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  1. Your reply was absolutely amazing. A great point of view indeed regarding what is old and new arrives players. And your point really hits the base. Thanks very very very much for the feedback ^ _ ^
  2. That's a good point of view : D D But I dislike it a little bit, since it take out the variety of builds and players peace. Everyone would be doing again, farming for 1 set of gears, taking a full turn of release content wheel >.<
  3. Hello o/ I'd like to start a discussion, rather than a suggestion of implementation, regarding Refining of Outdated Gears ! ---- All your toughts, part and shares would be really really really appreciated ! ***I'll copy and paste the Spoiler part in a suggestion thread xD I'm a long time Ro player, and have some years in the back now in Nova Ro. When I recall of playing Nova, I remember that +9 Heroic Back Pack / Ancient Gold Ornament Helm was the best thing someone could care for lolz One of the best set Item a novice player could had was Air Ship Set, be
  4. Leo Severhert

    Patch Notes #151

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG !!! Thank you, Thank You, Thank you, Thanks you so so so much for the !showheal command <3 I really appreciate it, and as well every patch note and changes <3
  5. Hello o/ (this is one of the many Upgrade cost question... If you tired.. I will understand >.< ) So ! Whassup ? This question, is regarding My next Maestro Headgear. I'm in doubt between 2 pieces right now: Wing Headphones: 600 GC / 3 End Coins = 24,000,000z Celestial Coronet: 1750 GC / 6 End Coins = 70,000,000z Gold Coin Price December 2020: 40,000z My biggest doubt in doin this one, is: What would be "better" for a casual / not hardcore farmer player: My toughts are Should I buy the one with GC so I can sel
  6. Awnnnn, someone here doesn't know how to take a hug. Any place, is a good place for a Hug : D And indeed, GM's are da best <3
  7. Hello o/ I would like to suggest/request a change for the Min Effect of the Mechanic Skill Magma Eruption. I don't know if it is possible, but when casted, (the skills mentions a AoE of 7x7), but the tiles marked by the NovaEXT only shows the center of 1 cell. Just like the Severeve Rainstorm of the Ministrels and Wanderer's. Sorry if this was already suggested. It can very be a limitation of the Game skill target behavior. But who knows ? I tried to search on older posts about it, read many infos since 2017/8 and seems like no one else talked about it. Thanks before hand
  8. Thanks a lot everyone for the support and tips <3 -RadenWA Believe or not D: I made a +7 temporal boot (first time ever doing OGH) on my very first attempt, started a new life, forgot that account, and moved on, Tried to make a new +7 boot just for selling, after none of 10 making to +7 I decided that the best is just selling the crystals at market for profit That made me feel bad tbh But don't worrie ! I will not give up ! Well... on refining I will xD but for what matters, my objective is having a +9 Suit, so I can accomplish that by other means (like
  9. Hello o/ As the title of this topic says, I would love some insight and tips about making my first +9 Armor piece. Which means, past from the +4 the equipment can break at the process at any time. From my own experience, while farming geffenia and hoarding those Ur's plate, and Eluniums, I tried for fun, to try to overupgrade those, with no lucky at all 100 Ur's plate = none made to +7 100 Ur's plate = 26 made to +6 None of them made to +7 I don't know if that was just a very bad luck streak, but, Ur's plate is a very common armor, yo
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