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  1. No, its okay to log off safely and come back within 5-min like you said. (Although some instances probably has yet to have the ability to relog in them yet)
  2. Why would you alt+f4 if it's in the same account lmao
  3. Enchantment will not get affected from card removal. Its 100% safe
  4. At the first days of the festival, everything will seem slow until you get your shovel, fishing rod and wetsuit fully upgraded. same like every year
  5. We appreciate the work you guys do for this event each year
  6. If you did finish it, try @go cor to go you there.
  7. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Mora_Equipment#Master_of_Artifacts
  8. No. The Great Monsters referred to are the bosses of MH only.
  9. lmao, you're funny Welcome to NovaRO and I hope you enjoy your stay
  10. Download the whole VC Redist pack here: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/ You probably need to uninstall the one have currently, before you download and install the pack, just to match in version.
  11. You may wanna try that at #party-recruitment in Nova Discord or #lfg ingame, for much quicker response. And if you running late, you can always look for leeching service (in exchange of loot or zeny as payment)
  12. Razi

    Hardcore Mode

    time to die
  13. am I imagining or your SE have the blind effect from the TaeKwon skill ? You know there is @blind command that let you remove the blindness.
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