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  1. Noireth

    GX pvp/woe/bg

    High refined Naght Sieger or Scalpel with triple Eremes in both. Just use cloaking exceed + speed potion and Cross Impact people down.
  2. Noireth

    Life steal for Crit GX

    Pots or swapping to Rideword + Thanatos then back to damage gear.
  3. Noireth

    Help with Katar GX gears

    Start with Nab's set, Rideword hat and Thanatos Then go Excellion set and Temp STR Then go +7/8 JDR Then go HHC or directly into enchanted Abusive +GSS or HBP Pick up AGI Shadow Set by running with parties.
  4. I'm not a big fan, but I think enabling multi-client is a reasonable solution to the support class problem. I find farming raids on (multiple) fully dedicated accounts pretty excessive, but if people want to invest that time and effort it should be their choice.
  5. Noireth

    Patch Notes

    Nice stuff.
  6. Noireth

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    Normalized RNG is always preferable to pure RNG imo.
  7. Noireth

    Monster Hunting Teaser

    Very exciting news!
  8. Noireth

    Critical RK Build

    You need an unbreakable weapon for the crit build. That's why it's either Crimson Mace (all mace weapons are indestructable) or Lindy Hop since it has built-in indestructable.
  9. Noireth

    Prominence Kick + Solar Burst ASPD examples

    Yes, but Stellar is better for soloing now. In party Solar is still best.
  10. Noireth

    Fixing Buche De Noel consumable troll

    It would be nice to know the reason for rejection. Is it a restriction induced by the item's script? Is the reason more of a effort/effect ratio related issue? Something entirely different?
  11. Noireth

    Need help with equipment priority

    Weapons and refines have the largest impact on damage.
  12. Noireth

    Improve my rebellion gear

    Aside from getting a high refine Calf, getting a Chewed Pencil might help a little. Getting a Sakray card helps in instances. Probably aiming for better enchants can help (and sink a ton of resources). Aside from that I don't think there's that much room for upgrades at the moment.
  13. Noireth

    What should i buy first?

    TBH there is no point in going for a mediocre crit build. If you go crit, it has to be all in with all the crit dmg modifiers stacked to be worth it. Otherwise RC will just be better.
  14. panictracks.thor...

    Is a mixtape dropping soon?

  15. Noireth

    Soloing low to mid-difficulty instances

    Sarah's Memories is really easy and the foods are nice to have. Airship Assault is also really easy and the gear is ok for selling. Room of Consciousness is definitely solo-able and Honor Token have a pretty good value. Heart Hunter War Base is also solo-able with not too much gear. You don't even need to kill the boss of this instance, because the drops are pretty meh. Heart Hunter cards are pretty nice for selling though.