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  1. I'm sure everyone knows where this suggestion is coming from, but regardless of the fact that the outcome in this specific case was positive, at the end of the day creating an enchanting process for an unbound item that requires bound currency is bad game design and basically asking for scams to happen. To prevent scams from happening with Abusive Robe enchants, I suggest adding the "Abusive Enchant Voucher" item. You could buy this item from Dylan for 10 Honor Tokens, and it is unbound, so you can sell it to other players. An enchant costs two Abusive Enchant Vouchers (20 Honor Tokens), while a reset costs one (10 Honor Tokens). In effect, this makes it so you can buy and sell abusive robe enchants without having to actually trade the Abusive Robe, and without having to unbind Honor Tokens as a whole.
  2. I would also be OK with significantly reducing the repair scrolls, or maybe making Repair Scrolls repair every broken gear instead of just one
  3. Please add BG Panacea so we can have a reliable method of removing curse without having to farm Mag Dun, since Green Pot doesn't heal curse (or just add regular Panacea to the tool deal). I know Holy Water exists but it takes up an additional hotkey slot since it only heals curse.
  4. I propose adding an automatic land clearing effect on a 7x7 area around the spawn of every game mode (except KVM and Conquest Defense). This would stop stupid situations like a single ranger holding back an entire team in Conquest or Stone Control. This would be similar to the land clearing effect already used on Stone Control stones. Other than this, I think the traps are mostly fine.
  5. What if the immunity period went away as soon as you used any kind of skill or autoattack? That way you can pot, swap gears, and walk away, but you can't use it offensively. And it makes 5s seem much more reasonable.
  6. I suggest adding a short immunity period after you cast Freedom (something like ~2-5s). It's extremely frustrating to get hit by a status, freedom, and then get hit by a status again immediately after. So I suggest adding a short immunity period after casting Freedom in which you can't get any negative status (kinda like Nosiege rune). This would help people get out of the way immediately after using Freedom before getting statused again, and would make it easier to counter play anti-fun builds.
  7. If you get a negative status in BG you can remove it by using Freedom, but if your gear gets broken you're fucked until you can find a tiny corner to repair in. I don't see why gear breaks should be treated differently than any other negative status, especially with how cancer it is to play on a team without Genetic against comps with a lot of gear break. tl;dr > get stripped > freedom > nice > get gear broken > freedom > surprisedpikachu.jpg
  8. i am really looking forward to fire emblem draft woe
  9. Why should super novice get their skill update before everyone else though?
  10. Yeah maybe simply ask for permission before cloning
  11. I don't see why we have to complicate it so much if they're just gonna play for 2-3 weeks to get used to the game, and then play once as captains. If they were gonna keep playing forever then yeah, makes sense that we'd want to limit their stuff so it doesn't look like they're just getting free shit for being GMs. But from what I understand this is just a temporary thing so that we can do a GM Draft, so I'm fine with them copying endgame gear without having to "work for it". I think on almost every online game the GMs have fully loaded accounts that they use for testing content like this occasionally
  12. I think the idea is hosting a special draft with only GMs captain, just once, not permanently. So normal players will still be able to Captain before and after.
  13. quick, swap your gears so that they clone bad gears
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