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  1. Hi, thanks for giving the bot a try. Do you need it for a specific purpose? I initially wanted to do it that way, but I thought it would be confusing in the server if people tracking different items at different price, then that channel can be chaos. Keeping it a dm make it clean and private.
  2. Heya guys, I made a discord bot that tracks Nova market items. You can keep track of an item's price and it notify you whenever the item you want goes on sale on vend. Please give it a try! just type !help to get the commands EDIT 2020, the bot no longer work, there was some programming problem I couldn't figure out so I stop updating. Thanks for giving it a try.
  3. soul item is account bound? Now i gotta run multiple times with different classes because they are in different accounts. What a great way to waste time. But good work tho, nice update
  4. Summer Night Fantasy

    Patch Notes

    mora resetting enchant has a chance of breaking, breaking as if destroyed in refine or breaking in battle and can be fixed?
  5. IGN: Summer Night Fantasy Me but camflogue
  6. good luck LFM for last room, took forever to find AB and mins that have done the prequest. So you can only go solo or with friends.
  7. Thanks for this guide! I want to add something for box of resentment. raydric archer cards also drop from ogh. You can simply buy a cheap one in market. The best places to farm box of resentment in my opinion are : gefenia, nightmarsh jitterbug, and charleston crisis, these are common places you would go right? they are mobby and mobs are weak, just swap off the accessory when fighting boss.
  8. Merry Christmas IGN: Summer Night Fantasy
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