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  1. Shalltear

    Revert WoE1 Castle back to the old rotation

    This seems like the best way to do it. If we can get a quality three entrance castle every few months we'll have a good rotation in no time. I support this one even though I voted no to the original suggestion.
  2. Shalltear

    Hagalas Runestone should NOT be dispelled.

    Adding to this just to mention that Hagalaz is literally the only dispelable rune in Nova, which is weird. All the other runes are (correctly) undispelable.
  3. Shalltear

    Revert WoE1 Castle back to the old rotation

    Everyone voting for the old castle rotation doesn't remember how bad one entrance is. 100% against playing on ANY one entrance castle, especially with entrance camping guilds still existing
  4. Shalltear

    Increase member cap for WoE1

    Isn't this gonna make a 1v1 more likely by making it harder to run a guild?
  5. Shalltear

    box of sunlight

    Literally the last thing we need is stronger shadow chasers
  6. Now looking for Warlock (CL), AB, RG, Ranger, Ground Control DPS and Shadow Chaser.
  7. Please I know Panic has it You can't keep it from us forever. And it's a good incentive for tourney winners to keep their auras instead of selling after getting 1-2 favorite auras.
  8. We've already recruited enough Minstrels! So far, we have 6 new members.
  9. In order to avoid boring 1v1 WoEs, we've decided we'll try something now as a temporary measure to improve WoE - every week, we'll split Alliance into two different guilds for WoE 1, led by different Alliance leaders (me/Frunckie/Tendachi/Fluffs when he comes back). Note that this doesn't mean that Alliance is actually breaking up into two guilds - we'll remain as one guild and only split the members weekly in order to ensure two balanced guilds, and once WoE (hopefully) picks up, we'll ditch this split system. To make this viable, we're going to need to step up recruitment to fill up the roster enough for two decent guilds, so we're looking for the following classes: WL (CL) AB (Standard Support) RG (Devo) Shadow Chaser Ranger (Arrow Storm) DPS Ground Control (preferably Sura or Rebel) If you're interested in joining us for this split system, PM Shall#1543 on Discord. Feel free to apply even if you're a WoE newbie - though the gear requirements for damage classes can be a bit high, so it might be better to play support if you're just starting out on the WoE scene. Those who join us for this split system will play alongside longtime Alliance members - we won't just make one guild with every Alliance core and the other guild with new members. The idea is to make WoE fun for everyone and avoid a stomp scenario. Think of it as a sort of temporary "in-house draft" system for WoE 1.
  10. Shalltear

    Tournament Reward Updates

    @Nova where do I have to go to convert auras to aura fragments, and to unlock new colors?
  11. Shalltear

    Hagalaz Rune Should not Wear Off Upon Receiving Damage

    Here is kRO proof: You can see the RK doing an instance with Stoneskin turned on, and it does not wear off no matter how much damage he takes.
  12. On NovaRO, Hagalz Rune (Stonehard Skin) wears off when you receive damage equivalent to ~20% your Max HP. Officialy (iRO proof below, both from an RK casting on himself and through lux), Stonehard Skin DOES NOT wear off when receiving damage.
  13. On NovaRO, when you pass Hagalaz Rune (Stonehard Skin) through Lux Anima, the target does not receive any DEF. Officially (iRO proof below), the DEF is indead increased upon receiving the buff: If I had to guess, it's because the formula is using the receiving char's Rune Mastery level (which is 0, since he's not an RK) instead of the caster's level.
  14. I'm not against implementing new stuff for BG by any means but these weapons are... weird. The only ones with skill boosts are the rebel weapons I guess? And all the others are basically far outclassed by Glorious Weapons.
  15. Shalltear

    Vellum Flail

    @Nova maybe reevaluate this in view of the Critical Wounds nerf? I don't see any reason to keep this customized behavior anymore.