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  1. I shortly adressed my thoughts on the slippery slope of continuously tinkering with a large amount of core mechanics, but also on ideas how most player strats can be countered just fine using vanilla-mechanics almost a year ago when MH2 was introduced. Unfortunately my initial worries have been confirmed for the most part (creativity on the players behalf being responded to with nerfs). If outliers have to be normalized at all costs, I can get behind hard-/soft capping skill damage (skill-reuse is already capped, so that's a consequent next step). Hard-capping is the easier solution, while soft-capping (e.g. a diminishing returns formula) would still enable some minor advantage for coming up with insane strats without breaking the game completely. The main benefit of introducing caps is that it would not punish beginner-/mid-tier players (like most current GX MH-nerfs do), but only those on the extreme side. With a soft cap, those outliers can still have an edge, but it will only be that - a small advantage.
  2. Thanks for this transparent post, especially the average DPS and its outliers was a very interesting read (and differently than I expected)! I have to admit, I've always been very against the customizations done in MH2 as I strongly believe that at least 99.9% of what players can do can be countered in a .. more vanilla RO-mechanics way. So I'm glad to see that customizations will be a bit toned down long-term. On the other hand I do have to admit that some MH2 mechanics are fun and I was being a bit stubborn about trying for a long time, e.g. I really like the dodging mechanics (bosses having "tells" when something big happens and the rolling custom skill). My biggest issue was that MH2 is considered endgame, but since it's mechanically so different, the regular game doesn't really prepare you for it.
  3. B-but it already is a flat reduction right now..
  4. Damage is roughly boosted by 2.5 times compared to pre-rework: (Source from kRO) At the same time spam-rate goes down from effective 7+ casts/second down to 1.667 casts/second. Given max aspd and 72% ACDR, reworked CC dps will decrease by an estimate of 40% with what we learned from kRO (more details in discord's #merchant). For solo-play it's a buff though.
  5. Kruro

    New Alternative Madogear!

    Glad to see the mado-update! Why is it behind an alt-outfit voucher though? I was always under the impression that the mechanic job-sprite is *under* the mado (unfortunately) not the mado itself. Maybe I just got that one wrong, but it'd be sad if this was a precedence for any upcoming cosmetic update (185 alt-sprites were fair imho because we had them before they became suddenly official on kRO).
  6. Maybe the old formula(s) could stay intact for pvp, otherwise a general damage reduction for those skills in pvp could work but would need some experimentation I guess. As a dirty pvm-only player however, I'm really looking forward to that patch!
  7. Kruro

    Patch Notes

    Overall many good changes here, but: This exactly confirms my worries about how MH2 is going to progress. I'm not looking forward seeing what is being removed/nerfed over the next couple patches then. Maybe everyone else enjoys these custom fights, but for me personally it's removing too many core mechanics which makes RO likeable to me (not the quoted points in particular, but the overall limitations of MH2 and what's to follow..). This would be much easier to ignore if this wasn't the one single platform that all future non-episode content will be released on. Edit: Would like to add to the point that has been made about the quests being "too hard" or "too tedious". IMHO, both of those points would be fine, however having a one-week time limit makes it very offputting if you cannot make time to grind multiple hours a day. I did not even attempt a weekly quest once, because I'm not sure if I'll make it in time and even though it would be likely for at least a couple of those quests, the added pressure of "having" to finish this soon, once I start, is a huge turn-off for me.
  8. What's different with MH1 is that we got very potent and spammable potions there to aid us when SB is off or pneuma/SWs are missing. Additionally that content did age a bit since we thankfully got many gear (and even skill/maxlvl) upgrades so player mistakes that were fatal back are much more tame now. On the other hand we got content like bio5: An unlucky dispell can still cause a wipe, since you can recast SB only this fast. The monsters there pretty much require land protect 24/7 so that you can't have SW/Pneuma for the most part (except for the dedicated backup-AB that tags along behind). Even when gearing up, players have to make careful decisions whether they go full damage or better pack some resists to minimize the downtimes where e.g. the priest first needs to realize that someone is afflicted with a status, and then also not be too hindered by ACD to actually remove it. My point is, everything bio5 throws at you is perfectly counterable - yet it's not possible to counter them all at once, leaving players vulnerable when not playing very carefully (and even then things can still go wrong). In the end this is all very subjective and I'm sure we all (players and GMs alike) want this content to be enjoyable, it's obvious that there has been quite some work behind this after all. I hope many of these restrictions will be revisited at a later time, but I guess for now we just have to see how everything plays out.
  9. I'm a bit worried about how many meta-skills or even effects like boss-resist or leech are removed/heavily limited in MH2: Once people find new strategies, will those just be disabled too? I'm kinda discouraged in even trying to find any strats, fearing they'll just be disabled once known. I was under the impression that almost every "strong" effect already has effective counters without having to straight up remove core-mechanics. Steelbody? Dispell. Boss-Resist? Add heavy hitting normal monsters in the mix. Castling? Have monsters cast large AoEs. High Def-Stacking? This isn't even that effective to begin with because of how diminishing returns work in def formula, also magic and misc skills exist. Pneuma? Safety Wall? Have a monster cast Land Protect or Ganbantein or simply have both, strong melee and ranged attacks and/or simply magic. Cicada Skin Shed? Well, there are enough skills that go through this one. High Movementspeed? Dispell (again), AGI Down, Quagmire. High resistance to a specific element? Bring one of the many other elements that can't be resisted at the same time. Just to give some examples.. (imho, Bio5 does a decent job of having to bring many different roles just to counter all the different hurdles thrown at you simultaneously). I appreciate you're trying and find new and engaging ways to design boss fights, but with this many restrictions it feels like a slap in the face for almost any class/build imaginable. I disliked that about Trickster King too, but at least that was just a seasonal thing with mostly cosmetic rewards so I'm able of simply not particpating.
  10. Were they made that way officially or is this for a balancing reason? Seems unneccessary (imho) to reduce the options of viable classes to use (which already happens enough in high-end content sadly).
  11. One work-around is to enable pvp-mode and set the default pvp-strategy to aggressive, this does work for my edit of the original azzy AI (the first link you posted). I'd love to know why the regular autoattack did broke as I remember it working just fine after it has been re-enabled through novaext until it stopped working again without any further edits done.
  12. Kruro

    Level 185 - Coming Soon

    Cool Will the joblevel be increased to 65 in the same patch or is that part of something else?
  13. Acid Demonstration will be pretty much dead upon arrival of the bragi changes anyway, doubling the ACD will pretty much just ensures that really no one dares to use that skill lol. Changing SS from 0.5s to 0.8s shouldn't really kill the build, but may allow other builds to come a little closer (I personally don't much enjoy a meta where only one dps class is viable, like we had for a very long time now with Doram). But we'll have to see if those changes really come to regular ol' RO, that chart will definitely be handy when it does
  14. SS Ranger is definitely here to stay. Upcoming song changes will just further cement their position as top dps as they got access to naturally decent aspd (noone is going to use sunset over bragi after the change) while also having very accessible ACD reductions with Sniping Suit, and that's for a skill with only 0.5s ACD to begin with, which easily outshines traditional high dps skills like Picky Peck or Acid Demonstration which have 1s ACD each. However, for less demanding content (everything that's not bio5 or potentially the upcoming MH2), I'm sure most dps classes are fine, especially when the damage ceiling further rises/becomes accessible by more players when BSB arrive (unless they'll be customized too much).
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