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  1. of course with that "if you dont like dont do that" logic there is nothing we can do as player except to roll with it. but hey, at least share us some space here for little bit ranting, in exchange data you want . after all people just want to express their feelings regarding this event, i think its safe and nothing wrong with that.
  2. its just KoTD , even they fixed it on the last week. same thing happened before, but yes if you feel frustation about it, i feel the same,, i even hate, i hate it from the bottom of my heart lol . i havent tried it again yet, but i believe its almost impossible to finish it right now, i dont know why it is adjusted based on so called overgeared player. uh oh but again, even if you finish, you only get trick and treat basket. i mean, i have enough Big Def potion in inventory. note to self : getting nIgHtMaRe AmoN RaA card before next year CTK.
  3. enough with replying my post. of course i have finished that, that was the first day post. but still you put too much RNG on this instance, minion spawn should be with pattern not random entirely. not sometimes only 1 purple minion spawned and then out of sudden 5 red minions spawned in next set. some classes do really excel in this instance, some cant even deal damage properly. im not into that "MH2 discussion" all over again, but the gap need to be closed. not that much, just little bit closer between them. please consider this, GM Hector.
  4. actually no, based on new kRO developer note, they said they never had intention to make 4th classes skill stronger than 3rd. what they want is synergy between 4th class and 3rd class. this is why, many 4th classes skills will get adjusted to become combo of 3rd classes skills. in this case, current Inquisitor skill allow Sura to spam TC and Rampage Blaster without using Sphere. and altering some skills like Asura Strike to become Ghost property. now they also give us new info regarding new instance that will be added next year, mainly. Geffen Magic Tournament : Night Arena Tomb of Regret Endless Tower of Constellation Also updating family system, Baby class will get new upgrade. and lastly, KRO confirmed that Expanded Classes will get new high tier level classes equal with 4th Classes.
  5. we still not able to use Yggdrasil leaves, also when the boss spawn for first time, he will insta cast Chaos Panic immediately on you , without any cast bar or any effects beforehand. then after that, out of sudden the aggro from tank will be switched to random pt member even if they did nothing. this happened many times, we have to reset cause at the beginning our AB already get targetted and dead, and this is after Sentinel being used. and whenever a single minion gets killed, the boss will use aoe stun and delaying player to kill the rest, whats with that mechanic? you guys should not put Green Aura on minion only at Boss, its just too much. they are harder to deal than the boss itself with the exclusive flag they have. not mention , we still on MH rules, means some crit classes get nerfed,, + DDA, and now aura.
  6. okay, the instance is really fun, only thing i think need to get changed. is the way resurrection works, sometimes it is really difficult to ress someone in dire situation like gang up by minions. also if it is possible, let us use Yggdrasil Leaf or Token of Siegfried. since the role is pretty limited, once AB is dead, no one actually can ress her. we dont bring mins in party. also regarding Alice card that still get banned due MH restriction but you made them as boss protocol. and the way CTK spawns the minion, can it only 1 for each type ? 1 stone 1 burning etc etc, unless the party failed to kill the revenant one and allow CTK to summon same type at once. it feels so unfair when the boss spawning x5 Stone minion or x4 Revenant.
  7. Very nice patch note, thanks for your hard work. personaly i havent tried this CTK cause most of my pt members are offline at time like this. I just hope it will be challenging enough .
  8. while you are at it, please introduce one item that has similar effect with combat ration but only for MH, like casting Vit tonic, Str tonic, Agi tonic, stoneskin etc etc. cause MH consumable / utility item is waste of inventory slot, sometimes you have to bring stoneskin, demon, dash juice, scoutflies, flash bomb, shock trap, max pot, life powder, any kind tonics, not mention Gears to swap, and MH Loot items itself. this is so annoying , especially when you have to open inventory to click one by one, and then realized you forgot to bring Psychoserum / missing something.
  9. AnnAnna

    Patch Notes

    i think buff icon is missing ? , i clicked +20 stat food then nothing happened, but it added to my stats.
  10. rich GX that able to afford Golden X for last boss + devo.
  11. Oh yes, please Hard mode for Temporal Circlet.
  12. this is still too easy tbh, just need RG with 600k hp. then you can even AFK inside.
  13. AnnAnna

    Patch Notes

    Thank you GM Nova, this is the best patch note.
  14. Yes, only the stray ones are chosen. you return to Odin because you seek more power, and then you became Inquisitor, judge of God, carrying God's will.
  15. KRO main server will get the update very soon ( in 5 days ), and they also have released the official art for 4th classes. Dragon Knight Imperial Guard Inquisitor Archmage Elemental Master Meister Biolo Cardinal Shadow Cross Abyss Chaser Wind Hawk Troubadour/Trouvere
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