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  1. Welcome back! Joining the NovaRO Discord server will definitely help you with meeting new people, and possibly find a great guild along the way. Besides, most guild interacts on their own discord servers as well, so having Discord is a good way to go.
  2. oh another thing that I wish to express my thoughts on, is the breaking of armor/weapon. Right now there's no re-entry, breaking of equips can really be detrimental especially for the DPS'es.
  3. As it seems the flee issue is already mostly pre-resolved by the fact that the current meta are already building towards crit/magic (or flee bypass). The high flee is not preventing some meta-builds from cheesing, but it seems to just exist to make seceral non-meta builds and classes to be even less valid. If the idea is to encourage various composition and builds, then Mandie's suggestion is good; to peg it to reasonable flee and still give agi up at low chance so that sorcs can dispel or something. This is much akin to current archer's use of Defender, the archers dont come with
  4. kaleidoscope

    Patch Notes #144

    it's really the needed content right now to spice up everything. Thanks for giving us the custom instance!
  5. you might want to get petal card for illu wing since it gives alot of damage. With the crit mods on illu wing, that's a total of 40 crit (including the katar bonus). On the weapon choice, i believe +9 agudo will give you more damage, but a sharp enchant JDR will help you alot with crit rates. Either way, you should list calculate the crit you would get with the intended gears you wish to buy, and choose accordingly. You wouldnt want to get unecessary crits above 220, for you could substitute any of your gears for one with better damage returns. the NovaRO's discord server has many
  6. I think the only the coins requirement is the one that makes it a chore. In all honesty, it make sense to keep the SF island occupied adequately for the whole week, but at what cost. I personally do hope that there could be more new contents, even if it's partial and in the interim, so that players can choose between the two. Populations spikes and returning of old players in server are good, and I opined that the focus should be to retain these influx of people rather than giving them reasons to slowly back themselves out.
  7. The GMs are very well aware of these feedback, it's not the first time players have sounded out, there's so many players who have already voiced out but this was heeded. I personally think they did more harm than good, and I feel the same as you. It is to the point that I would only play 4-5 out of 7 days just to give myself time-off from NovaRO, and this only happens after SF was implemented. What was fun became chore, and by basing their stats off the immediate release they have neglected the long-term effects on the players. If there are new contents, players can always do away with SF, but
  8. You can go Main Office (@go 50), go down one level to the basement, then to the top right corner of the room. Or, you can go battlegrounds (@go bg) and is on the left.
  9. also check if you had hotkeyed the max level of Wind Cutter, as it happens to another RK player before
  10. welcome~ You can join the NovaRO discord server, there are many people who offers guidance and class-specific advice there. Also, everyone seems much more active there. See you!
  11. but they keep harping on their stats that they have generated. And there's so much lesser things GX can do efficiently compared to RK and WL (cant kill crystals and ice wall). Sure GXs have barrel bombs, but it's still not the silver bullet to everything, and likely would hit the limit when fights are long drawn out (which usually do when GXs participate in one which i observed when i played as an AB)
  12. i think they have heard of our concern, do give them some time to work this around (they have to also look at the feasibility of coding and implementing whichever solutions too).
  13. Adding to Huka's point 2, you will find much more activity on the NovaRO discord server edit: Just want to highlight that since our content is so much easier with the latest equips (and lack of ogh challenge and stuff), you'll find quite a number of players who will just solo rather than having party play. MH2 is probably the only saving grace on the PvM aspect. For WoE, there's still several big guilds who are competing on regular basis. And there's also draft WoE and KOE for those who fancy lots of GvG actions. edit2: There's cash shop and cash-shop exclusive items,
  14. When i came back a month ago, i've noticed some items missing too (like my +9 woe suit with angeling card). Also, some of the missing items are tied to the instance untradeable items (like charleston components and skyfortress keys), which i have collected alot of them and have not used them at all. I'm not sure if there's some revamp in instances that caused them to be missing. I doubt it's hackers, cos i still have my +16 BxB, +17 c. bow, Yellow Foxtail, and all the other +15 crimsons.
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