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  1. As main RK (a top meta class that's super tanky, hyper offensive, has melee and ranged builds, basically has zero weaknesses), i don't see the problem with reducing flee of Full Custom monsters to help Dorams and other non-meta classes to be at least useful. Let's be honest, people would still prefer top meta classes cause they're simply superior, giving a little push up to non-meta classes won't hurt anyone. Please keep the old changes that made the instance harder, but instead just reduce the flee of those monsters that keep Doram, SE, Sura and Rebellion from being u
  2. Fu Windsword

    Patch Notes #144

    Thanks a lot for the new instance. Really nice work. Is nostalgic to see people dying again. I'm loving it.
  3. Hello there and welcome to the Server. Don't worry, you'll get used to new updates by practicing. Just read NovaRO wiki and use the command @go Eden to start leveling
  4. Haha i laughed to loud. Another top quality edition, congrats
  5. Lot of classes are viable. Cart cannon gene, rebellion, ranger, summoner, RG. But, since META means "Most effective tactic available", meta classes are deffinitively 2, RK and GX. Rk provides: - Single target damage ridiculously high above other classes. - The best starter build for newbies without competition (WC) - The best AOE damage builds (WC and IB). - A super tanky character naturally immune to statuses (thanks to hahalaz, parrying, mill shield and the highest HP pool of the game) GX provides: - The best single target d
  6. Hi there, Kei or Bubble or @Bubble Tea Welcome back to this wonderful Game, and a warm welcome to this awesome server! Hope you enjoy your time here. By the way, Dinosaur from the old times of RO here too, hehe (and family guy right now too). Best regards.
  7. Well, all i think was already stated. No, MH2 is not PvE endgame IMO, but a whole different game with different rules. And: Adding Summer to weeklies was objetively a bad decition. The great majority of population asking for Summer to end instead of summer to extend is a proof of this. I really don't see the point on being stubborn and keeping this change. But well, can't be helped. Hope at least is reduced to an amount that can be ended in 1 hour (as BG, instanes and many other weeklies).. Best regards.
  8. Yeah here's a picture of them. They're jealous but they love each other. Don't know if they are of any breed. We rescued them both:
  9. Welcome to this great community and server! Hope you enjoy yourself here. Cute cat BTW, I love both dogs and cats (and i have both at home)
  10. Gonna give a try to those weird BG modes and give an input after that. On the other hand, not too pleased with PKS changes: Wish the magic <---> physical switch was implemented a lot earlier. A lot of people i know already rerolled and lost excellent enchants because of the old system. Honestly, thanks you for the change, but i wish it was implemented earlier. Wish the safe option's amount was decreased (at least to 250 or something). Or the Endeavor Tokens were increased without consuming more time. For us people who work in "Co
  11. Snowball Fight -- All skills are disabled. Defeat your enemies using your Snowball. Haha, snowball BG is not a dream anymore. Gonna give it a try. Golden Gun -- Movement Skills disabled, auto-attacks OHKO and have 4 cell range. What's this, invisible characters Top meta. SC's attacking from hidding ultimate meta.
  12. To be honest i haven't tested a Poison Forged with a well enchanted PKS (Purified Knight Shield). But PFS is just in Lindy Hop's Tier (with Lindy slightly winning against large and PFS slightly winning against medium). And Claw Sword beats the hell out of Lindy Hop by a huge difference, so it beats Poison Forged Spear too. +15 Lindy Hop = +9 Claw sword without any enchant <<< +9 Claw sword with good enchants <<<< +15 Claw sword with good enchants In resume, the difference is so high that i strongly doubt Poison Forged can even com
  13. I wonder if it's even possible to get any AP on PVP, considering is such an aggresive enviroment. You could go full resist and use only the skills that give you AP, but then again everyone would Focus you when they realize what you're doing. Yes please!! Bless the ways to avoid RNG! !
  14. All crit damage skills recieved a base damage increasement. But it was different for all of them, in the case of some skills as SW and Sharp Shooting, the base damage increasement was son big, that they are now hitting stronger than before. SONIC WAVE - Old base damage = 1500% - New base damage 2550% After the crit damage nerf it goes down to 66% more or less (based in 200% crit damage, which is actually low for those kind of characters, since they ofter carry 260% crit damage), and yet SW still hitting higher than before. SHARP SHOOTING - Ol
  15. Just a clarification: Don't get confused, IB was not buffed, it lost a lot of damage. You can make up for it now changing Crit rate gear for Damage gear, but the amount of damage they lost is so big, that damage probably would still lower. Making IB crit with normal crit rate is more a QOL improvement, cause you don't have to get specific crit rate gear for it. WC and Soul Breaker were also nerfed a lot with the new cooldowns they added for them WC 5 per seconds ---> 2.8 per second SBK 6.6 per second ----> 3.3 per second (SBK also lost a lot of
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