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  1. ah regarding Elemental Master, their offensive skills are similar with PW, but lower damage. compared to Arch Mage, EM is like twice weaker lol. even if you use same gears. the new spirit effect is like combination of 1,2,3 lv of prev summon. the only good thing is the poison one. it enhances your Physical Wave element to Poison.
  2. yeah the last three 4th classes are just disaster, being one who tested Inquisitor myself, i could say , they are fail to understand what these 3 classes are, geneticist, sura, and sorcerer. it is just too bad, to the point no one actually tested them anymore. right now, no one actually care about those three. and guess WHAT? they fixed EDP stuff on Shadow Cross, making the class hit so hard, Shadow Cross can do 40m damage, while the other 4th classes stuck with 100k to 1m++++. the update still being testing phase, yet they let Assassin-class do deal absurd amount of damage. Inquisitor skills are just too weak and too silly , the skills are locked on combo, imagine that you are playing Sura but you cannot cast Tiger Cannon except you combo it first with Dragon Combo and Fallen Empire, thats Inquisitor. the ultimate form doesnt grant you any damage boosts except access to the equal lame tier melee skills. just similar with second phase of Ultimate, another access for craps that waste of SP, yet no boost at all. all my time wasted doing the job quest, and what kRO gave me just disappointment. hope they fixed all 4th classes skills asap.
  3. it seems Inquisitor will become the hardest class to play, the class gets quite limitation. Inquisitor can only use 3 melee skills and 2 ranged skills, they are First Brand, Second Faith, Third Punish, Oleum Sanctum and Explosion Blaster. the other offensive skills locked with their Ultimate form that can be accessed with Ultimate Skills. Judge is the first phase of Ultimate form, when on Judge state, you can access Second Judgement and Third Consecration, total of melee 5 skills, and that requires 200 AP to use, now Inquisitor has second phase of Ultimate form, can only be accessed by using Third Exor Flame, and to enter second phase, Judge state is needed. the problem is, you need another 200 AP to use, on second phase of Ultimate form, Inquisitor can use all the offensive melee skills. of course all the ultimate forms have different effect + boost, but thats just 400 AP!!!. just to use all the melee skills WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GRAVITY??!!! in other hand, the last ultimate skill is not locked, and only requires 150 AP, if you go with ranged build. ( by total Inquisitor has 3 ultimate skills, 1 active skill, 2 buffs-entering special state ) BUT other 4th classes can pick between 2-3 ultimates, some even only has 1 ultimate, but Inquisitor is like forced to use Both?
  4. i think nowadays pretty rare for them to give 3-4 lv element monster, like 3lv-4lv shadow / holy element. but Arch Mage can just brute force it with the skills they have, you also have Warlock's comet even though some AM players prefer to focus with AM's skills, we have shadow monsters in here. as for Biolo and Elemental Master we need to wait and see, those 5 prime elemental summons have idle, defence, and attack mode as well. each them will give different effect, Elemental Master can only summon 1 spirit tho, while Biolo, you can create an army from those alchemist's plants, homunculus to overpowered Hell Tree, its ultimate skill.
  5. like 8 hours from now, they will give us details for maintenance session that scheduled for tomorrow, i assume they would include Inquisitor, Biolo and Elemental Master, considering 4th class update will live on main server at early September, which is next month. they need to do it quickly if they expect player to test them,
  6. sadly no, mostly about 4th classes nowadays, as for 3rd classes, they are just few discussions but no actual test video.
  7. i dont know about re-renewal to be honest, what is that? but 4th class is in renewal, it is the same renewal. all classes can solo in kRO?, low to mid tier instances yes. and you need investment as well, time, money , possibly mvp cards, and gears. you dont get it in an instant. future dungeons, i think no, a bit harder, OGH Challenge is also difficult in kRO, especially at 7-10 lv. 1 lv can be soloed by some classes. some, had to be geared as heck first. as comparison in this server, i believe every classes can solo OGH normal, whether it is regular classes or expanded, however like only 10% of players in this server that able to solo Tomb of Fallen easily. and only those -[classes]-, not all classes able to solo. GX can solo it quite easy, i also can do that with Sura, single sweep of TC , they are gone but i had to run away from ghost monsters like a coward ability to solo any dungeons is not given by the game, but decided by player itself
  8. the only thing i know so far, the differences between lv 4 weapon and lv 5 weapon are : - Atk bonus you get from lv 4 weapon is 7 per refine, while lv 5 is +8 - however once you increase the rank of lv 5 weapon ( from 1 to 4 ), atk bonus increased by 50% example : +15 Lv 4 weapon gives 105 atk bonus, while +15 lv 5 weapon is 120, once you raise its rank to 2 ( or you get rank 1-4 from loot ), the bonus increased by 50%. so with this. +15 Lv 4 weapon = 105 atk +15 rank 1 Lv 5 weapon = 120 atk +15 rank 2 Lv 5 weapon = 180 atk +15 rank 3 Lv 5 weapon = 240 atk +15 rank 4 Lv 5 weapon = 300 atk - damage variance in lv 4 weapon is +- 20%, while lv 5 is +- 25%. - not sure if Base Weapon Damage affected by rank as well, if it is, then the difference from rank 1 to 4, is so big. - per refine, the weapon will give you bonus Special PATK and Special MATK by 2, means at +15, the total you get is 30 SPatk and 30 SMatk. it is equal with increasing your final damage ( after all calculation taken ) by 30% ( for physical and magical attack ). thats a lot, just comparison Cardinal's Ultimate skill increasing SPATK and SMATK by 50 for 240 seconds, and the damage difference is more than 50% actually. Fortified Claymore [2] A weapon strengthened using Ethel's magic. New abilities that had not been discovered before began to appear. Increases Storm Slash damage by 5% per 2 refine rate. Increases melee physical damage by 2% per 4 refine rate. Class : Two-handed Sword Attack : 250 Weight : 230 Weapon Level : 5 Required Level : 200 Usable Jobs : Dragon Knight - i dont know about Enchant, but pretty sure, we are not doing STR/INT/DEXetc enchant anymore, it is the era of POW/SPL/CRTetc, and other traits.
  9. Arch Mage video Astral Strike has 2 phases, first the impact, then the 15 secs DoTs!. Arch Mage with Climax + Astral Strike! you need Base Lvl and SPL stats, lets take a look this Dragon Knight video, damage comparison between 0 POW and 10 POW.
  10. AnnAnna

