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  1. I disagree, other than in a real market, currency is generated all the time, which lowers its value as long as not an equal amount of currency is also removed from the game. Direct trading between players does nothing here because the currency is just changing the owner, but remains in the system. Vendors cannot demand any arbitrary price they like, if people don't buy it they have to lower it or they gonna sit on it forever. If people do buy it, then apparently this is its actual value. And of course GC price spiked, it's worth more because... it inherently had more value. You simply get more NP for the same amount of coins, why would it not become more expensive? Sure there are always opportunists who will try to see how far they can take it, but ultimately the players will cast their vote with their ingame-wallets.
  2. Thanks for the hard work leading up to this announcement! It must've been hard to not say a peep despite being this close to releasing it. Really didn't expect the announcement to be "in two days" (refering to the previous, first announcement post) but it's a very nice surprice. Regarding the inflation, it's good to see the changes, but I'm also curious to see how much might be resolved indirectly by the 4th job update. This might just be me projecting from my own to players as a whole, but personally I've been very much holding back spending much zeny this past year, not knowing if the 4th job update will make the investment irrelevant shortly after. My thought process here was: If an item becomes irrelevant after 4th job update (e.g. due to the primary skill of the class changing to something different), I better don't buy it now If an item stays relevant after 4th job upate, chances are it'll be easier to obtain and cheaper to buy, so I better don't buy it now either Not sure if low market-participation is a factor at all for inflation, but I could imagine that if many people have been sitting on their zeny for a bit, they might've been willing to spend a bit more on the few things they do want to buy, indirectly driving prices up(?)
  3. Kruro

    Patch Notes #148

    I really appreciate the direction of spreading the BSB rewards a bit more across the weeklies, rather than having almost everything bound to the all or nothing reward at the end. This should give players options even if they cannot finish full weeklies yet (due to IRL time constraints, inexperience or lack of gears).
  4. Kruro

    New Alternative Madogear!

    Glad to see the mado-update! Why is it behind an alt-outfit voucher though? I was always under the impression that the mechanic job-sprite is *under* the mado (unfortunately) not the mado itself. Maybe I just got that one wrong, but it'd be sad if this was a precedence for any upcoming cosmetic update (185 alt-sprites were fair imho because we had them before they became suddenly official on kRO).
  5. Kruro

    Patch Notes #114

    Overall many good changes here, but: This exactly confirms my worries about how MH2 is going to progress. I'm not looking forward seeing what is being removed/nerfed over the next couple patches then. Maybe everyone else enjoys these custom fights, but for me personally it's removing too many core mechanics which makes RO likeable to me (not the quoted points in particular, but the overall limitations of MH2 and what's to follow..). This would be much easier to ignore if this wasn't the one single platform that all future non-episode content will be released on. Edit: Would like to add to the point that has been made about the quests being "too hard" or "too tedious". IMHO, both of those points would be fine, however having a one-week time limit makes it very offputting if you cannot make time to grind multiple hours a day. I did not even attempt a weekly quest once, because I'm not sure if I'll make it in time and even though it would be likely for at least a couple of those quests, the added pressure of "having" to finish this soon, once I start, is a huge turn-off for me.
  6. Kruro

    Level 185 - Coming Soon

    Cool Will the joblevel be increased to 65 in the same patch or is that part of something else?
  7. Very much appreciate to see the enriched/hd ores outside the cashshop at least to some extent now. One could make the argument that you were able to cash in your gold coins for them before already but that's a terrible deal (and surely not where most of them came from). However, this way you're bound to naturally get some ores eventually. The other rewards, and increases of the previous rewards are pretty cool too .
  8. Kruro

    Patch Notes #92

    Thanks for the patch Added the new Mixed Cooking packet to the beta client Is there any list what that actually contains?
  9. Kruro

    Patch Notes #87

    Alternatively it could also be that the AI is set to autocast AOE skills, those also require a target now, despite being ground-targeted. In that case the message would stop once you target a monster with alt+rightclick (and ultimatively by disabling the autocast)
  10. Kruro


    Wow super hyped!! One question though, I remember this content (among others) being hold back because of our current refines. Does that imply that this is going to be adressed too by then or is that a topic for later? Anyway I'd even appreciate a +4 old midas whisper
  11. Kruro

    GMT Hot-Fix

    As someone that started to make additional Dorams for this on an extra account, I like this change. It encourages me to properly play the instance on only the chars I actually do like to play while still getting increased coins as if I would've played on multiple doram. This is especially useful considering the amount of time you just stand there for dialog (which thankfully has been reduced already). Regarding removing all cheese strats: I see where you're coming from, but the doram cheese really is on another tier. You can basically just Root + Scar of Tarou with a completey naked and underleveled character. For the other examples: I actually don't see how to complete SF without the safe spot, but even with it you need a pretty decked-out character to do it. Infact, I think we should completely embrace it and point it out in the wiki, or remove the safe spot all together - it took me a while before I finally knew about that one... Trapping with Thorn Trap/Ankle Snare is pretty legit imho as those traps were meant to include boss-protocol from the get-go. It's also easy to screw up and you still need to be geared to actually kill the trapped enemy, in the case of thorn trap, you need to be geared to even get the catalyst (+7 Harvester or higher) or buy them relatively expensive from other players since making them yourself is just not viable. This is not more cheesing than using GTB against fenrir (except way more accessible), safety wall against melee attacks or pneuma against range attacks.
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