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  1. lmao, you're funny Welcome to NovaRO and I hope you enjoy your stay
  2. Download the whole VC Redist pack here: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/ You probably need to uninstall the one have currently, before you download and install the pack, just to match in version.
  3. You may wanna try that at #party-recruitment in Nova Discord or #lfg ingame, for much quicker response. And if you running late, you can always look for leeching service (in exchange of loot or zeny as payment)
  4. Razi

    Hardcore Mode

    time to die
  5. am I imagining or your SE have the blind effect from the TaeKwon skill ? You know there is @blind command that let you remove the blindness.
  6. New era. Thanks for the hard work.
  7. For as long as I can remember, it always been 12 items, and it was unchanged, as far as I know.
  8. It just look like that at first, but you can actually add up to 12 items: https://gyazo.com/fc2cc42beba744ef753812d50e621342 You just keep adding items and it should extend the window. (you can either drag or Alt + right click on the items)
  9. Yes, the Glowing Halo costume will remain.
  10. I wonder if SBK would be queueable with @spam after this rework
  11. I like how this thread is getting the suggestion sub forum treatment
  12. I think she just Agi up on you (where your attacks miss) If that's the case, just dont run from her, that may trigger it (you can try to trap her) and try to use earth type arrows + unlimit (she's wind type) If she did agi up, you can simply wait it out (still I suggest keeping her trapped in the meantime)
  13. Well, this feature is still new and I'm sure they can add some option that allow to adjust it to one preference.
  14. You can change your rate with Eden Officer in the Main Office - Next to the Job Master
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