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  1. You gotta use FAW. Is better than Illusion Wing for RK, even if you use Illusion Armor and Illusion Legs. Otherwise, stick to a cheaper option meanwhile (as a +7 or +9 HBP) Temporal boots with Lucky day are like 70M, and +7 Illusion legs with overpower are like 40M, so the Illusion legs are cheaper now. Having the legs +9 doesn't affect your damage, so +7 illusion legs are fine.
  2. That's the question that doesn't let me sleep during the nights. Let me explain it with detail: 1.- For garment the definitive best option is +9 FAW with Fatal Lv10. 2.- For armor the definitive best option is +9 Illusion Armor A Power/Power 3.- For Headgear, Bio 5 hat with Acute lv.5 now defeats Snake Head (due to the increasement over Storm Blast autocast, our main source of damage now). But Snake Head still a strong option: If you decide to go without Lux Anima (because you don't wanna spend in golds), Snake head will be even stronger than Acute Lv.6 or Lv.7 now. But about the boots: I can't decide which one is better between Illusion boots with Overpower and Temporal Boots of Luck. A comparision list from Stronger to weaker: 1.- Temporal Boots of Luck when BM procs 2.- Temporal Boots of Luck when LD procs. 3.- Illusion boots when Raging Fight procs 4.- Temporal boots of Luck without any proc. 5.- Illusion Boots without any proc. Of course, one could say that Overpower procs a lot more than Bear Might and Lucky day.... But some MVP's last so little time now, that overpower doesn't even get the chance to proc. For example i killed Fenrir in 7 seconds with Illusion boots. But Raging Fight (Overpower) only did proc during the last 2 seconds.... So which one is better? Depends on your needings and your tastes tho. Right now I'm keeping both boots just in case i need the other.
  3. Fu Windsword

    Patch Notes

    GX and RK only? Is not like if Rangers or PVM WL's were much weaker right now. As far as i know, Genetics and Mechas are the next ones that will recieve a Super OP Rework. That is how proggression works. In my old days playing RO, Morroc field and Morroc Shadows were Endgame content, and you needed a full party to go there (also, Diabolus Set was best in slot equipment). And even further in the ancient past, Labyrith Dungeon Baphomet was the hardest boss there was in the whole game, and people needed a party to kill it. You can't expect 2009 content to be hard / relevant on 2019 If you worry about the difficulty of the future content, just look at Glast Heim Challenge: So no need to worry, we will always have challenge worth of the powers of characters.
  4. Fu Windsword

