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  1. For real, no one care about pvp room anymore. I dont want to demerit your opinion, i said that cause if you dont know what is going on... how can you write an opinion... However you are right, draft is a woe. "Sorry if i was unpolite"
  2. Do you play woe? If the answer is not, then... there is not point to give an oppinion. Ravage Warlock "Bahamut" kill me more times than Alliance Warlocks. /desp
  3. Thank you for the patch, however the magic damage right now is too high, and the gate of hell spam will be bad for PvP This are just ideas. "Dont kill me" Increase the global reduction to magic skills. Instead of 50%, i dont know. 75%?. Other option is to add a magic property reduction inside of the castles. 20 / 30 % more against all magic property damage. Gate of hell Must to have a delay between hits. 0,5 sec cooldown i think is a good option.
  4. Siegfried is an obligation on woe. Even with that, the only way to survive Fallen+Mind, is with The right card on muffler. Then, if you get 2 different tetras, Wind and earth for example, you are death-
  5. CKS = 7%. all reduction. 3 Less than PKS x.x For woe, i use valk shield instead of CKS, cause crimson hurt a lot. Hode + valk shield + earth resiste potion + fire resist potion.
  6. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28946/purified-knights-shield-1 I dont like it. Even valk shield is better than PKS against magic. 2nd prismatic, is not bad, however if we use that, we will lost Titan + Snowier combo. Global magic reduction "i belive" is the best option. Other option is: 20% reduction against all magic property damage Inside the castle.
  7. Then... if there are some people who dont want to disable mbk. Increase the resistance to magic inside the castles.
  8. IsaacAsimov

    Patch Notes

    Thank you :).
  9. Ooo ok. then you can close the suggestion
  10. If you enjoy to do fire basin: Do it. If you dont enjoy to do fire basin: pay a huge amount of zeny to avoid that pre quest. I am not writing that every pre quest must to have a pay per quest. However i belive that the most of us hate Fire basin. There a lot of dungeon who have small pre requesites, as Abys lake, and we have de warper.... pay per a few annoyng quest is not a big deal.-
  11. This suggestion is a little bit ... weird. There are a lot of pre requisites, for a lot of dungeon.... that are really.... boring. "Fire Basin /desp" I suggest a way to pay per this quest and unblock them. With zeny or gc or np... whatever. As an example: 10m Per fire basin.
  12. ..... That is so unpolite of your side I am answering you cause you quote me, Hinomaru did not quote me. This is gonna be my last answer to you, cause the most of the time you want to extender all the topics to the infinite. The title of this suggestion... is Disable Hatred. Nothing else. If you want to debate with some one about Mobility. then talk with them.
  13. 1.-This is a suggestion about hatred. 2.-If you want to write about mobility. is not so hard to do a suggestion about that. 3.-I dont have problem with the mobility of SE. is almost the same as a SC, is ok. 4.-I just answer you, because you quote me, however i think that is really rude to come a topic that is about Hatred and write about mobility. Peace.
  14. If i want to talk with you... i will quote you with "@" I am not writing to some one specific. And again, i am not writing on this suggestion about suras.- If you want to do a suggestion, then do it.- I am not writing about mobility. The title of this sugestion is : Disable Opossition On bg.
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