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  1. Fu Windschwert

    Patch Notes

    Please, don't make a storm in a teacup. The Staff literally heard the voice of people and did something about it. They decreased the amount of BGs and greatly decreased the amount of Bio 5 monsters needed. Based on what i've talked with people, the great majority is pleased and grateful with this decition, because is very doable right now. Being said that, glad you quoted me as an example of someone you can rationally talk with. But I don't share the way you're doing things right now. Is unnecessary drama for something that's already solved. 20 wins in BG takes literally 2 Happy hours at week (i've won up to 12 victories in 1 HH). If you still don't like it, you can go a couple hours to Bio 5. Supports as Minstrels don't need super expensive gear, just the basic immunities and some resistances (Airship w/ Raydric, Marc for Frozen, Medusa or Gemini for Stone, or 100 MDEF for both). If you don't even have 2 hours at week to play, well, that's very sad, cause Ragnarok Online requires some time, that's how this game works. People with more Time will always have the advantage on making zeny. But for most of people, things are right as they are now, and the problem is solved. If the majority things something is right, and only you (and maybe a couple persons) thing is wrong, maybe you should question yourself if you're the one who's wrong. Chill and please don't extend this, is unnecessary.
  2. Fu Windschwert

    Patch Notes

    You're right there. Some people is a little elitist on their parties. However, if a Bio 5 Weelky is implemented, I think this will greatly increase the amount parties there, and this will create a chance for everyone to be accepted in a party. The idea of a Bio 5 Weekly is great, is just that the amount is a little excessive... 200 of a specific monster, in a place where there spawn more than13 different kind of monsters (not counting the maggots and the bosses), turning into over 2600 kills needed, in average, seems like way too much. Almost nobody would pick that over BG... Oof, don't get conspiranoic there please. I already have too much with planoterrestrialists. They probably just thought that 200 would be fine comparing it to Gramps (400), but forgeting that: Bio 5 parties takes more time to assemble. The map is harder and slowier to play (you don't one shot monsters on bio 5 as you do in Gramps, and parties could actually die there, having to come back to the starting point). And that there are 13 types of monsters there, not only 4. Multiplying the amount of monsters you have to kill by over 3 times.
  3. Fu Windschwert

    Patch Notes

    Bio 5 is not that hard when you get used to it (just don't pre-target the Margarethas). And supports don't need super expensive gear. Just some resistances and the basic status immunities (freezing and stone). Tanks just need the basic resistances (alice and asgard blessing/anubis helm) If the quest was 10 or 15 Seyrens, i could literally solo it on RK (already soloed there) and i've heard of at least 2 Genetics that soloed there too. I think that the difficulty of the task is the insane amount. As said, 200 of 1 type of monster, multiplied x 13 types of monsters, means you'll have to kill around 2600 monsters there.... In an average party, that's like 6 or more hours locked inside Biolab 5. Nobody sane would pick that over BG, no matter if they dislike PVP. For me, 10 bg wins or 50 Biolab monsters would be fine. Not too easy, but not too long either.
  4. Sorry, but it is forcing. No matter how you disguise it, forcing is the proper word. Many people started joining BG even when they don't like it at all, which ended in all of them AFKing. And the reason was because otherwise they would miss the chance to get 3 BSB per week, which is an overwhelming lost considering how useful BSB are for all the aspects of the game... Nobody sane would ignore the oportunity to get an extra BSB, no matter how much they hate an activity. Also, this in an excelent example of what this suggestion is: Rewarding people for something that they already do. What if we added an extra BSB for killing 40 Stefans per week? Or 14 Fenrirs per week? Or Finishing 14 OGH hards per Week? PVMers would be happy because they already do those activities, even without the BSB incentive... But i don't know how many PVP players would be happy with it. And finally, this ^ People who play WoE is very small percentage of the server. I don't think we should give such a great privilege to that small amount of people over all the rest of the server, not with something so desired as an extra BSB. @Colours: If WoE track rewards are not worth right now, i'd rather tell you to suggest other useful rewards, but PVP related only.
  5. The best choice is Angra Mantis + 1 Chaotic killer mantis + 1 Ominious heater. I tested all choices including buffalo combo, double Ominious and EOEs, and the one i mentioned above is the one that wins. Btw, I tested on RK. But I doubt it would be much different for Ranger.
  6. By now, there's nothing better for crit than the AGI set. In the future there will be a couple crits sets and the full RK class shadow set (+10 to all stats and autocast IB)
  7. YSF set +9 is by far the best for high defense monsters as Fenrir. For overall, what you can improve in your equipment is: - FAW+9 with triple Fatal. - Lava leather suit+9 with contaminated Raydric or Furious Nine Tail (or different elements)
  8. Fu Windschwert

