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  1. http://www.vpngate.net/en/howto_softether.aspx use this VPN and try again with the game installation. or you can download BGM separately after game is installed (should probably try VPN first)
  2. Thank you guys for all the effort you put each year for this event. I have no doubt this year summer would top last year.
  3. best thing to do is join our Discord and go to #class-selector and react to the bow icon to join the archer class channel, so you find the help you need there.
  4. I literally feel the same... I do like to admit that I felt depressed for short period, after my class got nerfed. (thankfully I got over it) maybe that's why I been spending so much time on the forum, in hope that I hear some news or update about MH. (it's not healthy for me) what can I do, NovaRO been my coping mechanism. and I'm not trying to make this about me, but to say that I 100% know how you feel and what you going through. best thing about NovaRO is no matter how long you stay away, the community will always be there for you when you get back. stay strong and take care.
  5. it's understandable desire for player to want to make money AND have fun doing it. and gefenia is a nightmare that everybody should escape it eventually. but players also shouldn't have high hope for this content to make them any sort of income. I would still intend to play MH even if it gave 0z, for the glory and for the fun of it.. just to look forward and actually feel I'm building toward something. sadly the current content progression or ideas revolve around punishing the players for being overly geared or too strong. and I do hope for that to change in the future (I believe it when i see it)
  6. welcome player I highly recommend reading our Wiki in depth. I also like to suggest that you party level-up in Gramps for now, and loot everything in the process, until you high level. so you can actually have easy time farming in Gefenia. and make sure to sell everything with a merchant class for more Zeny. and do Instances with other players. or solo the one that your gears/level allows it. use Nova site Market to search any item price/info. Join our Discord Community and click on #class-selector and react to class icon of the class that you playing. for more questions about your class. (or any) take things slow and make some friends.
  7. the Database is within Nova Market site, which you can access it once you login. you can also rely on divine-pride
  8. Raziya


    agree with Leinarth with this one. you could unintentionally steer players away from some decent classes, such oboro where it can actually get the job done in the content - regardless of DPS or whatever. I doubt you played every class in the content, to give it that kind of evaluation. so let's keep an open mind
  9. Make sure you have @nodrop disabled and have the Equipment Lock checked.
  10. for someone like me, who favor GX solely and feel that reached to end-game level with nothing to do but play MH2..(or too lazy to play actual official contents, for that matter) I must say: they ruining the content for me and everyone else.. I been victim of MH2 Nerfs since day one, and some Nerfs I understood and accepted for being unbalanced. (if I'm being honest) but this last nerf in particular probably killed my class in MH2 (since im unable to run SBK due to my bad ping) I'm aware that MH2 Devs are overprotective for their content and all. but instead of going after an actual player stats/skills and Nerfing it.. you should go back to the bosses (the upcoming ones even) and adjust their stats accordingly with the current patch/episode ( and keep doing it from time to time - call it growth if you will.. ) - examples: increase HP. give it more def/mdef. give it higher HP regeneration. give it (maybe) some sort of Green Aura effect. (starting at low and at reasonable level of damage reduction) make aggro actually switch to the problematic-DPS. (that open many possibilities, and force drastic measures e.g. Devo-RG/utility role to counter it) I'm sure the MH2 bosses don't have feelings like we do, but if they did, they would probably be happy in being buffed. and we as an end-game players would welcome the challenge. as a result, fighting the same boss over and over would never be boring or gets old, and it should keep things interesting. (it sound like win/win to me) because frankly, we as players - would never stop from evolving. therefore you would never stop from Nerfing us. after all, that's the whole purpose of the living content!
  11. it's a rare drop from Duneyrr himself (script drop, that's why its not showing in database) just keep killing him and it should drop
  12. Raziya


    Hello and welcome for now I recommend you keep leveling in Gramps until 175 ~ (make sure you loot everything in the process, to sell with merchant) you should also check our Wiki guide on Ranger: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Ranger
  13. Welcome to NoveRO! I suggest checking our wiki: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Zeny_Guide_and_Farming_101 have fun
  14. RK would be the easiest class to play and master in short period
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