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  1. Female Cardinal sprites looks really cute, and oh my gosh, their new skills seems awesome I was very confused with the new sura sprites, I thought they were the new gunslinger class, lol
  2. Rinku_Bny

    5th Anniversary

    Happy 5th anniversary NovaRO!!! Let's work hard to keep the server online for many years yet!
  3. Can you check this: And post your suggestions to add new headgears.
  4. meintereza (? Me encantaría unirme al discord :3
  5. Something new in this day! My Royal Guard WIP~ I based on Froth sama RG
  6. In game me puedes encontrar como Duchess Hervor o RinkuBny pero... ¿A que se dedicaría la guild?
  7. Sorry for the late news (? (。T ω T。) There a @Fu - Blade of Wind Arch Bishop (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) And my favorite GM character Eevee ❤ (ɔˆз(ˆ⌣ˆc) Sorry for the watermarks (? My FB page is Dedene, that's the reason of the name watermark (´ ε ` ) And Yes! My Slots are OPEN!!! 1. SLOT AVAILABLE 2. SLOT AVAILABLE 3. SLOT AVAILABLE
  8. Rinku_Bny

    I drew things

    LET HIM BE GAY PLEASE (? Damn, thats a cute drawing
  9. No se si la guild siga reclutando, pero en todo caso tienes estos enlaces de la guild: https://discordapp.com/channels/444564197318328320/444564197318328323 https://discord.gg/7b2dKq O bien, unirte a la comunidad hispana: https://discord.gg/mS2Bq9E
  10. Rinku_Bny

    Illustrate: GMT Winners

    OMG!! All are amazing!!! They are too cool and cute!~ Congratulations to all entries!!
  11. OMGGGGGGGGGGG I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR ART!!!!! Can we have an art trade?
  12. Slots are available!!!! 1.- ???? 2.-???? 3.-???? Recent Samples:
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