction of a role. Hence, why not just ask for help in appropriate place instead of starting a nothing-alike-event with no or few rewards? What I most concern is what newbies can learn from this WoE mode with completely different gear set up, thus resulting in a change of metas. DB RKs and WLs won't work because no temporal dex boots, RG can't use shields for their shield skills and much more, these makes what the roles twisted and are the unacceptable part for me. Moving on to skills, without the lead of experienced players, newbies can't just learn by going into entrance of castle, looking at others how to play a certain role, and convert what they see into their own game play. Someone has to explain to them what happens every moment, what can they do in these moments. By the WoE 2 suggested, i see nothing different from the old WoE 2. Random people go in, get killed by defending guild, loop till WoE ends. No one would want this to happen again. What if we players don't do anything about it? We can't simply say the GMs should do this or that, it's never a GM's responsibility to lead players to participate in either PvM or PvP. Easier ways to promote WoE and enhance WoE participation I could think of is to: > Share WoE videos to who are interested, someone tells them what is going on in this video, or simply an introduction to WoE. For example, locations of flags, general roles of jobs, suggested gears for newbies and upgrades, etc. > Promote what we have now: BG, WoE 1 and Draft. (I could see GMs are working on it by adding costumes and rewards though) Saving WoE 2 idea is nothing wrong, but in my opinion, interserver rules do more harm than good to newbies who are to join WoE 1 eventually. Strengthening what we still have may lead to another way to improve the WoE experience for them too. I think someone has mentioned this before: No one can force a newbie to participate in WoE. We need to know what exactly makes them hesitate to join before suggesting or doing anything in order to attract them to join us.
  6. You never explained why this WoE mode can attract newbies more than Draft does as well, in terms of: • competitive WoE experience • captains are mostly experienced WoE players • provides free BASIC gears and supplies to be like realistic situations • rewarding, even for a newbie • WoE stats exactly the same as real WoEs in webpage that let you track back the performance Simply we can just see that the gears you have been suggested are not really close to those we use in real WoEs, and they have hindered so many classes that work in the scene now. How would it be possible for a newbie to get used to the difference once he/she steps into Draft or WoE 1? The result will still be discouraging for one, saying: oh the real thing is totally different from what I learnt in this WoE 2, it's a waste of time to learn it all over again. To be honest, there are veterans working hard to hope for more people joining WoEs or BG, or PvP in general. A guild spliting into two and recruit new people, some keep playing WoE to keep a competitive environment and some are kindly organizing Draft even there is no pay out for them. @Cyan May I ask if you ever joined Draft or maybe WoE 1/2? What makes you hesitate to join or never join again? If you haven't joined them before, what makes you think the WoE scene is dying? Lastly, a question to the suggestion, if players are to join this mode as a guild like WoE 2, how can you make sure the experience of leaders won't be a big difference to let down the newbies?
  7. I have joined WoE for almost a year now, started out as a PvM AB main, was given a WoE robe set, and yes the result was terrible because i knew nothing about WoE scene. From gears to locations in the castles, roles and strategies, I have started from almost zero. I wouldn't say i am good enough to speak as a veteran, therefore I'm taking my stance as a normal PvP player in this suggestion. Personally I really think Draft WoE helps a lot of newbies like me to get used to real WoEs, especially when gears could be viewed and we could get an idea of how others gear their characters. Moreover, I honestly appreciated leaders of the very first Drafts I joined, they told us what flags in emp room do, where is the positions of some crucial jobs like Sorcerers and more importantly what we can do to help. I believe if you are truly interested in WoE and willing to learn it, Draft WoE is more than enough. WoE 2 had been dead for a long time, I myself have been participated in it for a few times even though it was in a really bad time slot for me at 4am. It has been 1v1 or even 1v0, which was really boring. Why no people joined it even it had provided the rewards of weapon boxes, siege tokens and even dungeon access? For SEA players it was timeslot reason. Plus most guilds spend time in WoE 1 already, they wouldn't want to put more time and supplies in it just for an whole absolutely boring hour. So let's now look at the WoE mode with interserver rules. Would it make any difference for newbies to step up when they didn't even try to join the uncompetitive WoE 2? What makes veterans want to join this new WoE mode when they didn't join WoE 2 that gave surely more rewards? In conclusion, i don't see anything worthy to join this WoE mode suggested. It doesn't provide gear variety that let me study the possibility of every build, nor giving me the chance to see how my play style can be improved.
  8. Hi GMs and fellas, Sometimes people put signatures on items for various reasons, such as doing it on memorable items, marking the items and lend it to others etc. A point to note is that they can be traded and hence sold in market, the buyers may actually be discouraged to buy the items just because they don't want the signatures on them. Can it be possible for players to undo the signatures? Of course with a cost that is acceptable. Thanks a lot!
  9. Aki

    Patch Notes

    Can we have the option to recolour Cat Ear Beret and Red Pom Band without awakening the hats? Making the recoloured version into a costume is tempting but pretty much a waste of siege tokens to awaken the hats before recolouring. ;_;
  10. Aki

    Giveaway: Eggring Pin

    As a EGG-xcellent player I shall raise this EGG-xtraordinary EGGring into a new MVP! EGG-xclusively for NovaRO! IGN: Eiwaz
  11. Aki

    Christmas Screenshot Contest

    IGN: xxxAki Christmas brings a good doggo to me
  12. Hello there! This is the leader of Tutti i the guild ^^ Tutti i the brand new guild is now recruiting members to strengthen ourselves and provide valuable experience for you in NovaRO! Some information about Tutti i : PvM & Social international (communicate in English), most active at 8-11am server time aims to enhance gaming fun in the community instance running almost everyday will try to organize BB parties regularly MVP huntings gladly offering help to any new-comers guild events coming soon! Currently looking for players who are: active to join guild runs (joining with your main characters would be nice ^^) helpful and friendly to all willing to communicate with other players hopefully ready for most instances (Central Lab and BMD pre-reqs done preferred) (but not a must, we are willing to guide anyone in need xD ) interesting enough to entertain your guild leader here Interested players please leave your character name and some self introduction here, visit Thor Volcano Camp(@go 45) or PM Minty Lime / xxxAki in game. We cannot wait to meet you in Tutti i !!
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