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  1. @Raste Just to take in consideration. The damage in the screen is using all self buffs including Lux anina. W/o lux anima it should be 60% that damage or something. Also reminder than wind cutter's formula is heavily affected by the level of the character. But in a lv 105~110 character you should esily deal over 100.000 damage with the cheaper equipment.
  2. Peuz set is the set that gives more damage, but it lacks spam (and thus DPS) compared to the illusion set. Ideal set would me something like: 2 sarahs or expert rings, new wave glasses, Illusion wing B, illusion armor A, illusion leg A with Overpower, Black ribbon +7 or higher, Tae goo lyeon +9 with double fighting spirit and 2 CW cards (it lacks damage compared to lindy hop, but the spam makes it better) Sorry to disagree, but imo 2 handed swords are much better for Wind cutter, because they give full defense piercing. Anyway, spear could be useful for niche situations as when facing Bosses with reflect shield (as Boitata, Detale and Amda hard)
  3. You can directly try to sell the materials from 17.1, or if you feel lucky, you can use the materials to try to get Enchant Modules. If you're lucky enough you will get some of the more valuable enchants as: Modification Orb Power (for armor) or Modification Orb ASPD (for accessory). And yes, right now is much faster than Geffenia to make Zeny. For sky fortress, you can repeat the instance "infinite" times for 1 hour every 3 days. So there are two ways you can pick to farm it: 1.- Farm the whole instance and get as many Vicous mind weapons as you can, and refine the useful ones (the Bow, the Mace,) or sell them all to people who uses them to re-enchant their refined ones. I personally don't like this way because i don't like to carry 80 Vicious mind weapons in my inventory, but some people do it. 2.- Avoid all monsters and rush into the MVP, kill him fast and repeat the process. This way you can farm as many Lindy Hops and JDR as possible. You can use free bubblegum from dailies to increase the chances. Is a very rentable business right now considering the Hype of GX and RK.
  4. Your gear is good, you should already be able to do a lot of content as sky fortress or 17.1 instances. They both give good Zeny, more than Geffenia. If you lack of damage in your opinion: Are you sure you are using all the 7 basic buffs? Two-Hand Quicken, Parrying, Enchant blade, Aura blade, Concentration, Turisus rune and Asir rune? If that is already the case, then all you need is patience and time for your gear improvement. Get illusion boosters with fatal, Fafnir combo, FAW or illusion wing A, contaminated wanderer cards, a +8 or +9 Lindy Hop, etc. There's a lot of things you can improve. I won't recommend you to use Lux Anima, because it could be too expensive for a new player, but if you like to see big numbers and time-efficiency, it is needed. Patience and good luck, fellow.
  5. If you're talking about some non-proactive build that made you wait statically for seconds until you finally proc Weapon blocking, well no, the answer is no. Both actual GX and actual RK are several times better than that.
  6. Equipment and build detaileds inside. Feel free to ask any other questions. Hope you enjoy. Since i'm not that good playing GX, i would honestly love to see a similar showcase but for GX
  7. Play wind cutter on Peuz set (mora equipment).
  8. Don't solo BIO 5, yes on RK is easily possible, but is not woth, because we have party distribution system, and a party will always farm much faster. Also, you would waste a lot of potions (trust me). If you wanna be included on parties just play with enough defensive gears so you don't die every 5 seconds. Don't go Two-Handed Sword. Go with any build that can use a Cursed Knight Shield with Alice or KK. For example, if you wanna play auto-storm blast (Crit), try to go with a Robot Mechanical Arm or a +15 Crimson Mace. Or, you can play Ignition Break + Hundred Spears with a One-handed spear, that in my opinion is the best alternative: If you still struggling with being included in parties, remember you can always: Create in the same account another character as a Minstrel, AB or Ranger (ranger uses similar gear to crit RK).
  9. You gotta use FAW. Is better than Illusion Wing for RK, even if you use Illusion Armor and Illusion Legs. Otherwise, stick to a cheaper option meanwhile (as a +7 or +9 HBP) Temporal boots with Lucky day are like 70M, and +7 Illusion legs with overpower are like 40M, so the Illusion legs are cheaper now. Having the legs +9 doesn't affect your damage, so +7 illusion legs are fine.
  10. That's the question that doesn't let me sleep during the nights. Let me explain it with detail: 1.- For garment the definitive best option is +9 FAW with Fatal Lv10. 2.- For armor the definitive best option is +9 Illusion Armor A Power/Power 3.- For Headgear, Bio 5 hat with Acute lv.5 now defeats Snake Head (due to the increasement over Storm Blast autocast, our main source of damage now). But Snake Head still a strong option: If you decide to go without Lux Anima (because you don't wanna spend in golds), Snake head will be even stronger than Acute Lv.6 or Lv.7 now. But about the boots: I can't decide which one is better between Illusion boots with Overpower and Temporal Boots of Luck. A comparision list from Stronger to weaker: 1.- Temporal Boots of Luck when BM procs 2.- Temporal Boots of Luck when LD procs. 3.- Illusion boots when Raging Fight procs 4.- Temporal boots of Luck without any proc. 5.- Illusion Boots without any proc. Of course, one could say that Overpower procs a lot more than Bear Might and Lucky day.... But some MVP's last so little time now, that overpower doesn't even get the chance to proc. For example i killed Fenrir in 7 seconds with Illusion boots. But Raging Fight (Overpower) only did proc during the last 2 seconds.... So which one is better? Depends on your needings and your tastes tho. Right now I'm keeping both boots just in case i need the other.
  11. Fu Windsword

    Patch Notes

    GX and RK only? Is not like if Rangers or PVM WL's were much weaker right now. As far as i know, Genetics and Mechas are the next ones that will recieve a Super OP Rework. That is how proggression works. In my old days playing RO, Morroc field and Morroc Shadows were Endgame content, and you needed a full party to go there (also, Diabolus Set was best in slot equipment). And even further in the ancient past, Labyrith Dungeon Baphomet was the hardest boss there was in the whole game, and people needed a party to kill it. You can't expect 2009 content to be hard / relevant on 2019 If you worry about the difficulty of the future content, just look at Glast Heim Challenge: So no need to worry, we will always have challenge worth of the powers of characters.
  12. Fu Windsword

    Patch Notes

    Thanks you so much for the update!! Hype is real. Rune Knight is super OP now. DPS of 15M per second on SOLO: 5.6M Autocasted Storm Blast: 5.2M Ignition Break: Wind Cutter with totally newbie Equipment (Mora equipment and without any cards). RK is the new best job for newbies:
  13. Yeah TH-Swords are definitively the best for Wind Cutter. 1250% x double hit + Defense piercing. Casting Wind cutter inbetween IB is a totally viable strat with Lindy Hop (or Thanatos Great Sword). I don't think Fay Kanavian works on Zerk. It shouldn't, not even Hagalaz does. I wouldn't recommend it.
  14. Yes i think that Strong will be the best enchant for damage (Over Flash), so investing on Temporal boots with BM is worth. Right now BM is the best enchant for damage, just that is really hard to proc compared to LD and Overpower. Speed of light still an excellent defensive enchant so i'm thinking on having both boots anyway (SOL and BM). About IB vs Wind cutter.... Well, we need to wait and test. I mean, doing some fast math, i wouldn't be surprised if IB surpases the 700~800k damage, so i'm tempted to believe IB will still be better than Wind cutter. Anyway, nothing stops you from using both skills. Also , we will eventually get this sword with this enchant when we have Biolab EDDA:
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