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  1. With PVP rules they will be fine. In PVP room even Archbishops, Mins and Wandies can kill lots of people (as demonstrated by Kendall, me, and other AB/mins/wandy players) If WoE map reductions are implemented, then there should be implemented a way to make those jobs to earn points (like, if you're AB/mins/wandy, you get points if a party member kills someone)
  2. Then you should give actual input, with ideas and contributions that could make it work, instead of remarking the things that are wrong. That is a concept called constructive criticism. To support a friend with a very good idea she has, that could turn a PVP Room that very few takes seriously, into an actual alive activity for the Server. (further, i'm giving my opinion here with total humbliness and low profile, because i already stated by myself that i won't be playing for a long time, probably even years, because of studies)
  3. The same way woe is regulated. People do it. If you're catched farming points with 2 characters, do you think PVP players will let you live? The more people playing PVP room, the hardest it is to abuse the system. Anyway, as already said, even if the system was abused, the suggested rewards are just: 1.- Titles, that you can already get by just talking in towns, dying or breathing. Those are already abusable and this fact don't hurt anyone. 2.- Account bound Costumes (just cosmetics), which, in case of being abused, wouldn't hurt anyone either.
  4. Good morning/evening (depending on where you are). I humbly wanted to give my thoughts about this topic (I say humbly because studies are not letting me play by now, but maybe i come back in a year or two). Hope my opinion is considered anyway. There are four specific points i think that need to be remarked: 1.- About tittles: Just as Koenma said, there are tittles for everything. Titles for dying, titles for talking in cities, titles for breathing. Those titles that are easily abusable, you can get Prontera regular by writing the ABC a few times. And that's not harmful for anyone. Titles are something given to people for doing what they already do. There are already titles for PVM players, and for BG/WOE players, so it's fair that the PVP community (that are a third different group) get their own. It won't hurt anyone. 2.- If you think that PVP room is just a disorganized place where people sit to talk (and gangbang newbies), it makes more sense to support this suggestion than to be against it. Viole (AcidGirl) is clearly aware that PVP room is not an organized place as it is right now. As she stated, this suggestion is to improve PVP experience in all senses, making it a place where people spend resources and effort to get the points. Turning it into an actual activity. 3.- PVP room is in not possible way a low effort activity. People who play PVP seriously do invest a lot of Zeny on it. They have to spend the Zeny they farm. So I don't think that giving an actual reward for them would be harmful. In all the other enviroments of the game, "people spend resources -----> people get rewards"; that's how the Game works. Further, costumes are just cosmetics, they don't make any real difference in your perfomance. For playing PVM, Instances, and BG/WOE, you get actual equipment that makes a difference in your perfomance. So why not to add just cosmetics as rewards for PVP room? Just make them account bound, so people won't be able to sell them. 4.- Most of people who are against this suggestion are just WoE players, they don't even play PVP, which (from my point of view) makes very questionable their interest about PVP room. Which lead me to this question: Why are you against it? Unless you are willing to eventually play PVP somedy, I don't get why are you even interested on this topic. So, for the people who is against this suggestion, I humbly ask you this question: Are you interested on playing PVP room? That's it. Thanks you for your time.
  5. Always play with the class you like the most. As main RK, I never felt behind the "most recommended" classes for farming, such as Ranger, GX, or RK. Easily soloing OGH normal, OGH hard (until Amdarais), GMT, Sky Fortress and ETC. I even dared to try to solo bio 5 with some difficulty (was just an experiment to prove my self that i could, is far more efficient to go in party). Even when i had Rebellion and GX (both considered the farming classes by excellence), i always felt that it was easier and more confortable to play with my main character. So, that's my advice for you, @Drududu, enjoy your main character and take it to the limit. All characters are good if you invest enough on them.
