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  1. I dislike these stacking rewards you edited into your post after. It'll be super clunky to give them out properly especially when people have multiple chars. We already have First Time Rewards and Titles for that. I agreed with the old suggestion though. 1x Orleans and 2x Protective Balm is a great reward. So I'd propose leaving the first time reward and title as is, and changing the regular captain reward to those items (not sure if we keep the Valor Badges and Siege Tokens or not, I don't really care).
  2. Alliance LFM: DB RK, AB, DPS Minstrel and DPS Wanderer. PM me on Discord to join the longest running WoE guild on Nova!
  3. The whole idea is letting people level their 175 alts, so definitely do not increase the minimum past 175. Also I don't see why it should be significantly slower, maybe a bit slower. Leveling solely through PvM is an old concept, and a lot of major MMOs (like GW2) let you level through PvP basically just as effectively as PvM. IMO it should be at the lowest be something between 1-2 levels per HH, so that you could get 175-185 in 6-7 hours
  4. Add an exp reward for participating in rounds of BG . Would be a nifty way to get some levels on everyone's 175 alts without necessarily having to do the gramps/magdun grind, and almost every modern MMO nowadays lets you level up through PVP so I don't see why not.
  5. Yeah I thought swapping from slotted to non-slotted also required the quest, but Enya just informed me it doesn't if you buy an Awakened hat. So the GMs can feel free to lock this suggestion EDIT: Enya was wrong, if you buy a slotted NWS you can't swap it between slotted and unslotted because the NPC locks you out since you won't have the prereq.
  6. New Wave Sunglasses is super relevant for PVP, and the slotted version is BiS for several classes, especially once Reload set comes out. Not only does this quest require bound mats obtained from PVM but also has super annoying and long prereqs, which sucks for those who only want this for PVP. The way it is now, what most people who want this for PvP have to do is find a trusted friend who already did the prereq and ask them to slot the hat for you and get the bound mats, which is definitely not ideal, not the least because it opens up opportunities for scams like Abusive Robe enchants. So I'd like to suggest adding an alternate slotting method that uses the same materials, but replaces the bound mats (Carnelian and Charleston Component) with a (high) Siege Token requirement and doesn't require doing instances as prereq. That way, players who want slotted NWS mainly for PvM can do it the normal way, while players who want slotted NWS for PVP can pay with Siege Tokens, even if it makes the total cost of the item higher. Or, alternatively, let PVMers make and sell NWS slot vouchers, that PVPers can just buy and use to slot their NWS without having to risk getting scammed or having to bother a friend who has the prereqs to farm the bound mats. This wouldn't require any changes to how the quest works, it would literally just be a QoL change. Because at the end of the day, you can already slot your NWS without ever having to do any of the instances, except you have to risk getting scammed / annoy your friends to do so. At the end of the day I'd be fine with either solution, though I think the 2nd is way less controversial and so is more likely to get in.
  7. Kind of agree, the meta has changed quite a bit since Temporal Manteau was originally added, it might be a good idea to revisit it. Personally I also don't see a point in keeping it disabled in BG anymore
  8. Vidblain entrance is gonna be terrible with this many people... I'd just say remove it. Himin is not as bad but still small. Maybe we could at it to Draft or something.
  9. In that case can you at least increase the chat flood limit on the diff?
  10. Currently when you use @swap and it fails because of cooldown, no message is displayed. It would be nice if there was a message saying "Gear swap on cooldown for x seconds".
  11. Please stop @commands from triggering the chat flood protection and let us repeat them as many times as we want. Mainly an issue with @swap since in PvP you'll use it repeatedly and without typing anything else in between.
  12. is the guest actor Fluffs?
  13. I'm sure everyone knows where this suggestion is coming from, but regardless of the fact that the outcome in this specific case was positive, at the end of the day creating an enchanting process for an unbound item that requires bound currency is bad game design and basically asking for scams to happen. To prevent scams from happening with Abusive Robe enchants, I suggest adding the "Abusive Enchant Voucher" item. You could buy this item from Dylan for 10 Honor Tokens, and it is unbound, so you can sell it to other players. An enchant costs two Abusive Enchant Vouchers (20 Honor Tokens), while a reset costs one (10 Honor Tokens). In effect, this makes it so you can buy and sell abusive robe enchants without having to actually trade the Abusive Robe, and without having to unbind Honor Tokens as a whole.
  14. I would also be OK with significantly reducing the repair scrolls, or maybe making Repair Scrolls repair every broken gear instead of just one
  15. Please add BG Panacea so we can have a reliable method of removing curse without having to farm Mag Dun, since Green Pot doesn't heal curse (or just add regular Panacea to the tool deal). I know Holy Water exists but it takes up an additional hotkey slot since it only heals curse.
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