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  1. Conga

    Patch Notes

    I've been waiting on GMT cards for a while, glad to see they have arrived~
  2. I'm okay with this minus the +30 foods and large hp potions, I feel like it'd spoil people too much, +10 foods at most but even that pushes on it for me a little~ I'm all for the other bi-frost suggestion and other genetic consumables though~
  3. I really like the concept but this idea has been proposed many times and rejected at every attempt~ I can see where the reason for such would be coming from too, adding a predetermined value to the cards themselves sounds like a heavy influence for some cards overtime~
  4. Battle ab as a meme build~? Can't they solo sky fortress with the right equips and be actually viable~? Additionally ASS and dps performer can do ogh normal so both of them are viable dps options, although i'm getting quite offtopic already. I'd be okay with extra stats in basement NPCs, agi:agi would be lovely for that one extra point of aspd you need, perhaps if they really need to be compressed it'd be a lot cleaner to maybe have one npc called a "clan assigner", which you would should the base stat then the second stat after that, for example a conversation could go like so:
  5. I would like to request that Doram consumables (Shrimp, carrot & catnip fruit) be added to the Battle grounds supplier Telma~ Bunch of shrimp alone is free damage you're missing out on by not having. A simple but Quality of life change~
  6. I wouldn't be in favour of high weapon box, something which drops only benefit certain classes being put into dailies, shouldn't dailies benefit everyone or at least be usable by every class~? I know some people who don't really do trading and wouldn't be up for trying to sell a bxb, not to mention only about 3 jobs could benefit last time I checked from HWB weapons~ I do think that making Brocca drop from normal knight seyrens while boosting the drop rate on the mvp and making them be like farming a BxB is a viable option though~ Definitely my favorite direction so far
  7. Equip list: +9 Elaborate Foxtail replica (WK+AK) +4 Mad Bunny shield (KK) +7 Excellion wing (Rec 201/202/202) +7 Excellion suit (Atk,Atk,Str) +4 Hero silverleather boots (unslotted) +4 heart wing Headband (unslotted) Monocle (EoE str 3) Earthworm (G Scaraba) Earthworm (Playing ferre) Pet (Incubus) Agile shadow set Gear Swap: +7 HBP (Menblatt) for luring non-tankable mvps Earthworm (Errende Ebecce) Randel card buff Chen card buff Royal guard shield buff All for about 500m, refines can be ignored as they'll be increased overtime (starting with the foxtail)
  8. That's my point exactly, they shouldn't be there at all but they are, so is everything else I listed which adds rng to the balance of the teams and can make something completely fair or a landslide victory/steamroll~ edit: if you read the rest of my post you would've seen that I was okay with how things are currently because everything feels fine for time spent, and I only rarely feel cheated by rng or someone not willing to participate. I don't feel like we need an increase in valor badges, besides, how unlucky would you really have to be to constantly be rolling onto the bad team during a happy hour~? Your plan is to boost the rewards for 100% of the loosers due to a smaller % of the losts
  9. This sounds like a great way to make CTF more enjoyable, I like your way of thinking~ that's... literally what he just described
  10. I've only been playing bg for about a month but everytime I see an ungeared gx saying "carry me team" then getting one shot by the first thing that breaths on them, I die a little inside~ It disappoints me and I don't really want these people getting increased rewards, I would be fine with a system where the more you did the more/less rewards you get and that's a multiplier of the winning/loosing rewards but that would be beyond hard to implement I imagine~ I personally think rewards are fine right now but the number of uncontrollable factors determining if you win or not really makes it feel unfair sometimes, you have players new to to it, ungeared players, players with mvp cards, players who genuinely don't care about winning and you can't just jump into a VC with a group of friends to have a good time either~ Who wins feels more based on luck than actual skill, in larger scale games good players can only carry you so hard~ ...And don't get me started on the amount of times i've gone into Krieger von Midgard with me, a support sorc, a minstrel and an AB fighting two suras and an RK, good times. It's really uncontrollable, definitely fun and enjoyable most of the time, but sometimes you're just left with this feeling of being robbed your victory and match~ This doesn't apply to just loosing either, joining a game of conquest or ctf and winning in the first few seconds gives the same emotions to me~ tl;dr rewards feel fair but who wins feels far, far too uncontrollable sometimes~ most of the time it's a-ok though and i'm okay with it~ No need to change anything from my perspective except maybe adjust team randomization if you can to try and balance things out when they seem unfair~
  11. I like having something to mix up the "kill players, snap to next objective, ecall, repeat" I will agree that whoever rushes the stones first in stone control pretty much has already won the war, the team which did not may as well quit it feels like usually but at least i'm still having fun playing it, it's not kill players, snap to next objective, ecall, repeat"~ I would be okay having these gamemodes removed if there was something equal in variety to replace them, otherwise the long hours of bg slowly feel a little bit stale to me the longer people voteskip for Krieger von Midgard~
  12. changing the build manager down to 99 sounds like a painful to do and meaningless process, you'll get to 175 within a day or two if you try and it's not like you'll be constantly changing stat/skill builds anyways before hand. As for your homonc stealing all your job xp, not entirely true~ They wont consume your quest exp and if you kill it yourself you earnt the exp yourself~
  13. or you could just make them as an npc quest but okay
  14. maybe when everyone else gets an op item, or something for everyone, at least think of mob scarf or something else first which everyone can have fun with~ Though, i'd also prefer no ridiculously broken garbage being thrown into the system~
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