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  1. We don't have those. First time i heard of Arabian manteau. Temporal Stat manteaus are KRO P2W gear (dunno if we'll ever have them, but probably is not gonna be in a P2W way). The best garments we have for IB now are: - Illusion Engine Wing (from Episode 17.2) with 2 Critical enchants. - FAW with 3 Fatal Enchants - King Schmidt's Manteau (from the instance Fall of Glast Heim), with 3 Sharp or 3 Fatal Enchants, or Mixed. And soon we will have Automatic Engine Wing from Episode 17.2. Just Remember that reaching high crit rate is priority for IB build, you need like 220 crit rate for most of general content, because of the monster's critical shield All of them are good for IB, but they fulfill different functions. - Lindy Hop x2 Sharp: The highest crit rate, is useful if you struggling to reach the crit rate you need, and is enough to one-shot in most of content (like Odin 4 and Einbech 3) - Claw Sword: The Highest damage per hit. It outdamages even Volar with Seyren's Memory. Since the function of IB is mostly for farming, this one is already enough for that purpuse (is also the best sword for other builds like AA and WC). - Volar: For when you're specialized on IB build and you want to DPS with it. Reduces cooldown to 1 second to make IB a very decent DPS (and to farm faster too). In a near future you'll be able to combine it with Automatic gear to reduce it's cooldown even further, reaching 0.5 seconds cooldown (2 IB per second) So it all depends on what you need.
  2. Yeah, that's what i feared. It means some classes would have to switch from Mettle to Master bow, because Ranged% mods are generally better than ATK% (except when you already stacked a lot of ranged% in your build). Hope they give some re-enchant facilities (either by KRO or a custom by Nova). Thanks you again for the info!
  3. Wow, Acute 5 giving 80% crit damage? Well, skills now recieve only half of the crit damage bonuses (as far as we know), so it will translate into 40% crit damage only. But it will be OP for AA builds. Still look like they're biased for GX and RK, since they keep boosting them over and over. On the mettle topic: Glad they decided to keep old mettle working in Ranged skills. But, i have a doubt: At the end, Master Archer will still not requiring bow? It that is the case, it will still being more desirable than Mettle for a lot of classes.
  4. Imagine having a mettle lv7 hat and suddenly becoming useless for your class (let's say, Mechanic/SR Performer/Doram/Rebe) Hopefuly they give us free reroll to Master Archer at the same level here (?)
  5. For the 3rd time: Don't take what i say out of context and erase the parts that are not convenient to you. This is an excellent moment to use this meme: OK, to the point: Is clear you're biased against "meta classes" (GX, RK, Ranger). You don't like to be forced to play a specific JOB? Right? That's totally understandable reasoning, and i support it. . But guess what... Turns out YOU and ME are basically in the exact same position. My personal issue with Endgame RK Builds being so lackluster, is that BEING FORCED TO CHANGE YOUR BUILD IS BASICALLY THE SAME AS BEING FORCED TO CHANGE OF JOB. Is changing the whole identity of your character, so as your whole gameplay. You say RK can do well against high critical shield bosses, but a what cost? Getting a totally different gear and playing a totally different style? Isn't that basically the same as being forced to play a totally different job? By the way, I already have WC GEAR, so NO, is not a thing of "monetary convenience", is a thing of being forced to give up your character to play another. So instead of fighting an idea "without much thought", why don't you give an actual input (construstive feedback) and suggest a better idea? Because, you know, we are all in the same sintony: ENDGAME RK BUILDS are in a bad position. It doesn't make any sense that a Super Cheap NEWBIE-FRIENDLY build (WC) outshines what are supposed to be the ENDGAME BUILDS (IB, AA, that are a lot more expensive by the way) RANGER is more or less in the same positon. Sharp Shooting is supposed to be an Endgame build and to be TIED with Aimed Bolt. Instead of that, Sharp Shooting is totally outshadowed by a newbie build like WC. And along with them, there are lot of jobs as DORAM, STARM EMPEROR, SOUL REAPER, OBORO, GENETIC, that even fully geared are totally outshadowed by a Newbie build like WC. So why don't we find a solution for this issue together? Just saying.
  6. Soul Reaper . Anyone knows, what content do we miss to have Soul Reaper viable here in Nova?
  7. i see, sorry for the misunderstanding. I honestly hope expanded 4th jobs don't take so long after 4-1 and 4-2 jobs.
