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  1. @HeleHime Sorry for the late reply! You are welcome to join our discord ^^ We have slot!
  2. @harco Just jump into our discord ;D https://discord.gg/WBd8pY3
  3. Hello, I would like to suggest the ability to adopt a baby character without them needing to be a Novice with level 1/1. I am not sure if it is possible, but it would be nice to be able to adopt non novice baby character. As for now, if you go to the Adoption NPC with a baby character that is already pick a class, for example, baby soul reaper, the NPC will give you a rejection dialogue about the baby's class being unsupported. Reason is that sometimes our friend has a baby character and want us to adopt them, but it is impossible as the NPC only take level 1/1 novice. Or that an "orphaned" baby soul reaper wants to support their "future" parents in dungeons. And sometimes orphans wants to get adopted or have foster parents. It is unfortunate for them to not be able to be adopted just because they "grew up" already. (Already leveled up and picked a class.) Please consider this suggestion, as I hope this will bring a lot of happiness to both orphans and future adopting parents. Thank you.
  4. @Einrei You don't need to do voice chat with us, we mainly chat by text anyway
  5. @radikalmonkeyYes! Come join our discord! https://discord.gg/WBd8pY3
  6. Come join! Recruiting fresh active members!!
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  9. @SnakePrincess Yes!! Please come to our discord ^^
  10. @Joeji depends :smugpepe: @Spheroboom Head into our discord We are always open!
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