  6. No. Maybe if EQ bug and Meteor assault bug get fixed there would be a chance for the build (because of FQL and and Sapha's Cloth)
  7. Hello, and welcome back. Somehow, there's always new equipment and buffs for crit RK (it's like if KRO developers where main RK). Aura Blade rework rised its damage very substantially, and both, Illusion of Luanda and Illusion of Abyss, bring nice cards for the build. Magma Dungeon 3 brings a sloted armor that raises the ATK +150 and the critical damage+10% at +9. So it seems that CRIT RK will be in the meta for a long time. But is not the only choice right now, since Spiral pierce rework made it work very nice, especially for parties, where it shines for its fast spam, even without MS, and easy Damage over 120k on dummies (over 300k with buffs, element and full equiped, probably). And Biolab Edda will bring a very heavy sword named Vernan, that will raise its damage even further than Lindy hop does. I haven't explored the full potential of Spiral pierce, so i couldn't recommend you equipment for it. But an actuallized equipment for critical RK would be something like: - Snake Head [EOE STR, LUK, AGI] - Fafnir Skin + Fafnir Mask combo - Lindy Hop+7 or above with double WK card. - Heroic Backpack +9 (soon there will be te choice of FAW+9 triple fatal) - Petal Card in garment (soon there will be the choice of Ancient Stone Shooter card) - Abusive Robe +7 with STR nine, or... - Excellion suit+7 STR/ATK/Unfrozen or STR/ATK/ATK - Double Physical enhacer rings, ideally enchanted with double critical damage, but in combination with ASPD, ATK or Elemental resist they could also work. - Buffalo Bandit Combo card in accesories (soon there will be the choice of Omnious Heater Card) - Temporal Boots of Luck with ASPD and LD/BM I hope this helps you.
  8. Furious Gazeti Card: Gives 20% Ranged resistance. It's good on its own, and can even more combined with Woe Set, Alligators, Noxious and others, to stack insane amounts of ranged reduction, even more if you're Acolyte class (Long Mace/Illusion Long Mace). Furious Ice Titan Card + Furious Snowier Card: The combo gives 20% Resistance against Medium Size monsters, plus 5 x refinement DEF and MDEF. Unlike the last one, this combo also reduces magic and meelee attacks, so it can be great too. Both of them are clearly thought on PVP/WoE
  9. Fu Windschwert

    Patch Notes

    Okay, this costume is just too cute. I loved it.
  10. Sorry Raven, while I agree that Ragnarok Online is a Role game, and people should be able to perform only 1 character that represents them (if they wish so), I also believe that cooldowns are there for a reason. Imagine if people could unlimitely enter Endless Tower, kill GTB, destroy the instance, and repeat the process. Imagine if every single one of the 1000~2000+ players could do that, by creating and equiping only ONE character. This also aplies to Central Lab, Endless Cellar, OGH, GMT. The number of MVP cards on the server would rise uncontrollably by exploiting some instances. Also, creating multiple characters requires some investment of time, and thus, i should have some merit.
  11. Nice video! The best scary movie i've seen. 4:15
  12. I have no hope in this initiative nor anyone to make our PVP community a better and more inclusive place to play. Not because of the will of the GMs, that have clearly goodwill, and are clearly open to suggestions, but because of the toxic actual community, leadered by an entity like you, that enters on a very possitive topic, just to disclaim, troll and insult. Which doesn't mean i'm unable to comment to enlight your evident lies, Sir.
  13. Sorry Shall, but inputs with passive-aggressive coments inbetween , or even directly aggresive insults, is not near to something you could call a contribution. I see nothing wrong with the tests we made. They're pretty solid evidence and is there for everyone to see it. They were made with +9 GMs over Glorious set (that yourselve admited is worst than Recruit set, and later insisted on that). You're contradicting yourself. Your clear and totall lack of arguments is just another proof of your trolling intentions.
  14. Okay. I'm out of this initiative. It's pretty clear to me that you guys are no open to smart and sensitive discussion, since you keep trolling and devirtuing the topic, even when the GMs already cleared the Spam before. Sorry guys @Ouilyan @Cyan i can't handle this, i'm out. Wish you good luck with this. By the way, this is a lie. I've always remarked my years of experience on previous servers. Sent a few videos to "crypt". There are many more, dozens of them. It doesn't matter anyway, this toxic community is clearly not open to recieve new players, nor suggestions, no matter how well argumented, structured and respalded they are (as i always did). Goodbye.
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