  8. I wouldn't be so .optimistic/impatient. They just started working on them in KRO, right now they're just giving advertisings, so people hype and talk about it. I guess the'll be in KRO in a year or something, and only after that, 1 or 2 years after KRO, we will have them in Nova, So i guess 2-3 years before we have them?. Also, before that they need to implement the 3rd job final rework.
  9. Ok, let's suppose you're not geared enough to one-shot her. You can still finish her with AA. As you can see, i'm very far from Top geared (and i'm using Raydric instead of Petal): But let's suppose some budgear gear deals only half of the DPS of my character: Valkyrie Randgris has 3.205.000 HP. With a 3.5M DPS, you'll take her down in less than 1 second (without Berserk). Now, if you start the battle with a Bust attack like IB or CS, it will take even less micro-seconds: Only problem could be the dispell, but again, Izlude Mercenary schrolls are super cheap so you can just use them to make them recieve the dispell. Or, in the worst of all cases, you can always go the super safe way and throw her Sonic Waves form the dinstance, then run: At the end, RK is one of the most suitable jobs to solo ET, not only for the damage but also for the Tankiness (and i can tell for sure because i've finished ET and EC with Bio 3 boss included).
  10. Just IB one-Shot her or Crush strike one-shot her. She has very low HP,,and critical skills don't miss. If you're geared enough you'll one-shot her despite the dispell. Anyway: Runes cannot be dispelled. Neither Critical buffs as Abrasive and Buche de Noel. You just have to re-cast Enchant blade, Aura blade, Concentration and Cursed water. Put those 4 in keys that are together so you press them fast. Or, if you wanna go 100% safe against Dispell, you can always carry some Izlude Mercenary Schrolls with you (they are super cheap), and make them go ahead to recieve the dispell for you. They're also good to sacrifice against Ifrit's Earthquake. Yes, but better use the Izlude ones, are way much cheaper.
  11. I can't agree it's the same Because the content locked behind MH is heavily needed to min-max a lot of builds (both for PVP and PVM) - To get Max cooldown reduction for Dark claw you NEED the shadow shield. - To reach max spam in WC SOLO while keeping your KSS you NEED reload set. - To make viable Adoramus by reducing it's cooldown you NEED it's class shadow set. - To get maximum Sonic wave damage you NEED the shadow weapon. - To get maximum demi-human and medium reduction you NEED cranial/medium shadow sets You don't have the option to play MH. You're forced to do it to maximize your character, either you play PVP or PVM. (And if you don't like heavy customs, or your favorite character being inviable, sad for you, you have to do it anyway).
  12. Difference is you're not forced to play PVP to get PVM stuff.
  13. PvP (vs other players) and PVM (vs and AI) are supper different enviroments, there's no single point of comparision. I'm making so much emphasis in the bad balancing (post 2 stars) because: 1.- That's what made love -------> dislike the content. By making my main PVM character (Crit RK) less relevant than a newbie build. 2.- That's what started with all of this GX drama. And also in the fact that untradeable gear is locked behind this custom content, because people who don't like it is forced to play it anyway. There is no single other way to get: 1.- Reload, Force, Penetration, etc shadow sets. 2.- Class shadow sets. 3.- Cranial and medium shadow sets (needed for PVP). Meme builds as Adoramus and Bomb ranger cannot get their respective Shadow set. In Official Server you can simply buy all the shadow gears in Market.
  14. No wonder GX can solo it too, but I would recommend RK too because of Tankiness. IB/AA/Crush strike build, aiming for one-shot. So you kill fast and safe and don't have problems with Earthquake or Agi UP. Ofc GX could do it too. Just RC around and CI one-shot all the bosses. They both can solo it but they both require good gear. And whatever class you use: - Get a lot of Shining defense schrolls (via endeavor tokens), so you don't have problems with Frozen/stone/magic (although RK has Hagalaz but is not bad to reinforce tankiness even further)
  15. They considering it ENDGAME IS a problem because that's why they lock untradeable BIS gear behind it. When reality is, you're being forced to play a whole different game to obtain BIS gear for RO. I don't like to repeat myself, but: If you wanna go full custom, then go full custom, but don't lock RO GEAR behind that content. Make them tradeable so people is not forced to play a whole different game to obtain stuff for RO. But if you want it to be RO's Endgame content, then keep customimation to minimum. Let all RO tactics work there (Steel body, Land protector, Cideda Tanks, White imprison tanks). Let ENDGAME BUILDS work in the content with their full potential (including all crit builds). Don't make it a totally different game. With Challenge GH, KRO already proved that Hard Content can be created without using any single custom Mechanic.
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