    Patch Notes

    Kinda agree. - The amount of BGs is fine (for people who likes BG), I could complete those 25 victories in 2 or 3 HH, even if there was no incentive to do so. - The amount of Bio is a little absurd. Considering there's 13 differnet kind of monsters there (not counting the maggots, the Truths, and the MVPs), means you'll have to kill about 2600 monsters there to complete the 200 kills. Making the comparision, the BG one takes a lot of less time, so yes, it looks like if PVMers are forced to either play BG (even if they dislike it, just like happened before), which will end in all of them AFKing again.... Or either being locked on Bio 5 for a veeery long time (plus the other regular "Monster Killing" quest, that could be Magma Dungeon 3 again).
  9. Fu Windschwert

    Patch Notes

    New pets with better effects! Yai! Also, the improvement on Biolab Enchants and HTF is nice. Thanks for that. Also: "Critical Attacks will now inflict the maximum over-refine bonus." I was waiting so hard for this.
  10. Mild wind is totally different than an Elemental Endowed weapon. Elemetal Endows (as Converters, Aspercio and Cursed water) only enchant the Weapon Attack, which means the stat part of your attack still forced neutral, and will miss against ghost lv 3 and 4. Mild wind enchants the whole damage, including the stat attack. That's why (for example) the effect of Leo Crown+7 gives much more damage against Undead an Earth than using a Fire Elemental Converter.
  11. Pokemon 5th generation reference. It would be nice for a custom instance. But i disagree with implementing it on all field maps and towns. Despite its difficulty to encode and implement, I imagine it would cause several issues (mainly LAG and bugs, and more lag, did i mentioned lag?). . Edit: Very creative suggestion anyway.
  12. Sure, why not. The only reason I could imagine to negate skills there is that the skill spam could cause lag to people with bad ping. But, Prontera and main office are already frecuented spots, and nobody complains. But about the walking speed, i see no reason for it to be standarized over the Wyvern. It's annoying to move so slow there.
  13. -1 Sorry to disagree, but as BG player I don't see this as a big problem. Yes, is annoying, but is not imbalanced. And TBQH there are faaar worse things out there (Masquerades and Earth strain bypassing FCP, Star emperors jumping from nowhere, unkillable mosquito Suras). By reducing the breaking chance, you're nerfing the tools of some jobs for being useful. For example, if you're RG and you don't wanna be sticked to be just a "Devo-slave", Pinpoint is one of the best tools you can use to help your team. Don't deny them that alternative. Is far from being imbalanced.
  14. RG is not weak, it can solo a lot of content, but its damage is not comparable to Top DPS jobs as Ranger, RK, GX and SE. Even when Shield Chain recieved a buff from KRO skill rework, still way behind them in Damage. At least, it excells on being a bulky sweeper. However, what i always recommend to people is if you really love the job, stick to it. Playing wih the char you love is always more fun. But if you are not a passionate RG and you just love efficience, there are better jobs for you. Crit RK is much better to solo content, it's damage is insane, even with "cheap" gear (less than 1B), and it can combine Crit Build with high Ignition Break damage to handle big amounts of mob (with Bio 5 Hat). Easily one of the Top 4 soloers of the game. Spiral pierce with Lindy hop is RK's skill variant but right now is meh. Is just like a Weaker Doram, at least until new content arrives to boost it (cough cough Volar Sword). However, since you don't like autoattack builds, I would recommend you to go for Ranger. Sharp Shooting, the stronger build right now, is OP after the skill rework, and just like RK, it doesn't require billonaire equipment to be one of the stronger jobs of the game. Both strong and newbie friendly. You should also take a look at SE (Star Emperor) and GX, other OP jobs.
  15. Didn't know that. Thanks you. I think i'll buy them. Anyway, they must come from somewhere to be in the market. Hope there's people that actually enjoy doing that part. For me it was so boring that i was literally unable to finish it. I fell sleep while trying.
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