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  1. One work-around is to enable pvp-mode and set the default pvp-strategy to aggressive, this does work for my edit of the original azzy AI (the first link you posted). I'd love to know why the regular autoattack did broke as I remember it working just fine after it has been re-enabled through novaext until it stopped working again without any further edits done.
  2. Kruro

    Level 185 - Coming Soon

    Cool Will the joblevel be increased to 65 in the same patch or is that part of something else?
  3. Acid Demonstration will be pretty much dead upon arrival of the bragi changes anyway, doubling the ACD will pretty much just ensures that really no one dares to use that skill lol. Changing SS from 0.5s to 0.8s shouldn't really kill the build, but may allow other builds to come a little closer (I personally don't much enjoy a meta where only one dps class is viable, like we had for a very long time now with Doram). But we'll have to see if those changes really come to regular ol' RO, that chart will definitely be handy when it does
  4. SS Ranger is definitely here to stay. Upcoming song changes will just further cement their position as top dps as they got access to naturally decent aspd (noone is going to use sunset over bragi after the change) while also having very accessible ACD reductions with Sniping Suit, and that's for a skill with only 0.5s ACD to begin with, which easily outshines traditional high dps skills like Picky Peck or Acid Demonstration which have 1s ACD each. However, for less demanding content (everything that's not bio5 or potentially the upcoming MH2), I'm sure most dps classes are fine, especially when the damage ceiling further rises/becomes accessible by more players when BSB arrive (unless they'll be customized too much).
  5. Very much appreciate to see the enriched/hd ores outside the cashshop at least to some extent now. One could make the argument that you were able to cash in your gold coins for them before already but that's a terrible deal (and surely not where most of them came from). However, this way you're bound to naturally get some ores eventually. The other rewards, and increases of the previous rewards are pretty cool too .
  6. The new instance Half-Moon in the Daytime drops char-bound White Potions and Concentration Potions. The only way to get rid of them is by consuming them one by one (and possibly the item-crusher, didn't try that yet). Since those consumables are relatively heavy, it'd great to just have them NPC-sellable (for 0 zeny ofc), in order to get rid of them much quicker.
  7. Yea, I realize where this idea comes from, but I personally really dislike it as it forces you to pretty much remake your main character(s) from scratch (if those rewards are char-bound at least). This is even true if you're new on the server as you would make your first character with the default rates anyway so that you become established much faster (aka gearing up) only to then redo the same thing slowly for the bonus. Generally, I don't think that players that more or less consciously selected a 25x private server are going to appreciate going 1x.
  8. There seems to be some confusion going on between difficulty of obtaining something and sheer randomness. Working 100 hours towards a goal, is usually considered hard work, having a random number generator arbitrarily deciding a number does not involve skill or effort and does not pose a beneficial game mechanic if we want to keep players committed to this game/server. Bio5 is a balance patch, it merely helps generally underperforming classes/skills to become somewhat viable (in the best cases). Yes, IC AD has very high potential, allowing genetic to potentially reach doram/se tier at a absurdly higher initial, as well as sustaining cost. We shouldn't discourage class diversity even further, it's already laughable/sad enough as it is right now.
  9. Kruro

    Patch Notes

    Thanks for the patch Added the new Mixed Cooking packet to the beta client Is there any list what that actually contains?
  10. Any reason why though? This is all I found: Even if I may not agree with it, having any form of reasoning would make it much easier to move on. Even something vague like saying that it could enable any form of bug abuse without stating any details would be absolutely fine for me if that's what it is. Especially since we already have a direct warp to it via wapra, I don't quite see the difference (except not having to navigate additional dialogues) and since we can @return out of any instance (which in turn grants us access to wapra again) I really don't see how it can be abused.
  11. A little quality of life option as the title suggests. I just recently found out that we can warp directly into the main office using the wapra (and thus avoid loading prontera with all the players), so I was wondering if we could give it a spot in @go as it is visited many times to restat, reskill, collect dailies or switch homunculi since it is such a central hub. Thanks for reading
  12. True, for casual farming I usually slap on a phen accessory. But this is a non-issue in most instance content where stuff is either tanked or dies before it reaches your sprite (remember, you can outrun pretty much anything with cart boost), also you will have another +16 dex/int in there. In party play I usually still end up with like 97% cast time reduction where ASPD starts to be the bigger hindrance.
  13. I use Sera for most casual things as painkiller makes farming almost anything super comfortable. However thanks to the newly implemented Homuncubank I also got a Dieter which is nice for fire-property access and the attack-boost with the new lv10 Pyroclastic is quite large. Unfortunately fire-property can be bad sometimes and you can't switch it off manually during its duration (only through the healer npc or dieing I guess). ASPD is indeed something I struggle the most with so Eira is actually a good pick and will likely surpass dieter for cart cannon - for AD I'd rather pick dieter again. The one thing that makes it hard for me to truly suggest Eira (and therefore go and buy another homuncubank slot myself) is this pending bug request: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/bug-tracker/skills/cart-cannon-needs-animation-delay-r501/ If it turns out to be true, there's not much point in investing into agi or aspd anymore :<
  14. @Viny I mostly still use the same gear, except +4 Old Midas Whisper for CC and +9 Evil Marching Hat for AD. Ideally you would have a highly refined OMW with lv5 Magic Essence for AD, but that's insanely hard to get. I also still use PoMs which are not optimal for CC (high atk% PERs would be better), but still good for AD.
  15. Mad Bunny + Soul Reaper + Kaahi works well for me. The reflected damage from mad bunny counts as you attacking, which has a high chance of gaining souls through soul reaper, while kaahi helps you to endure the hits.
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