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  1. kaleidoscope

    ✿Strawberry Art ✿ [Open]

    hi, wanted to ask if you do drawings on real life people?
  2. yep, your main damage comes from the Falling Stars.
  3. it currently grant the ASPD bonus to SEs though, guess SRs should also be part of it.
  4. kaleidoscope

    Star Emp help, looking for a master!

    in general, sprint buff (very short distant sprint-stop) without equiping weapons should give a relatively high damage boost. Couple that with the sprint+FSK combo would net a pretty high single-target damage. And of cos, the damage from kihop is dependent on the number of members in the party. Gear-wise, start off with eden gears, and dont use any weapon until you get a +8 crimson bible and above (the element is irrelevant since you can take advantage of the warm wind). Add dex and luk for your hatred skills on the target, it should give you good damage on the specific targets already.
  5. can we have a bi-weekly 5v5 snowball tournament too
  6. kaleidoscope

    Acid Demonstration damage got reduced during GMT

    so the AD caused the monster's VIT to be lower? (kinda weird to work against its own skill)
  7. kaleidoscope

    BG Consumales - HP & SP Increase Potion (Large)

    i think the concern is with the genetics who create them and sell for a living
  8. kaleidoscope

    Homunculus AI Aggressive

    AIs is not functional on the new patch. This is intended as kRO has ceased the use of AIs in homun officially too (mind you, NovaRO is a free server that mirrors kRO as it's main core value). If you really still intend to use AIs, download the older client which still supports it. You can find the link in the recent patch notes.
  9. kaleidoscope

    Ranger - Critical 100

    2 luck gloves with 120 luck helps too. (Since 120 luck is needed for this crit damage for temp luck boots anyway). Best to proc Lucky Day on your boots, increase warg chance and critical damage You can use Buche De Noel too, cheap cobsumable for higher crit (or the green cash shop consumable that gives +30 crit). Keep in mind, your 193aspd is more important than hitting that 100 crit
  10. kaleidoscope

    Solar burst 0.5 after cast delay and GMT changes

    has anyone tested the DPS comparison between ACD reduction solar burst vs falling star build?
  11. kaleidoscope

    Mini Guide "Do i use enriched or normal?"

    Other considerations include the scarcity of the item (i.e. low supply of Midas Whisper, limited access such as glorious weapons, existing good enchants, trade restricted items). You may not want to use normal ori on something that you took 2hrs to farm for one. If items are trade restricted, you may not know the exact value of that item to use for cost analysis, so it's individual's preference and priority on this. Take note of your budget too, just becos it can be more worthwhile to up get a +6 Vellum Arc Wand using oridecon, but if your budget only allows you to get one/two +5 VAW, you might still want to use e.ori instead. Breaking it using lower chance means getting nothing out of everything that you have (if you have low capital/budget). So it's a good balance that you will have to find. Otherwise, the original thread is really helpful for people who wish to play by the most logical analysis.
  12. kaleidoscope

    Giveaway: Eggring Pin

    Because porings will always be Ragnarok Online's mascot, but you (eggring) will be my one and only mascot! Ign: Captain Green
  13. kaleidoscope

    Strong Shield

    i think it would make a difference in the redux when players are stacking a certain element resist (i.e. 80% neutral resist). Reducing it by 20% to neutral resist would actually means receiving 100% more damage (rather than the description of 20% more damage). This is different from how lex works. Understand it is an official server mechanism/script, can the description be represented more accurately?
  14. kaleidoscope

    Am I able to preview headgears anywhere?

    use @ii eleanor wig click on the item link and there should be a preview button using @ii command
  15. kaleidoscope

    aimbolt damage (headgears)

    white drooping eddga can be not as good as the proc rate is pretty low. Even f you try to proc it by auto attacks followed by Aimed bolt, you would have lost alot of the DPS by auto attacking instead of aim bolting. +9 EMH gives you the best, followed by AGO, followed by +7 autumn headband (unless you have 70 int and above, and also depending on your %atk modifier). it's always good to drop in an Arrow Storm while Autobolting, so i put +7 Autumn headband low on the list. AGO gives you the stats to get insta cast easier and higher aspd.