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  1. Conga

    Summer Festival Updates

    Why is your response to nerf it then instead of buffing the other Summer Games? So many people are complaining about 11k coins being too hard to reach for weekly quests, so why would you indirectly make that 11k coins quest even harder? There'll always be people who tryhard and flock to the best coins/hr source but by forcing people to grind an absurd number of coins every week, you're just forcing everyone to tryhard their coins or miss out on a lot of potential zeny. If you alleviated some of the pressure by buffing other sources of coins instead of nerfing them, or by lowering the coin count, people wouldn't feel forced to do the most efficient coin method even if they aren't enjoying it and miss out on experiencing the whole summer festival that NovaRO staff worked so hard on.
  2. Conga

    Summer Festival Updates

    I still think that 11k coins is too many, given how other weeklies can be done in 10-20 minutes but this one multiple hours to complete but i'm glad it's at least been reduced down to 11k
  3. I'm kind of confused, you said "We will not be pursuing the idea of commissioners or "veto power"." But also said "If you want to be an "MH developer", apply to be one and we will consider your application." in the next paragraph Isn't that essentially a near-identical role with just a prerequisite to work on mh2?
  4. Conga


    Performer (minstrel): high tier Also performer (wanderer): low tier Wut Looking over your other "tiers" it seems like you randomly judge things by being a tank or a dps with little to no rhyme or reason, the biggest factor seeming to be how popular they are leading to you have wrong information about the less popularly used ones here. You said "RG doesn't bring dps to the team" when there's literally people running shield boomerang build and hitting 5m dps with it, and that's not even getting in to how RG tank provides massive amounts of CF damage, or, at least did. (I don't know if it still does after the most recent update to CF) Doram is also "better" than sura last time I checked, assuming we only mean DPS I also don't understand why you rank Ranger #1 for having high dps but RK #2 for being cheap; but then proceed to place Sorcerer above SE~? Is this tier list for cost effective classes or high dps ones or is it a tank tierlist or what? It's kind of just.. all over the place Generally sums it up for most of these
  5. Conga

    Gala Ending Patch Notes

    Maybe because they were *just* reworked to do a ton more damage It also makes it more consistent for all the other homunculus to be demihuman too in a pvp setting; the biggest loss here is if you were trying to role play fighting a homunculus with specific anti-insect/anti-beast gear which; is livable, you're already role playing
  6. 1. You can reach max level within a few hours if you use exp manuals and without them it's still as easy; gear is achievable, don't expect to get endgame gear instantly as it may take a few months depends on how efficient you are on getting zeny but you should be able to get at least 1b worth of gear within 10 weeks due to Blacksmith's Blessings, but you should be able to achieve it much earlier by then by doing bio5/instances/etc 2. PVM scene is great with the addition of monster hunter but there's still some blatantly overpowered classes and some very weak/near useless ones in pvm; PvP is a different story though. The game is pretty well balanced for pvp, there's a few classes that are just out-done by others but the majority of classes have a use and role in PvP with the ability to kill people. 3. WoE is very active, usually there's at least 100+ participants in various guilds but usually Ravage & Alliance dominant the playing field, that said though they aren't just a king of the hill and do sometimes loose. We have monthly WoE discussions amongst guild leaders & experienced players to help judge what should be nerfed, changed or buffed.
  7. Congratulations to Warlock mains on obtaining a healthpool and to Doram mains for regaining their sp pool back (specifically thanks Conan) Congrats everyone~ (except level 175 RKs)
  8. reverbreworkreverbreworkreverbrework As self-appointed leader of the minstrel mains I excitingly accept this update
  9. Conga

    Level 200 Patch Notes

    Hey, I think the update page forgot to mention where Elmen is, the guy who trades 5 einbech ores for a dynite
  10. sadly, yes, usually if you aren't following the meta strictly you'll have a hard time entering a party full of randoms. My advice is finding a nice PvM guild to settle in to, personally, I think celestials would be a good fit for you since there's other kinda newbie/returning players there you might be able to play with But if you wanna do non-meta stuff and get in to parties consistently you kinda have to find a nice guild, sadly
  11. It's really sad to see you go Ciam, but goodluck in your future endevours~
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