    Patch Notes

    Thanks you so much for the update!! Hype is real. Rune Knight is super OP now. DPS of 15M per second on SOLO: 5.6M Autocasted Storm Blast: 5.2M Ignition Break: Wind Cutter with totally newbie Equipment (Mora equipment and without any cards). RK is the new best job for newbies:
  5. Yeah TH-Swords are definitively the best for Wind Cutter. 1250% x double hit + Defense piercing. Casting Wind cutter inbetween IB is a totally viable strat with Lindy Hop (or Thanatos Great Sword). I don't think Fay Kanavian works on Zerk. It shouldn't, not even Hagalaz does. I wouldn't recommend it.
  6. Yes i think that Strong will be the best enchant for damage (Over Flash), so investing on Temporal boots with BM is worth. Right now BM is the best enchant for damage, just that is really hard to proc compared to LD and Overpower. Speed of light still an excellent defensive enchant so i'm thinking on having both boots anyway (SOL and BM). About IB vs Wind cutter.... Well, we need to wait and test. I mean, doing some fast math, i wouldn't be surprised if IB surpases the 700~800k damage, so i'm tempted to believe IB will still be better than Wind cutter. Anyway, nothing stops you from using both skills. Also , we will eventually get this sword with this enchant when we have Biolab EDDA:
  7. Barehanded RK soloing on Bio 5 after the rework (a true man) With 15% Storm Blast procs a lot. It deals even more DPS than autoattacks (as you can see in the video, when it procs, it deals like half of their HP to Bio 5 monsters). Seems that Storm blast will be our main source of damage so boosting it will be essencial.
  8. It is, Tuna. Average is a quantity rating exprexed throught time, conformed by the sum of many quantifiable variables, number than then is divided by the same amount of variables to calculate the medium value of that rating: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/average In this case, the variable is the damage that a Crit RK "should" deal (theorically) in a certain amount of seconds. Which is more or less the next value, multiplied for the damage of every single one of your crits "before any Crit Damage bonus": Being said that, i can assure that RK right now deals much higher DPS with SNAKE HEAD than with ACUTE LV.5 right now. Because i have tested all possible combinations, and made a lot of experiments both in Training Chamber and Dungeons: But as already said, that could change in the future.
  9. To be more accurate, Snake head provides an Average DPS similar to Acute Lv6. For example with my curren equipment i have 144% crit damage bonus, plus your base damage (100%) that's means you multiply the damage of all your critical hits per 244% or 2.44 = (244/100) Note: This NOT COUNTING the 40% or x1.4 increasement that all Critical hits have in comparision to Normal attacks (that is multiplied completely separated). So basic math: - A Bio 5 hat with Acute Lv.5 gives an aditional 50% cri damage, for a total of: 294% - A Bio 5 hat with Acute Lv.6 gives an aditional 60% cri damage, for a total of: 304% - A Snake head multiplies your total damage for 125% so you multiply the damage 244% x 1.25, for a total of: 305% - A Bio 5 hat with Acute Lv.7 gives an aditional 70% cri damage, for a total of: 314% That's because, just as @AnnAnna explained: The more of a same bonus you already have, the less effective it becomes (applies to Ranged Damage, Crit damage, and everything else). So if you already have more than 100% crit damage, a 50% crit damage increasement will translate into less than 25% increasement of your TOTAL damage. But yeah, this is Theorycrafting again. In the practice, Snake head is so variable that it can give double the DPS than a Acute lv.5 in a good day, or just slighly lower DPS than Acute lv.5 in a bad day. But in average, Snake Head gives more DPS. I will need to do more testings in the future because there will be several more factors to consider, like: 1.- Acute will increase the Damage of the autocasted Storm Blast, while Snake head won't. 2.- Double Attack proc chance will be higher thanks to the GX skill Rework. 3.- When we get the Full RK shadow set, the Bio 5 hat will increase the Damage of the Autocasted Ignition Break. That's what fun in testing!! I love to test dozen of equipments in training chamber and see how the real results interact with theorycrafting. And is a constant exercise that you gotta keep making over and over. Becaue what is BIS right now can not be it in the future. As new equipments arrive, i'll keep comparing the data of Theorycrafting VS Field Testing.
  10. Ok, i must agree with that @smash it What's best in slot right now could not be it in the future. Also different builds for different purposes and tastes. Is like the comparision between Temporal boots (LD/BM) vs YSF boots, one gives you better DPS when they proc, but the other gives constant and consistent damage. The choices are there so people can choose whatever makes them feel more comfortable. As you said: If any doubt about RK, you can always PM me here or via Discord and i'll answer you as fast and accurate as possible. I always test all the possible RK equipments, then just re-sell back the equipment that i won't use. (or give it back to the person who lent it to me, as Michi)
  11. That's correct. That's because the increasement becomes proportionally lower. Is not the same a 50% over a 100% (that's a half damage increasement of your previous damage) than a 50% over a 200% (that's just 1/4 damage increasement of the damage you had before). In both cases you recieved +50% crit damage but in the second one you already had a huge bonus of the same kind so it's effectiveness was halved. However, as i said, is always better to make field testing, because in theorycrafting we always miss some points.
  12. - Imagine worrying about pneuma on PVM, where monsters have an A.I. that forces them to follow you and get out of their own pneuma.... - Further, imagine worrying about a class being too strong in Nova... When even KRO players with double the equipment and MVP Cards are unable to finish Glast Heim Challenge Lv.6.... Sorry Neisseria, but is clear that what worries you is PVP, where is obvious than GXs are gonna be customized. But please don't touch them on PVM. As The Rain said above:
  13. That's a nice theorycrafting, but it's always better to make field testing for more accurate results. That's what i always do with every new content that is released: Conta Wanderer + Ominous Assaulter: 2 Contaminated wanderers: Yes, is only 2K difference. But the difference gets bigger and bigger in favor of 2 Contamitated Wanderers as long as you have more Crit Damage. For example with Lauda Ramus, the difference will be bigger in favor of 2CW. And with Bio 5 Hat with Acute Lv.5, the difference is even bigger. But right now, Snake Head gives you much more average DPS than Acute Lv.5, so that hat is not worth. OFC probably that could change when we get Storm Blast Autocast, a skill that will be increased by Acute Lv.5 but not for the Double Attack proc. However, Double Attack will also recieve a boost thanks to GX's skill update So i will have to do new testings to see which hat gives a better DPS after the update.
  14. Green aura bosses GH Edda, Biolab Edda, Glast Heim Challenge (challenge that even koreans with all their broken gear are unable to finish lv 7 of 10). <.---- Here is the balance. PVM works with a proggression formula, there's no imbalance as long as there's new challenges: - New harder monsters are implemented - New broken equipment and broken formulas are implemented to defeat them - Old content get's obsolet (both bosses and equipment) - That's how it works. :3 And even if KRO doesn't create content hard enough, for sure Nova developers will give us some fun with the new MH2 monsters. Anyway, people will always complain about the stronger job (no matter if Doram, Ranger, SE, GX). Just don't worry too much about it and enjoy the new content.
  15. Cards that only work in MH or MH2, that sounds like another cool idea. People goes really creative with those topics.
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