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  1. The guilds rosters are currently at their minimum exploitable, reducing the maximum cap would destroy the possible variety of rosters, it must be taken into account that we are in the August period and most active people go on holiday during this period. I'm against reducing the roster. During active periods, it would be a pity to have to refuse an active member of a guild to play the woe while they have set their attendance to yes. If u take a look at Draftcord > recruitment section, there is still some people looking for a guild. Reducing the cap will make more people in need.
  2. Sure, on that point this could be helping maintaining energy coat at his max potential. Which isnt so a bad thing, as we are orienting to increase the impact of tanking class, we already accepted to have kafra blossom card, if helping sorc maintaining a good amount of sp isnt too much impactfull i think this could be ok. However, yeah i accept that this isnt just a qol change.
  3. I'm totally for it ! as Acid said i like to have a bunch of assets build too, and with variety of equipment coming, it would really be welcome to have more presets slot, there is a lot of various build possible with illusion equipment, acd gears, and skills based equipment.
  4. Seems like a great idea ! , this is something a bit roleplay there, and having that title following the place you got married make your weeding have a meaning. I just suggest that the title have to be removed while divorcing, that way it is really something unique to get.
  5. I'm totally agree with what Cadu said, you can't compare movement skills like that, they are made to have different use. A backslide is a "BACK SLIDE" and dark illusion is a skill to make GX approach the target , it is use to get an opportunity but if u DI a sura ofc you're not gonna catch him u_u, its the main purpose of sura class to be able to snap, we have been talking about this and repeating same thing over again and again. Thanks to non sense complained Sura already got GOH being customed a bit, with the release of ACDR patch we are now all in need to invest on some ACDR gear to instant goh which mean its even more weak. We already tested no snap sura in BG , and it was a mistake, and i really don't think harmonizing or making a CD on movement skills is a great idea, its the least. You just corrupting RO. If u can't deal with what things are made to be, then you're just doing thing bad. At least understand , that what make Suras is SNAP, and without any custom behavior, no CD, no Delay , so stop it. Sorry to be a bit rude but this is really pisses me off ... more you are customizing things , less diversity you will get. Gj!
  6. B> Kiel D-01 Card & Bijou Card, pm in forum or in discord. Discord : Nishii#6264
  7. Nishii

    Patch Notes

    Good update WoE/BG wise, thanks !
  8. Violet Potion right now is recovering between 60 to 250 sp depending on factors, while this can be suffisent for certain class. During WoE, having all buffs up its easy to get to 4k SP at least, the point here is, for some class and i'll take Sura as an example here ^^ , recovering the sp used after 3x goh take me at least 2 to 3s to be fully recovered using Violets. Unless using ygg seed or berries ofc. This is adding delay between skill casted. When its not an issue for skills that consume fixed SP , having SP songs is a good help to sustain the SP bar, but having skills that take % amout of SP out bypass that, so we might end up using some "high cost" consos, etc ... 2 suggestions there : 1. Increase the SP recovery amount of Violet Potion or 2. make it recovering a % amount of SP its just a QOL suggestion there.
  9. This is really great news and great work, i'm excited for those to be released. I know this takes a lot of efforts to implement as a stable update, but cheers ! Keep the work ! We are all supporting you.
  10. I'm not against those items too, as the server is progressing on patches, we may need some more items to diversify. They would be good to counterpart ACD Gears, and as it was said can be an addition to OGH attractivity if we implement them on that instance. Those items looks strong at +11, but yeah it need overrefine, so does all powerfull items. Just reminder : "ignores physical and magical defense of brute and demon race monsters by x%" does not apply to players or Dorams here. Its just a very good PvM bonus, and i really think its a must have bonus.
  11. I'm against this change, disabling MVP cards in BG make them loose their utility and their notoriety. Even it can be difficult for new player to fight against MVP users, we got options to counter "power player" it is called disabling : frozen, stone, dispell, masquerade, harmonize, white imprison -> IT -> Soul expansion. You are facing some difficulties and want it to be easy. Be smart. Try to play with other player when u are doing KvM, even its a solo mode, its not difficult to pneuma your allies, dispell your ennemies, control your target , or just OS your "power" opponent. If u are facing FBH Warlock, use +9 Cotton shirt Frus Armor, Fire resist pot , jakk card, leib olmai, there are a lot of options, its RO. MVP card are made to be "power" , its like having a high upgrade weapon or armor. But with the addition of not just making you stronger, some card make you versatile, everything in RO, is made well. You are seeing it only by your sight, but people who invested themself to have a power equipment want to use it. And its made to be use ^^. Stop wanting to change everything to make your ro life easier pretending its for new players or whatever. You still got option to counter any ennemy you are facing, and sometimes you need teamplay, or just to be smarter. As example : Want to tank GOH ? stay in allies pneuma's, in sorc wof, invest in gr card. Want to tank/counter CR ? use Frus card on fire armor, fire resist. Want to kill GTB ninja users ? ask your gene to acid demonstration him lol. Its this easy. And if u are tanking a CR then die by a Sura's goh right after, then its just because they played in order to. MVP dont make you a god, its just a power up, what i mean is 10 players is enough to counterplay a MVP user, unless you are running a full 10 trap ranger team. #joke ^^, even just building yourself in order to counter it, is enough.
  12. When i agree that traps can be really annoying. This is a part of Ranger's Gameplay, and its the responsability of the other class to remove those traps for their team mates. My opinion about this, is to make the gameplay to still have utility, it was supposed to slow the ennemie team, and it should be, however being able to put a massive amout of traps is turning this into a meme gameplay that is just to annoy class that dont have the ability of "trying" to avoid it. So a restriction on how much traps you can put and chained is fine. At least make it 6-7 traps to make it still doing the job when needed ( i mean blocking a rush , slowing people from going through ), and if someone got stucked its the responsability of their team mate to remove it ( Sura's , Sorc's, Ranger's etc .. )
  13. As it was said, 500m is far too much for an art, even you clearly take time and hardwork to do it. They are really good, but consider seeing others same chart pricing.
  14. Hi , FFH is better than EMH at +9 and above refine, even a +7 FFH is a little bit stronger than +9 EMH, in overall stats
  15. Welcome , come play Minstrel et FS Sorc to BG too !
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