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  1. Ooo i have to explain something then: When i got the agro with Sentinel, everything is ok, however i was curious about "how much damage you attacks do". Just to know, howlong the sentinel effect remains. because if i dont do any attack against the mvp, after sentinel, the agro goes to other party member, and is not for the damage, cause i dont have high dps gear, it is more for keep: the attacks on the mvp.- Maybe i am wrong, however that is what i noticied in my Mh2 Battles.-
  2. How much? mmmm then the tank will must to have high damage gear? I mean, right now you can get the agro with sucessive hit, is this gonna change? @Ouilyan Since when the partys want RG as tanks? I play a lot of mh "just for fun", and the most of the time, ministrel, sorc and sometimes mechas are required. This change the only thing that is doing: RG will not kill solo "easily" Garro.
  3. 16.8 per hit. x.x it is a lot. and you can use CK. /desp. At least to me, CI from shard are 1 Hit Ko. However, as there are just 2 o 3 overpower Gx is not a big problem.- What about dragon set, it is a good way to increase redu. My only worry about Dragon set is SC.
  4. @Fu Windsword Today we play a few bgs.. we lost the most of them. Today there were 3 gx on bg. Max damage from them was 50k per CI. ... without shield. It is not just the gear, are the consumables, the amount of potions that you use. Hide. etc. I can take the most of the incoming damage with my basic gear. i dont have mvp or overupgrade. There are just a few gx with over refine gear. as shard. that can 1 hit ko. There are just a few Rk with good gear that survive crimson rock and can 1 hit ko. Again, the damage that you and Ouilan are showing... is unreal.
  5. @Ouilyan Wind cutter 75 per hit... That is almost imposible, there are not Rks that do that damage on bg right now. (against player with reduction). I Play almost 1-2 hour bg every day. 315K damage from CI what a hell.... that.... i suggest you to do videos or screen shot with that damages, cause even with my gear "72%" demi human. I got as a top 150-200k per CI, 50-70k per IB. 30k per wind cutter. P.S: If you reduce damage from DPS... SC will be immortal.
  6. There are just a few (1 hit ko skills) right now: "Without mvps" Azura. Crush Strike. Cross impact. (EDP) I play as a sura, with normal reduction and this skills can 1 shot me usually, however there are a lot of ways to stop this 1 hit ko. Crescen elbow, Dispell, etc etc, even if you do damage before them, the most of the time you will kill him, cause to be 1 hit ko player, you must to use full dps gear. At least to BG, there is 1 big problem, the imbalance between Red and blue "sides of bg". Some times, all the sc go to one side. Or all the good damage dealers go to red or blue. One solution to this could be have a ranking to bg, and with this ranking the guilds "teams" should be filled. Woe is good right now, of course there are a few broken skills, however with teamgame everything can be done (?). PvP is a tea place.
  7. I like this mvp, cause is really hard to fight with it. All the mvp on ro should be similar x.x Hard as hell. Good job.-
  8. Speaking "or writing" about the last 2 question: Angeling card really makes me immune to the damage from Holy light, Judex, Adoramus and Ray of Genesis? : Yes. With angeling or holy armor you can avoid all holy damage. If Angeling card really make me immune to those skills, Deviling would'n be a problem to holy elemental magic damage, right? Yes. However i am not sure if the monsters have other kind of skill. "Other property". About the first 2 question: * Neutral resistance, coming from equipments and skills are in fact aditive? I am not sure about other skills, however tempering is working with gear neutral reduction. *The equipments that I suggest below really reach 100% resistance, leaving me immune to damage from monsters normal attack? (OP ????) mm i can not answer that question, hypothetically yes.
  9. IsaacAsimov

    Patch Notes

    Cross impact damage is dumb. x.x now with range is very hard to survive against it.- Plz nerf the edp damage :(.-
  10. IsaacAsimov

    Patch Notes

    Tky for the uptade. It is soo good that the server have a good GM team to get the new actualization :).-
  11. Usually, i played with 1 warlock 1 bragi 1 ab. 1 sura cc. and we kill almost everything on magma 3. The warlock had a amazing gear, however is the same for rangers, they need to spend a lot of zeny to do a good damage "Good weapon right now: Illu Hunter bow +15". Finally, if you can not reach a good damage or spam with your warlock on pvm,pvp, means that you dont have enought gear, or you are just bad as warlock. About suras. Yep, there are a few suras who can kill using snap snap snap gate x 3. However they are.... 2,3 on bg?, the other suras are, CC, cause the gear for spam gate and kill with it, is really hard to get. "And is really hard to play as a killer". On woe, with full reduction, the main damage dealer are the warlocks, even without fallen. On Bg, you are not fighitng 1 vs 1, is 1 team vs 1 team.- BG IS not 1 vs 1 pvp.- I really expect that this patch come with a high reduction of overall damage and property damage. And with a cool down between gates. Right now, 1 warlock "without fallen", can kill at least 3 o 4 players on woe "full reduction", tetras and crimson are broken, the damage on bg and woe is broken. To the people who say: Use mor reduction. use hp songs, use Siegfried... i play full reduction on woe, with all that dopes, and i still die against Tetras, crimson, if i dont use the right muffler.
  12. Thank you for the patch, however the magic damage right now is too high, and the gate of hell spam will be bad for PvP This are just ideas. "Dont kill me" Increase the global reduction to magic skills. Instead of 50%, i dont know. 75%?. Other option is to add a magic property reduction inside of the castles. 20 / 30 % more against all magic property damage. Gate of hell Must to have a delay between hits. 0,5 sec cooldown i think is a good option.
  13. IsaacAsimov

    Patch Notes

    Thank you :).
  14. Ooo ok. then you can close the suggestion
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