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  1. Well, I don't completely agree with "Don't rush with 4th jobs" . After all, the very best way (and sometimes the only way) to discover hidden bugs and hidden problems is "field testing". I'm pretty sure that even if all the problems found in Nova Labs are fixed, some minimal and acceptable amount of bugs will make their way into the main server. And, not gonna lie, i'm just too existed to finally test out 4th jobs. It's been almost 2 years already since they're in Sakray.
  2. Wow! Finally Noblesse, Imperial and Grace. Hell yeah! 4th jobs expandeds and 4th jobs post rework. Can't wait to play Crit Doram and DK Storm Slash Spam. Really looking foward for this.
  3. Really nice cards, thanks for the effort. And happy new year BTW.
  4. I have no problem with playing RO in Ultra-hardcore mode, Dark soul tier, only for Lv.100 Chads. But the question you must ask is: Are the rewards worth that effort? You look at the instance and is like: Wow, this is nice! I love real Challenges in RO! But then you look at the rewards and is like... Wow, this is dissapointing, gonna try this dungeon twice, just for fun, and then don't touch it ever again... We're way too behind KRO, we don't have time to treat REALLY OLD gear as if it was made of gold: Costume stones are over 2 years in KRO now (and many of them are not even endgame, but to make playable some off-meta builds). Skill shadow sets like Ignition are over 2 years too. Hugel Racing caps became a meme based on how old the've been in the Database... And about the level of Grindiness: You may think that having grindy rewards keeps people busy playing the game for months, so they don't leave, but it's exactly the opposite, people just bore of doing so, and leave... Someone said above that in KRO, Celine Brooch drops from NORMAL Celine Kimi. And is like, wow, that make our grindiness even worse than officials... and considering many of us play on private servers because we hate the Official server's dumb 1x rates... I don't know, think it guys. Hope you reconsider your way of implementing stuff and give us BIG CHALLENGES but also BIG REWARDS, so the server grows up for good. Totally related to this comment.
  5. Fu Windsword

    Teaser: ???

    Thanatos Nightmare confirmed for my Birthday. :O WDYM, the other Thanatos map and Instance is 100% official.
  6. Well, since i'm not a fan of MH balance, this actually makes easier for me to refine my shadow sets. So i'm grateful. Thanks for the hardword, GMs, looking foward for More Shadow sets and other Gear that we're missing.
  7. YES!! Finally Crit Doram! Dreams come true! They finally killed the meme. On a side note, i find funny the names of the skills of Hyper Novice. Literally upgraded versions of 1st and 2nd job skills. lol Double Bowling Bash, Mega Sonic Blow, Shield Chain Rush, Jack Frost Nova Thanks for translating the info again, Ann.
  8. Just don't cheat. If there wasn't any punish for cheating, why not to do so. People would just play on the edge of rules until they're banned, then they would easily recover their account by appealing. Is like there was not punish at all. IMO, even this new "Ban Appeal System" seems too flexible. But at least is rewarding players who humbly accepted their bans instead of trying to bypass it.
  9. Happy Bday! I hope you have a great day!

  10. Fu Windsword


    Thanatos Tower revamp incoming!! (love the epic lore narrative btw)
  11. Fu Windsword

    Introducing Nova Labs

    4th Jobs so broken btw. Oof
  12. Fu Windsword

    Introducing Nova Labs

    Thanks you for the initiative, pretty useful. Until now i found some issues on my testings: - Cannot equip cards. - Turbo not working. - Red herb activator is not working
  13. NGL, i can't wait to have this for my Adoramus AB and have lot of fun spamming it 2x second everywhere. I'd probably wont make it meta (since insane things like GX, RK and Ranger exist) but at least would make it a reliable DPS. Hope is implemented soon.
  14. Talking about that, there's something that worries me. Have you considered that maybe in the future there would be way too many different currencies for refining Shadow gears? Making it extremely confusing for players. I mean, imagine a scenario where you're new to Nova, your digging into shadow sets and you realize there's all of those items to rerine them in the database: Hard Kimi Armor Sphere Hard Naght Sieger Armor Sphere Garanth Armor Sphere Nyia Armor Sphere Garronath Armor Spheres. Nysori Armor Sphere Sybaris Armor Sphere Vakaris Armor Sphere Hrungnir Armor Sphere Anko & Mako Armor Sphere Have you considered, idk, maybe merging some of them? or making a brand new currency to fulfill that purpose?
  15. Thanks a lot for the info! Me and my guildmates are very excited and looking foward for many of the things mentioned here.
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