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  1. I like this idea. I think the card itself is a good idea, but limiting it to one instead of two seems prudent.
  2. Shall

    Teaser: ???

    Nightmare poring village with a beefy as fuck King Poring would be cool
  3. Shall

    Introducing Nova Labs

    Instead of not having WoE at all, how about having 24/7 WoE so that we can do proper testing inside castles and stuff like that? Could be pretty useful for Siege commissioners.
  4. Shall

    Patch Notes #161

    Will the Compressed Hats have their original weight values or 0 weight (since they have no stats)?
  5. Shall

    Patch Notes #119

    nvm me dumb, was my custom grf
  6. Shall

    Cawful Patch Notes #118

    Can we get a list of possible enchants for Royal Guard Ring and the other accessories?
  7. Shall


    well this aged badly
  8. The two most oppressive things in BG by far are bragi and Lux Anima (this one especially on KVM). No other skill comes close to the sheer impact these two skills make on a match. If you have them and the other team doesn't, it's basically a free win button. Snap is far, far away from these skills in terms of sheer impact.
  9. I definitely don't see Suras as oppressive in BG right now. There's several counters to every popular Sura build, and a good Sura absolutely cannot dominate a BG match during HH. There are much more centralizing classes in BG HH than Suras, and several very popular classes have decent answers to Sura, including very strong classes like CS RK, RG, and Sorc. Suras were only really oppressive for that 5-day period before GoH was reverted. They're not particularly scary at all right now. And I'm confident that if the ASPD issue was fixed, even the "fixed" GoH would not be oppressive, with the combination of slower snaps and slower GoHs. Removal of snap would only make Chasers even more insane, since Suras are the main class responsible for stopping Chasers. And no, Rangers aren't Chaser counters to anyone with half a brain and a sliver of PVP experience on this server. I'll have to echo the comments here saying that, on one hand, we have basically every veteran BG and WoE player asking for snap to stay, and on the other hand, we have Min and Fu Wind.
  10. Just wanna mention that, as per this bug report, our skill spam speed is already way too high, so this could be a contributing factor to how oppressive Snap can be on BG. https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/bug-tracker/skills/attack-speed-delay-on-skills-not-reflecting-official-values-r608/
  11. I don't care much about the other skills one way or the other but for the love of god don't give Chasers backslide
  12. Shall

    nice tgk

  13. Shall

    True Love

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