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  1. Hi , FFH is better than EMH at +9 and above refine, even a +7 FFH is a little bit stronger than +9 EMH, in overall stats
  2. Welcome , come play Minstrel et FS Sorc to BG too !
  3. Seems cool , but still let players who want to captain the possibility to do it, i think its always a good idea to experience it at least one time for anyone. Would it be possible to mixed it up ? GM players & NovaRO players both being captain instead. But yeah having GM's that actually can captain will help a lot on missing slots during captain selection !
  4. Lol , you know what, i'm in love with your char style
  5. For the love of god.
  6. People will never be motivated to do such efforts for Titles, so only ppl that are doing pvp to pass time will stay, like it is now. So its not even the solution to abusers, to add titles with so much effort to get. I read your post and u said here "Global messages when the same character kills you more than 3 times... 5 times, 10 times, etc". Don't use social titles as an argument for PvP related stuff .. the point here is that social titles isnt a thing that has issues or cause controversy if its abused, unlike PvP related Titles, that offer some kind of notoriety. This is no point of improving PvP experience here ... but just ruin it by making the wrong people coming to PvP scene. If we want to improve PvP experience, then bring a Leaderboard that add competition without any rewards, that will cause people to play for the competition but not to abuse things for rewarding purpose. ( and i mean, we can still abuse leaderboards if its only related to max kills ^^ ) Add Team vs Team environment to PvP Room to make players who wanna play and improve their teamplay with other players. They will even practice for PvP Tournament. Kind of things that really makes the experience richer. Rewards not always the solution. We already got plenty of rewards everywhere.
  7. This is good. Rewards are fair and its cool to have an addition to help new players :thumbsup:
  8. I'm totally agreed with what Panic said, i'm ok with having a leaderboard that will be reset every month, just to get PvP Room more active & to see more people fighting as it is supposed to be, a FFA PvP Room. However, I'm not agreed with any kind of rewards that will put people to play only for rewarding purpose as it cause ppl to play unfair. The only fact that we implement a leaderboard is enough to motivate people who want to progress in a FFA PvP environment because its add some kind of competition. And i'm not agreed of adding more global messages as it will just be spamming general channel, which is already annoying sometimes We can even go further and attach two leaderboard, a single player leaderboard, and a Team vs Team leaderboard, but that kind of thing will need work as it need a new team vs team environnement that has to be conditionned. edit : and i'll add something, which preference players have there : - A Ratio ranking Leaderboard between Kills/Death - A simple Max kills ranking Leaderboard Both are totally different way of playing PvP Room.
  9. I'm gonna quote someone that said something interesting and i really think this is the point. "How is snap so op? Most of the Suras keep snapping around and when they goh you, you dont even take that much damage. ( if u geared yourself in order to ^^ ) Besides, no snap makes into no decent way to CC. And, in the end, others classes got cucked from it What happens is, since it is an international server, we got to see high ping suras and low ping suras. You can have problem as with Suras snapping since some has extremely low ping And you cant even prepot or pot his dmg." So the problem behind snap especially, because we all know that this is the real problem that people are pointing. It's not really the ability to "teleport" yourself, its just that suras was able to do it extremely fast damage and escape in a short time being really hard to target back. So maybe the issue isnt to change the mobility of classes and i mean all classes, but to see further i guess, on cooldowns,a little delay on snap making it impossible to instantly go back( on bragi effect ^^ , but hey ppl keep in mind that there will be the songs changes coming up too.) or something like that maybe. I'm adding something , suras that are able to do really high damage on a woe set player, are suras that invested a lot on high end gears in order to do that. This isn't the majority, this is a question about investing yourself in order to do something, some player will invest all in damage dealing being a "glass cannon" but will die to any single offensive skill, so the only think that they can rely on is their speed. But i mean, let's see where it goes. This is something we must try in order to really see , what is the real impact of a patch like that, i really think that this is the best way to figure out if it's good or not. But in my opinion, this isnt the best way ( disabling movements skills ) to make it fair enough.
  10. Hi, B> Bijou card & +9 Ultralight Magic Shield Message me in forum or in Discord : Nishii#6264 Thank you
  11. Bonsoir, je me demandais si c’était toujours d'actualité. Je suis joueur français implanté dans le serveur depuis un bon moment, et pour mes petites séance de PvM bah j'aimerais bien partager ça avec d'autres Français de temps en temps, puis vocal avec d'autre français c'est quand même bien plus sympa , voila tout ! Au plaisir d'un retour ! ps : je ne serais pas toujours actif , du moins je viendrais participer et vocal à mes temps libre et sessions PvM. Merci !
  12. I really like your personnal style on those drawings, on all of those there is something special that i can sense, you're really drawing them with passion, i can feel the work behind all of your drawing. Its awesome!
  13. I don't see any trouble with Nova Explosion, indeed it can hit 60k+ and ignore any defensive gear, class that have a low hp set, got some countermeasure to try to avoid it, as it has been said : Safety Wall for WL, Cicada for Ninja, Siren's voice for Maestro/wind , moving skills for rebels, mech. That skill is strong, i'm not saying plenty of players will always be capable of countering it and a lot will just die to it, but that skill is about timing, and preparing autobuffs to lend it, so i think its fair enough as it is.
  14. Nishii

    Giveaway: Eggring Pin

    Eggring story. What day of the week do eggs hate? Fry-day! IGN : Nishii Yamaguchii
  15. Nishii

    another art shop

    A really impressive & beautifull work ! Much more than i expected <3 , thank you Valkees
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