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  1. Conga

    Edda: Fall of Glast Heim

    Hey, is "Enchants armor with any properly." a typo?
  2. Conga

    Edda: Fall of Glast Heim

    Thankyou Panic~
  3. Conga

    Patch Notes

    Cool~ I'm excited to see the new monster stats and maybe the new item drops~ Thankyou again for updating NovaRo, Nova & Dev Team ~Conga
  4. Before reading i'll quickly say this isn't a "I want to get in to woe thread" as it no longer interests me, rather it's a thread about how I tried to get in to it but was pushed away. I'm not a WoE/bg/pvp expert either as you could probably very easily guess the previous statement. Personally, i've wanted to get in to WoE for a while as it looked really appealing to me, it looked fun with it's high speed combat and complexity requiring fast thinking. However after trying it I realised two of my largest issues with it, it's extremely confusing to new players and some new players are so undergeared they literally can't win a 1:1 fight simply due to a statistical disadvantage; without the other person just throwing it that is. A lot of PvP centered games don't do the two things I mentioned previous; and those which do typically just, die. Fast. Imagine you're a new player to some Multiplayer PvP FPS or whatever, you have no idea what anything is; where to learn how to play the game and have no idea what the meta is. A good pvp game, if it's complex, would limit the player's options not to an unfair disadvantage but to an amount where they're free to learn with the very few tools they're given and can learn the rest of the game at their own pace; slowly and gently giving helpful advice along the way. Take TF2 for example, you start with your 3 basic stock weapons; learn how those work, what they do and how to use them, then you begin getting unlockable weapons after that, the player's given everything they need to get kills and be just as good as a seasoned tryhard if they had the skill but they aren't overwhelmed by being offered every single weapon at once. Again, every player even when they just start a new account can be just as good as a veteran if they had the skill. Nobody is at a statistical disadvantage. Nobody is at a statistical advantage. All you need to do to understand the very basics of the game is how to move around and shoot. I understand WoE is not a full game and I genuinely don't know how this would be effectively ported over, however dying knowing somebody is literally just statistical stronger than you due to having some super expensive really rare items or stuff that they could've even paid for is not a pleasant experience in the slightest, it makes the death feel cheap and undeserved in some ways~ MVP cards feel like a massive cause of this. I'm not proposing to put everyone on an equal playing field right away, especially since this is RO and some people have worked literally years to get their build perfect, what I am pointing out is one of the reasons I and probably many others have been driven away; dying due to an unfair fight because the other person just had a statistical advantage over me. The other big problem is overwhelming new players, you step in to WoE and sure you're given the basic WoE kit of bare minimum items but after that it's completely unclear on where you should go since there's literally thousands of items you can choose from; the damage formula is some crazy complicated thing? I don't understand this. What do you mean that less damage reduction is good in exchange for more damage? what? This card does what now? I genuinely can't tell if hide is a good skill or not? How are these peoples doing x15 the amount of damage I am? What do you mean I can remove this list of specific effects but I can't remove these others? What does this super weird thing on the ground do? What killed me nothing was on my screen? There's so, so, so many questions and almost no answers. I'm sure there'll be quite a few helpful individuals but finding them amongst the sea of the Novaro community, especially when someone might not even know that the discord, wiki, forums or etc exists; it's very difficult to find help. Especially when 99% of my social interactions when I tried bg or woe was "WOW you're so bad" "somehow you're exceptionally useless" "go uninstall the game" "can you stop sucking?" "Stop playing bg" and so on is typically what I got; I really don't feel like playing PvP anymore when I keep on getting told this with no helpful advice, who would've thought? That's actually the single main most reason that I quit Novaro a year or two ago before coming back since I heard my old guild leader was. I also talked to a *few* people those years ago before I quit and when I brought up MVP cards I typically got a response along the lines of "Oh yeah people can just grind for those" Why would I grind for something that I don't even know if I like or not yet? Why would I invest time in to learning PvP when the entry-level of it feels so unfair and confusing? Essentially, PvP feels extremely unfair to new players as they die knowing they simply have a flat disadvantage compared to their enemy and it's very confusing and overwhelming too. Again i'm no PvP/BG/WoE expert and I don't have access to the server's raw logs either so there may be a bit of information partially incorrect or missing here and there but this is my experience and having talked to a few others about this before I quit years ago, some other's experience too. I'm also not suggesting either that PvP suddenly gets a "everyone's on the same playing grounds" update as PvP is an insanely big help for the economy of the server and helps in keeping players around and active~ And to be honest I don't even know if this post is under the right forum area either as I couldn't find an easy-to-locate guide on where to post this kind of stuff~ Anyways have a nice day, goodluck and have fun BG~
  5. Conga

