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  1. IsaacAsimov

    Patch Notes

    Cross impact damage is dumb. x.x now with range is very hard to survive against it.- Plz nerf the edp damage :(.-
  2. IsaacAsimov

    Patch Notes

    Tky for the uptade. It is soo good that the server have a good GM team to get the new actualization :).-
  3. Usually, i played with 1 warlock 1 bragi 1 ab. 1 sura cc. and we kill almost everything on magma 3. The warlock had a amazing gear, however is the same for rangers, they need to spend a lot of zeny to do a good damage "Good weapon right now: Illu Hunter bow +15". Finally, if you can not reach a good damage or spam with your warlock on pvm,pvp, means that you dont have enought gear, or you are just bad as warlock. About suras. Yep, there are a few suras who can kill using snap snap snap gate x 3. However they are.... 2,3 on bg?, the other suras are, CC, cause the gear for spam gate and kill with it, is really hard to get. "And is really hard to play as a killer". On woe, with full reduction, the main damage dealer are the warlocks, even without fallen. On Bg, you are not fighitng 1 vs 1, is 1 team vs 1 team.- BG IS not 1 vs 1 pvp.- I really expect that this patch come with a high reduction of overall damage and property damage. And with a cool down between gates. Right now, 1 warlock "without fallen", can kill at least 3 o 4 players on woe "full reduction", tetras and crimson are broken, the damage on bg and woe is broken. To the people who say: Use mor reduction. use hp songs, use Siegfried... i play full reduction on woe, with all that dopes, and i still die against Tetras, crimson, if i dont use the right muffler.
  4. Thank you for the patch, however the magic damage right now is too high, and the gate of hell spam will be bad for PvP This are just ideas. "Dont kill me" Increase the global reduction to magic skills. Instead of 50%, i dont know. 75%?. Other option is to add a magic property reduction inside of the castles. 20 / 30 % more against all magic property damage. Gate of hell Must to have a delay between hits. 0,5 sec cooldown i think is a good option.
  5. IsaacAsimov

    Patch Notes

    Thank you :).
  6. Ooo ok. then you can close the suggestion
  7. If you enjoy to do fire basin: Do it. If you dont enjoy to do fire basin: pay a huge amount of zeny to avoid that pre quest. I am not writing that every pre quest must to have a pay per quest. However i belive that the most of us hate Fire basin. There a lot of dungeon who have small pre requesites, as Abys lake, and we have de warper.... pay per a few annoyng quest is not a big deal.-
  8. This suggestion is a little bit ... weird. There are a lot of pre requisites, for a lot of dungeon.... that are really.... boring. "Fire Basin /desp" I suggest a way to pay per this quest and unblock them. With zeny or gc or np... whatever. As an example: 10m Per fire basin.
  9. There are a lot of goods gx that dont have problem with CE. Just hit once to your enemy and after of that... Kill Him. I can understand: Gate of hell. Snap is OP, but CE... is just a noob hunter skill. If you die "insta", with goh. ramapage or even tiger... you are doing something bad. Finally, there is not 1000 suras using CE on woe. I think that we are, 3? what is the name of your gx?
  10. If you are writing about BG, Then the true breakers are the acid genetic . Yes right now there just a few Genetic, however is hard to said if in 3 days there will be a lot of them, then just thinking a change based on the actual BG, is not good. A good solution for all this breakers is the restless card. Because all this i am not agree with your Suggestion.- I hate when the genetics break my weapon :(.
  11. Why?. I love hats, however Protective balm was so nice. Well, ce est la vie.-
  12. The rewards that you can get with Weekly coins are similar to the King of deep items. My suggestion: Add the consumables as part of the weekly shop items. Decard voucher. Protective Balm. Etc.-
  13. IsaacAsimov

    Illusion of Labyrinth

    The movement speed for Speed Potion and Guyak Pudding will no longer be affected by Decrease Agi, Quagmire or Don't Forget Me. What about the ASPD? And the dex reduction? And potion aspd remove Tky for the new dungeon
  14. We play the same game @Caaduzin. There are just a few SE who do 1 hit ko, and they spend a lot of zeny on their Hp gear. You need ghostring or 70/100k hp, and the most of the se can not kill you. "Colours as a exception x.x" Well, again that is not the point, sc are op... yes they are op. sura "snap snap gate" is broken, yes is broken. SE is broken... yes.- Are all of them immortal?.. No. I am not agree with @Ariasmen. There are a lot of noobs who do not know their skills, however the most of BG usual players, know how to play as a team. That is my last message, i think that i am goin to a wrong direction with my posts. x.x sorry for that.- "Speaking about the topic"
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