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  1. Removed or not. players will always find a way of offering such service (same like Bio5 Discord servers that existed) Report anyone that you suspect of doing multi account bsb
  2. Try to install all of them from this link: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/visual-c-redistributable-runtime-package-all-in-one/ (best that you uninstall the current one you have and install from the link above)
  3. Go to account settings: and then go to Signature: And post the exact link I made for you (not the one that you're using right now):
  4. https://www.novaragnarok.com/ROChargenPHP/newsig/Matin/4/12
  5. That's not how aspd work. I suggest checking our wiki on the attack speed formula: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Attack_Speed
  6. Well forgive me, @Leinarth was clearly talking about FOGH. And for the record, GX is not nerfed at LOGH.
  7. I'm able to 2 - 3 shot FOGH on hard mode with no MVP cards. Perhaps you're not aware that CI apply half of your crit rate (?)
  8. Raziya

    Cart's skin

    If you're using the latest client and you're high level, you should be able to use it
  9. If you mean coordinates, simply use @wb2 'item name'
  10. As Panic said, the weekly quest was never designed to be for newbies to begin with. This almost feel like asking for Nysori to have less HP, or that MH should be removed from weekly quest completely
  11. Ah yeah, got the same issue here. The Item Hunt Quest was disappeared from the list, and the Veteran Sean wont talk to me. (this thread should move to Technical Support btw)
  12. I feel what better to test this system than in an already released bosses, such as Nyia and Garanth. since they considered to be so easy nowadays. you would make it more appealing to those who done with the 1-star hunt not to mention to avoid any possible future bugs.
  13. as a main GX, it's sad to say this, but currently the class is at a bad place in MH. I honestly wouldn't recommend anyone playing GX as their first choice, unless they truly love the class and they're willing to invest heavily into it. just to keep up with the current meta classes in the content. Note: you could build another class with less costs, and it would probably perform better. (not to mention you more likely to get invited) and if the intention here is to play GX for the sake of building your shadow set, I suggest that you play any other class in the same account, so that you can
  14. welcome! I hope that you enjoy your stay here
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