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  1. Zento

    WoE Sets for Dorams

    Well players can choose "baby doram" so they can keep small so whatever with the medium crap suggesiton. Robe is a good pick go for it.
  2. Zento

    WoE Sets for Dorams

    Too many tears in 1 single post. Woe set for doram was a way to counter the nerf, SSS didnt get insta or temp boots, so i deal with it like a man stop crying, go complain nova about this suggestion then. This suggestion is about woe set, if you want to make doram medium, go make proper suggestion thread. kthx
  3. Zento

    WoE Sets for Dorams

    Dorams medium? Another custom? whats next, use demihuman skins? nah that cant happen. also every doram is picky peck which is "physical" Suit would be good, or at least reasonable, anyways robe still would be good too, this is a perfect suggestion, will balance things out tanky root build
  4. As the tittle says, in short words, Doram are now demihuman, they should be able to use Temporal Boots (str,dex,int,luk,agi,vit) Only way to balance the new non-ro mechanics going on with the demi human labels at doram. Ammount of Dorams have decreased a lot in BG; those can be checked in logs. Thanks for your time.
  5. Good point of view, tho making dorams demihumans was a good idea, the ammount of doram playing BG have decreased a lot, but respect your decision, fair enough.
  6. Yes. to remove the fixed cast time, Magic cats cant be used either in pvm or pvp. The cast time + low dmg isnt viable at all. When they were brutes dmg was a bit more viable as people wouldnt like to change to Brute sets.
  7. As disussed with Nova, the other thread became a race discussion between Doram haters and Doram supporters so this one should be one without discussions. My suggestion is to make SSS back insta, now that the mATK formula has changed and the dmg isnt high as before, but the main reason is because now magic Dorams can be easily tanked with anti-demihuman (demihuman redux) sets. This would give a new point of view for magic dorams since our server isnt following kro mechanics anymore. Thanks a lot, Dont bring the discussion here pls, Other thread if u want to discuss about this: Have a good day.
  8. Nova said that reducing the cast time itself isnt right as doesnt follow ro mechanics. Seems that temporal boots for doram would be the only solution (balance for the doram demihuman non-ro mechanics)
  9. but then it comes the question: Would people cry with the Hawk Eye Proc in Picky Peck? 200+ dex to picky peck spam? i feel that is something to take in count :3 And physical Cats proc things a lot with bragi.
  10. People have accepted the demihuman change, and seems right now everyone is happy about it, so i dont think the DH change will be reverted, thats why im asking for the insta SSS to buff a bit more the SSS, your suggestions are good, but they will keep cats DH now.
  11. Thanks m8. @Ouilyan Hard to find more living magic cats arround to support the thread :3 to much doram hate in live server atm.
  12. did u know that LOPE have cast too? they can get close and not attack u, just waiting u to use stoop, happens a lot. Stoop effect have delay, i been killed even after using stoop, u just see the "stoop" and ur dead body there.
  13. Even with sunlight what u gonna do? if u cast STOOP at the same time that a gx gets close to u, u are dead, EVEN if not, the gx just keep attacking and u wont be able to do shit, ur cast will get interrupted (not to mention that u wont kill that gx with 1 SSS, already tried, they wont die 1 hit, BUT the doram will) Dorams cant get a gx out of hide, there is no skill for it, we used to tank 1 or 2 hits but now we dont. even if the SSS gets insta, we still gonna get rekt by GXs, but is something at least....
  14. i did think that the nerf wouldnt affect much Magic Dorams. BUT this is insane. The big difference is, those chars that u did mention, were Demihuman all the time along, Doram were Brutes since the start, and they still Brutes in every server, YOUR AUGUMENT IS INVALID, the race get a nerf that didnt happen in any of those classes u mentioned before, so get a brain and comment something useful. Now even the GXs that Magic dorams had a chance, now we dont, the guillotine katar 50% demi, is killing us 1 hit. Hope Tokei and Nova can check the logs and see the difference in kills from today and before this days im having, is insane, Nerf over a nerf this isnt right, KRO decided to have us 0.5 fixed, they also had their costume garment 0.5 Fix to counter it, this is the only server that went Doram to demihuman. Either make temp bots able to use for Doram, or make SSS Insta, thats the 2 fixes i can find, (OH thats doesnt follow KRO mechanics, neither doram being demihuman so stop whinning about mechanics)
  15. by the way this thread wont reach 3 or 4 pages of discussion since, there are less than 5 magic cats in server as the current state they are atm. but people seems to not care if Magic dorams get their instant SSS back. as they can tank us even without the demihuman patch.