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  1. Shalltear

    Patch Notes

    nvm me dumb, was my custom grf
  2. cd (cooldown) isn't acd (after cast delay), new wave sunglasses/illu armor acd won't do shit for CI
  3. Time for even more DPS in WoE now that people won't have MShield and Hagalaz, hooray Why is gravity always so retarded Unfortunately I don't think we'll be able to keep the old lux because the behaviors are so different (like we couldn't keep the old JF even when we asked for it)
  4. Shalltear

    Cawful Patch Notes

    Can we get a list of possible enchants for Royal Guard Ring and the other accessories?
  5. Top 10 least controversial forum threads that went full autist
  6. I don't think we should touch this unless it's a bug. If you can still harmo allies on kRO, leave it how it is. If not, make it like Gloomy. This would be a significant buff to harmo as it would make targeting easier when people jump into your stack, especially against chasers.
  7. RK runes are items that let you use to cast skills and they are affected by mandragora just like butterfly wings. Just so you can see the difference between an item that produces an effect and an item that casts a skill: Script for Butterfly Wing: itemskill "AL_TELEPORT",3 (casts teleport level 3, a special level that bypasses the opportunity to choose to tp to a random place) Script for Pertz Runestone: itemskill "RK_STORMBLAST",1 (casts Storm Blast level 1) Script for Fireball Scroll: itemskill "MG_FIREBALL",1; (casts Fireball level 1) Script for White Potion: itemheal rand(325,405) (heals a random value between 325 and 405, DOES NOT cast the heal skill). So by your logic, all items that cast skills, such as BWing, Runestones and Scrollls, should not have any cast time and should be unaffacted by howling.
  8. Recruiting the following jobs: AB, SC, Mins, Gene, Wandy, players who can play multiple jobs Come join us!
  9. Good ending, I will miss you friend
  10. so Geitz is the King... of the deeps
  11. I should kick Geitzz from alliance for not potting
  12. I want to know Geitzz's backstory, why is he a former king? What happened to his kingdom?
  13. RKs are very tanky against magic with Goibne, when I tried Goibne on Draft I had like 30 deaths and only 2 to magic, so they're doing pretty fine if you invest in high end gear. As far as other classes that can't wear WoE set goes, they'd also benefit from increasing GvG reducts from 46 to 50 like I've been pushing for all along, in conjunction with Cranial Shadow Set getting enabled next month. And I wouldn't be against a second prismatic protection either, you brought that idea up for 5 seconds, Ravage didn't like it and you just gave up, why not ask Nova to add a poll for it?
  14. This suits me just fine. Did you not read me and Frunckie talking 100+ messages about adding elemental resist options to WoE set on commissioner chat? Also Ravage warlocks do just fine without FBH, maybe you just need to find better players
  15. So when you played WL and your guild ran a WL-centric comp, this shield was LITERALLY WORSE THAN GIVING EVERYONE GTB? And now that you don't play WL and your guild is running ZERO warlocks (even though surely you should be running some if it's this OP), suddenly 10% reflect is "not a big deal" and "very small compared to valk manteau". Ok Midnight Also as usual you're generalizing, you said that on commissioner chat "you guys" were against second prismatic protection but as far as I remember only Ravage spoke against that. That's only TWO votes. Also almost everyone was in favor of increasing GvG reducts and adding new reducts to WoE set but you were against that for *reasons*
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