    Patch Notes

    I've been waiting on GMT cards for a while, glad to see they have arrived~
  6. I'm okay with this minus the +30 foods and large hp potions, I feel like it'd spoil people too much, +10 foods at most but even that pushes on it for me a little~ I'm all for the other bi-frost suggestion and other genetic consumables though~
  7. I really like the concept but this idea has been proposed many times and rejected at every attempt~ I can see where the reason for such would be coming from too, adding a predetermined value to the cards themselves sounds like a heavy influence for some cards overtime~
  8. Battle ab as a meme build~? Can't they solo sky fortress with the right equips and be actually viable~? Additionally ASS and dps performer can do ogh normal so both of them are viable dps options, although i'm getting quite offtopic already. I'd be okay with extra stats in basement NPCs, agi:agi would be lovely for that one extra point of aspd you need, perhaps if they really need to be compressed it'd be a lot cleaner to maybe have one npc called a "clan assigner", which you would should the base stat then the second stat after that, for example a conversation could go like so:
  9. I would like to request that Doram consumables (Shrimp, carrot & catnip fruit) be added to the Battle grounds supplier Telma~ Bunch of shrimp alone is free damage you're missing out on by not having. A simple but Quality of life change~
  10. I wouldn't be in favour of high weapon box, something which drops only benefit certain classes being put into dailies, shouldn't dailies benefit everyone or at least be usable by every class~? I know some people who don't really do trading and wouldn't be up for trying to sell a bxb, not to mention only about 3 jobs could benefit last time I checked from HWB weapons~ I do think that making Brocca drop from normal knight seyrens while boosting the drop rate on the mvp and making them be like farming a BxB is a viable option though~ Definitely my favorite direction so far
  11. Equip list: +9 Elaborate Foxtail replica (WK+AK) +4 Mad Bunny shield (KK) +7 Excellion wing (Rec 201/202/202) +7 Excellion suit (Atk,Atk,Str) +4 Hero silverleather boots (unslotted) +4 heart wing Headband (unslotted) Monocle (EoE str 3) Earthworm (G Scaraba) Earthworm (Playing ferre) Pet (Incubus) Agile shadow set Gear Swap: +7 HBP (Menblatt) for luring non-tankable mvps Earthworm (Errende Ebecce) Randel card buff Chen card buff Royal guard shield buff All for about 500m, refines can be ignored as they'll be increased overtime (starting with the foxtail)
  12. That's my point exactly, they shouldn't be there at all but they are, so is everything else I listed which adds rng to the balance of the teams and can make something completely fair or a landslide victory/steamroll~ edit: if you read the rest of my post you would've seen that I was okay with how things are currently because everything feels fine for time spent, and I only rarely feel cheated by rng or someone not willing to participate. I don't feel like we need an increase in valor badges, besides, how unlucky would you really have to be to constantly be rolling onto the bad team during a happy hour~? Your plan is to boost the rewards for 100% of the loosers due to a smaller % of the losts
  13. This sounds like a great way to make CTF more enjoyable, I like your way of thinking~ that's... literally what he just described
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