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  1. The only advice I can give you is, if you want to get involved in the WoE scene, grow a thicker skin and don't get offended when people call you trash. We all start from 0 and we gotta work our way up. Reading your posts tbh, I agree with multiple things with you. If it were up to me, all MVP cards should be disabled in WoE, there's absolutely no reason why an RNG card should be bringing imbalance to the WoE scene, if we're trying to have the highest form of PVP.,I don't care how hard the pvmer grinded for it or if they got it for free, it's just unbalanced. It's not needed but people complain about it and think it's what will make them better. A lot of WoE information or how to play for the most part tends to be locked away in top guilds. Nobody will ever tell you how to actually play to your true potential unless you're in a proper environment where that's the case. Sorry but I wouldn't waste my time teaching a random how to play unless it benefits my guild. Lastly, I recommend what others have said, just tryout for low tier guilds, look for what's currently meta analyze their stats and work from there. It's not an easy path but in the end it's quite rewarding
  2. This looks like an awesome update but I hope within the WoE commissioner chat there will be talks in regards to keeping the current lux effect in WoE. Passing hagalas and millennium shield is one of the main ways guilds can have a fighting chance against burst damage comps. Specially right now when comet, crimson rock, tetra are ways guilds often get shut down. Usage of these runes in a competitive environment help slowdown the power creep of many classes and in many cases help balance the playing field.
  3. Ravage is recruiting once again! We're looking for some fresh blood that pvm and play the game constantly. We don't take snowflakes into this guild. If you're like "certain somebody" and get offended really easily, and can't take a joke we'll kick you out. I don't like little babies around in my guild. Be able to accept criticism and be willing to improve. currently looking for new faces to introduce to the woe scene that are interested in playing Minstrel & RG Discord Deegs#1234
  4. As a guild leader, I've always wanted to reward my players for showing up to woe and commending them for doing a good job. Currently novas woe system helps guild leaders with 0 of that. Since we can't even profit from guild box loot, the goal of this post was to find a reward that makes it worth playing and winning woe. If anything BSB could even be swapped for a mega orleans for all the 24 players that won that week, so their foods are paid for their next week. Something that can show that their efforts are being rewarded. Siege tokens is just an universal way to "reward" players for playing the content with no substantial reward for those that went above and beyond and got the castle
  5. You want to be the privileged that has a shot at getting that BSB? Then do what I did. I made my own guild while Alliance and RS were the most dominant guilds at the time. I'm sure you can do the same thing. Nobody is stopping you, everybody has the same equal chances of recruiting and starting their own guild. How about you become the change you want to be and stop using "exclusivity for small groups" excuse
  6. The thing is, not everybody in the game can get a "good job you tried! Have a BSB!" Medal, would it be ok if everyone who participated in pvp tourney to get aura and 10k cp? WoE is an environment where its goal should be to create competition. You disagree because not everyone will get that award? Well that's too bad maybe other guilds should work harder to get that castle win or get that last minute break. BSB is the perfect solution that all woe players have been asking out of WoE for the longest of time. I'm tired of "you all participated? Here have an award!" How about people that win actually get something that inspires people to go after that emp near the end
  7. The difference between this and that suggestion is BSB being available to EVERYBODY through WoE track. Which is awful, like people in the thread already said, it would create more useless camper guilds that use their guild as an excuse to grief so they can bend the rules to their advantage(even tho on novas griefing terms a lot of these players already break 3 out of 4 of his griefing rules that nova stated). This instead shifts it so only 1 party is rewarded for capturing the castle. Which in my opinion it's better as people essentially get instant reward that can be cashed from the playerbase or refine their own gears.
  8. Draft woe by all things considered is more of a layed back environment, I'd be opposed to this. It's more community driven, but WoE by itself should be recognized as the prime event of the server every week and people spend quite a bit of zeny to participate with very little returns. Unless you play for 4~5 weeks and get 10k badges to finally make some profit
  9. Hey everybody, I'm sure everybody can agree that WoE winners don't get anything worthwhile their time for capturing the Emperium. Sure,once upon a time selling vellum weapons gave players a decent amount of income, but those days are way past us and nobody even bothers with vellums besides pvp/bg meme builds. Every single week, players have to spend around 15~25m per woe, just for the sake of "fun" with nothing in return. Typically in officials there are really big incentives for the winning guilds to get the castle such as god items and the obvious castle MVP. Obviously that's not how we do things here on nova, so instead I figured something that would incentive everybody to play WoE and make it worthwhile for winners if all winners for that week get 1 BSB to them. Currently it sells pretty well in the market, it's limited 6 a week per player. I don't see anything wrong by adding 1 additional to WoE winners to help them pay for their foods or even get that refine for the week. What do you guys think?
  10. We're opening our doors once again RAVAGE IS RECRUITING! Rune Knight Minstrel We're a competitive WoE guild, we will teach you how and help you grow as a player! ....we like to pvm too c':
  11. No. Anything lower than 24 is bad. WoE 2's 18 cap was understandable due to the player pool and how it was an additional WoE that the players asked for the sake of fun
  12. I really like this idea, I have guild members that simply don't have the time to do all of the PVM content but are willing to attempt and do the MH2 for the sake of the shadow cranial shield and refines. This makes things pretty straight forward, and lessens the stress for those people
  13. This is a good suggestion, this is supposed to be a weekly quest. I agree, increase it to even 10 BG wins
  14. I welcome all the new faces in BG, some of them might end up liking the content and be interested in WoE. If anything, I wish they would have made it 20 BGs or even 30 as the quest is supposed to be a weekly one.
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