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  1. Kayy

    My Art Attempts

    Thank you for taking the time to write such lovely things everyone. It's really encouraging I appreciate it a lot
  2. Kayy

    My Art Attempts

    Hi Jaz, I sure do. Feel free to pm Kay#2351
  3. Kayy

    My Art Attempts

    Very kind of you both, thank you both for commenting
  4. Kayy

    My Art Attempts

    This was fun to do
  5. Kayy

    Spring Art Contest

    Hope you like it, first attempt at making a whole art piece IGN: Ciena Good luck everyone <3 <3 <3
  6. Kayy

    My Art Attempts

    ◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒ Price 40m for completed drawing ◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒ I'd love to know is what eye colour you would like on your drawing when you ask and to submit a screenshot and let me know the exact name of your character. ◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒ Thanks for taking the time to look. Kay xo ◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒◒
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