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  1. plus u can add card on garment and use TB dex + you can change the ww brooch
  2. is it really worth it to use WWset than fancy feather hat + +8 nidhog?
  3. Backfire

    New Ranger

    Just want to ask, what is the perfect enchant for vm bow, crit auto-warg build
  4. Backfire

    Patch Notes

    is it goodbye crimson wep?
  5. can you solo ogh normal with that build sir? im just planning to make a rebel
  6. what's the name of weapon sir?
  7. is oboro can do solo run instances like skyfortress or ogh (normal)
  8. hi! can you share your equips or give tips on how to achieve 193aspd?
  9. is katar crit still good nowadays? it can still kill stefan fast without the OP CS from +9 oni?
  10. Backfire

    Christmas Patch Notes

    yey! christmas on nova! *chill*
  11. Backfire

    Open Beta - New Client

    is there a way to adjust the character selection? I usually use the 800x600x16 resolution because of the low screen resolution of my laptop.
  12. is the Star Emperor is good for running instances?
  13. what is the main stat for that build? need to be 193aspd like ASS SC or not? and what is the best item for the boots
  14. Which is better +9-11 GSS with 11agi or +12 GSS no agi or a +7HBP?
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