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    I thought we had something special
  2. My anecdotal experience is that almost all my friends who did weeklies stopped when Summer came in. We used to group up and have some fun doing weeklies together on tuesday/wednesday, but nowadays the effort isn't worth the reward for us, not because we have to put in more time but because we just don't have fun. Zeny/h wise, weekly farming has almost always been innefficient compared to other forms of farming. We used to do it because it was more fun doing weeklies with friends than soloing geffenia/rudus/ein/whatever, but that's not the case anymore. I agree with a lot of what was said above in the sense that the staff used a "side" thing with no direct relation to RO to replace the "main" RO related things people used to do. And Summer Festival lasts so long that it becomes annoying - if the weeklies were swapped for only a month, I would probably still have done them.
  3. Why isn't MATK considered on Climatic for magical tanks? Woudn't that also help increase tank variety and job viability inside MH2? DPS and Utility skills don't care if you're physical or magical
  4. While we're on this whole MH DPS topic I will say that I think it's frankly insulting for people who don't live in North America that @spam isn't enabled in MH yet (at least as far as I know, someone please correct me if I'm wrong). The justification for that was that MH isn't ready for a "DPS increase", but @spam is NOT a DPS increase, it just lets people who live in other locations match those who live in NA, and reduces the impact of low ping outliers. I have a friend who has a geared to the teeth spammy DPS job, but because of their ping they do much less damage than an NA person playing the same character with the same gears. So what do they do when they're doing MH? Just swap accounts with NA friend and play support. The party's DPS output remains the same but my friend can't play the job they want to play because of a limitation resulting from Gravity's bad coding that the Nova staff has a working solution for, and actively choose not to implement, all in the name of artificially keeping clear times higher solely for people in high ping countries. Why exactly should my DPS be lower just because of where I live? If you think DPS is too high, adjust it for everyone, not just for high ping players.
  5. PVM CI BTW 112k (tankable with just Mins buffs and Inc HP pots), and this is with him using provoke and shield spell, and me not using FIT or a 2nd resist MIR cause I was too lazy to decard. If I was on FIT it would have been like 90k.
  6. Or you don't actually get hit by 300k non-dark claw non disable CIs and you're exaggerating the damage
  7. Are both your accessories 6% all resist? Are you wearing reduction cards on every available slot? Do you have Medium Shadow Mail equipped? Are you sure they're hitting neutral if you're wearing GR? Are you letting them dark claw you before CIng? There's a multitude of things that could be making you take more damage than I am. Can you show any evidence of you taking a 300k CI on 78% DH reducts, KB, Furious Ice Titan and without dark claw applied, on non-MVP HH? That sounds like a massive exageration. I have no motivation whatsoever to be lying or misleading about my experience vs CI, especially after we're nerfing SBK. I don't play GX, I don't have a GX, I don't run CI in my WoE guild, I don't have any GX guildmates who run CI on BG, there is no possible reason for me to be defending an unbalanced CI state. If I thought CI was oppressive I would have been in favor of nerfing it, just like I was in favor of nerfing RK, and just like how I'm trying to nerf SBK and Asura. I'm not in favor of any changes to CI because right now in the current meta I do not have any problems vs CI and do not consider CI oppressive to play against at all. As an aside I agree with Koen that magic performer is by far the strongest job in the current meta. It can do absolutely everything - a shit ton of damage, massive utility, traps, amazing debuffs. It's just uncontested in how useful it is.
  8. Like 120-130k buffed? Obviously when I was on DPS gears I couldn't tank other DPS, but on standard resist support with 83% DH / Toxious Combo / +12 PKS / Resist MIRs / KB etc, I pretty much only died to SBK, Asura or disables. Very easy to tank almost anything, especially once you get a harmonize off. So you just stay on your unkillable set until you and your team disable the other team and sweep it up with MS and Reverb
  9. Sorry friend but last few times I played BG I was playing magic Minstrel (which by the way is even STRONGER vs SC than RK, I don't even understand where this SC discussion came from)
  10. The only even remotely useful takeaway from this thread is how it evidences the unfortunately massive knowledge gap that exists within the PVP community
  11. I'm saying that ALL players who are on resist set, should have: 1 - 81-84% DH resist (or less for ILM jobs) 2 - 20% MINIMUM resist to ALL ELEMENTS (from MIR/PER and PKS) 3 - 25% Medium reduct (or 5% base from the shadow set and another good armor card like toxious, depending on the build) 4 - actual resist cards on armor, garment and boots What a concept, I expect people to wear high end reducts gear to tank high end DPS gear. Also how is TGK relevant if this is BG, I can tank CIs in non-MVP BG just fine, SBK is admittedly a problem but it's getting nerfed.
  12. Alright let's do it, if we raise your demi resists up to 84% the damage goes to 179k (see Regel's post for the math). Then if you wear furious ice titan combo you get 20% medium, so the damage goes to 143k. Then if you assume the guy is wearing poison, you can swap to PKS and 2x 6% MIR for 22% poison resist, taking the damage down to 111k. There, you tanked it by wearing smart gears instead of bad gears. And this didn't even factor in the extra HP you'd get from wearing GFerus on those boots, and the potential resists/HP from a proper garment card. Oh and there's also medium resists missing from the Medium Shadow Set which I assume you're not wearing either.
  13. Let's play find the problems: WoE garment and shoes with damage cards NWS on a tank build and Stem in mouth (which by the way gives resistance to poison STATUS, not poison element attacks) - so you're missing 8% DH, and potential 3% more if you're missing +9 Cranial Shadow Shield 2x Glorious Rings instead of resist PER/MIR, and no resist cards on accessories, including kafra blossom And last but not least, ONE HUNDRED speed potions Not to mention the things that aren't wrong but could be massively improved (BFB vs CEB, Valk vs PKS, resist card on armor such as FIT combo). This gear is just so ridiculously bad for 2020 meta that it really shows why you made this thread.
  14. WoE right now is the most balanced it has been since we left Level 175
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