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  1. Come join! Recruiting fresh active members!!
  2. >>> Make Cat Butt Great Again !! <<< Recruiting fresh new members! We need active people! Come join us now! >> Join Here <<
  3. Let's do Christmas event with us!! BB party !!! Join our discord ~
  4. @SnakePrincess Yes!! Please come to our discord ^^
  5. @Joeji depends :smugpepe: @Spheroboom Head into our discord We are always open!
  6. Recruiting for more new members Come to our discord!!
  7. @followthefishtv Yes! Join our discord
  8. @Mr_Nik01 You mean officers, hun XD
  9. oorin

    Giveaway: Eggring Pin

    I love eggs, as food. But i don’t mind it hanging on my shirt too. IGN: Mitchirin
  10. Join us for SICC PEE VEE EM Feel the thrill! Feel the fun! Feel the FAIYAAAAAAA!!
  11. @Skooma_Puma We sure do! Just come to our discord server And come say hi in Rachel!
  12. Recruitment is open again! We have 8 open slots on our Kitty Butt guild Come to Rachel or join discord for application!~
  13. @StrayCat Sadly no I am thinking of making third guild, but the chance is low.. We will see
  14. Closing the guild recruitment temporary due to both of our guilds are full at the moment. We will open it up again soon, or make a meme 3rd guild. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