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  1. Selling Turtle General Card, mvp Offer by forum message. Current Highest Bids: Put Put 800m Miss Caro 830m Lady McCormick 850m
  2. This Eggring pin looks very eggsperienced, I'm not even yolking. IGN: Blair Waldorf
  3. Blair Waldorf

    Patch Notes

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! so excited!
  4. IGN: Blair Waldorf The fabulous Odoric, always charming the crowd.
  5. Lovely, because I work too much and reaaaaally wanted to finish mine *-* ty! <3
  6. I'm working on an entry I'm fine with it ending on the 28th but I can see how it's a little weird to just have some win by default. Maybe at least 2 per card? 3 might be a little much lol.
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