    Refine bonus

    i thought Upgrade Weapon itself is Whitesmith's skill
  11. AnnAnna

    Asura Strike Gear

    Yup WK and CW, was thinking you are interested with Bijou card jk. if you have PKS with enchants i said , then it is around 15m with buffs maybe 20m if you use x2 engkanto, no lex tho. you can also use Mangkukulam card for armor and Abandoned Teddy Bear for shoes, total 30% SP. however im not fan with having too much SP, ideally you just need to have 10-12k MaxSP, once you get that number buffed, you should stop and focus on Atk. and you can get it with food items, like SP Increase Potion (large), INT food, Vitata 500, you can use gene new potion, 15% melee physical is really good ( this is also the reason your damage will be lower in MH2, since you cant use this potion ). if you want to go all out, just use any food buffs you can afford. ( in future, Bio 5 / temp circlet will have new enchant called Unyielding, it does increase melee physical, if we compare to mettle, mettle will lose. <-- you can go with Illu hot headband for now, and switch later. ) giving you comparison, Wood Goblin card gives 10% Atk to Water race in armor, Mangkukulam gives 10% Sp in armor, when you fight Nyiso, Wood Goblin card gives you bigger advantage than that 10% SP. Piranha card gives 15% atk to Fish, Abandoned Teddy Bear 20% MaxSP, vs Nyiso, Piranha card won over 20% SP. but Piranha card is equally strong with nerfed Lady Tanee card in MH2, since damage has variant, you never know which one is better. ( even so, the difference is too small for both ) normal Amdarais card, Realized, Chaotic Baphomet cant be replaced until there is a card that giving 50-60% MaxSP in armor, same with Lady Tanee card, until there is a card with 30% atk/size/race in shoes. in this case, general rule for Asura Strike, for every equipment slot you have, IF there is a option where you can add atk%/race%/size%/elemental% vs %MaxSP in that slot, and as long as %MaxSP option is not twice higher than atk%/race%/size%/element%, then you should not go with MaxSP. Ex : 10% atk/race/size vs 10% sp, atk will win. 15% atk/race/size vs 20% sp, atk will win. 15% atk/race/size vs 25% sp equally strong, very small difference. up to 30% sp, sp will win. now thats %MaxSP right ? comparison between atk/race/size vs Flat MaxSP is different and tricky. this also the reason why i asked you to use Illu Hot Blooded over Illu Morpheus's Hood. Str, Atk, physical damage against water, wind, earth and neutral property monsters, physical damage against small and large size ^ is overkill, compared with 20% max SP. however if you are willing to make +11 Illu Morpheus's Shawl x2 Str Nive 2, that is good garment, of course eventually will be replaced by 17.2 automatic set / Temporal Str Manteau , just like Soutane.
  12. Looks like all 4th ultimate skills really act as Auxiliary, just now Shadow Cross player posted that, Fatal Shadow Crow ( one that casting AoE Dark Claw ), that 60 seconds AoE Dark Claw from ultimate skill does stack with another 20 secs GX's Dark Claw, ( Ahaha LOL! ) resulting even more amplified damage you get when hitting Boss monster. ( Dark Claw nerfed in this patch, just doing 50% to Boss with extended duration, but with Shadow Cross's Ultimate , it becomes lol again) i dont know exact formula but its base damage increased to 800%. not sure about Bash bonus and base lv bonus.
  13. yep thats true, Puros. glad to see you are testing Cardinal as well please kRO , where is Inquisitor?!!!!
  14. to be honest i dont know about Overbrand, majority of kRO RG players that went testing in Sakray are VP RG, they said VP did x2 damage after update, but Overbrand should be right?! since Moonslasher now give Overbrand Ready buff. in this case, Grand Judgement works like Dragonic Aura, Dragonic Aura damage itself is just so so, but 60 secs Dragon Breath buff is insane, thats why i said some of 4th ultimate skills act as Auxiliary. just like how, Berserk and Vigor for melee Dragon Knight. Grand Judgement does increase damage of Over Brand / Moon Slasher / Vanishing Point / Cannon Spear for 60 secs. if IG go for magic build, it is actually kinda similar on how Crusader was.
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