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  1. there is, thats similar with making tank RG in pvm, but i feel unnecessary to say it, cause you see, 90% it will stop working by the next patch. to be honest. at this point, it is not even fun to try new things due the limit you will have.
  2. if you have big budget , and can afford end-game tanking gears, its better to go RG instead Sura. pretty geared RG have counter to almost anything ranged, magic, status eff, high hp pool, decent def, many useful skills. at this point, MH3 should be out of question, it is viable to Sura with nerfed SB, even Sorc can tank that Garronath easily, and RG is superior to them keystats: Vit , Int, Luk
  3. wow this is pretty cool, thanks for ancient hero stuff.
  4. if 3/3 = 1 1/3 = 0.33333 1 luk floored to 0.3 c rate 2 luk floored to 0.7 c rate finally 3 luk floored to 1 crit rate
  5. not that good, not that bad, but it needs Improvement patch asap, ( i hope within Q2 2020 in kRO ) i think the best one is to remove that annoying 1% damage backlash from Inspiration. and make it regular skill yet still consuming EXP maybe you need to add 1m zeny or whatever. just like how RK can use Lux Anima regularly look, losing 37k Hp per hit, it looks dumb. ( Exceed Break )
  6. Hi there, I think it is easier for me to know, how much is your budget to play this build ? then we can get the suitable gears from there. I cant say the best equipment for this build, as they are scaled on your budget, no point if im saying but you somehow cant get it. so ill be realistic here and ask your budget first. for basic, +4 Illusion morpheus set super cheap +7-9 crimson mace with WK AK, and +4 mad bunny
  7. of course, reflect auto cast wont work anymore in future. idk when it is implement.
  8. you only need 2 things to make Espa insta cast, +9 Illusion Leg with Fixed Casting and +13 Spell Circuit , or you could gamble with RNG using zaha doll hat. then, you need to get 193 aspd to spam it. properly.
  9. It does but i think it is easier to go with Hero Plate and FQL, water-magic garment, wickebine. ( if you want to go for reflect shield build ) Hero Plate will trigger storm gust and heal, FQL earthquake will break the ice, water-magic garment to enhance SG damage, wickebine will trigger 100% mdef pierce.
  10. More info regarding Geneticist Improvement Patch > Cart Cannon - damage formula will be changed, removed the ( INT/40) part on its formula. - removed (Cart_Remodeling_Lv × 50) part on its formula. - skill modifier changed from 350% to 1750% at lv 5. - INT , Base Lv and Cart Remodeling Lv will increase damage futhermore, instead added in skill formula calculation. > Acid Bomb / Acid Demonstration ( topic to change, recently most of new monsters have low VIT, thus making this skill is ineffective. ). - removed target's VIT in damage formula calculation. - changed skill type from Special Ranged, to normal Ranged, due to that, this skill wont ignore flee and target's def anymore ( treating hard def as soft def ). - MATK wont affect this skill, since this skill is changed to normal Ranged type. - enemy's low VIT wont lower skill damage as skill modifier is changed to 2000%. - caster's INT and target's VIT will increase damage futhermore. - SP consumption is increased to 50, added skill cooldown of 0.15 secs. - Acid Demonstration will be affected by caster's weapon element instead forced Neutral, thus Ghost elemental monster neither lower its damage nor making the skill goes miss. http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=4009497&curpage=1
  11. sadly , im too poor to do this test, ill go bankrupt in a month if i do that, i prefer to see their equipment window and stats, then to calculate from that. i think it is even more easy in nova, cause you can @battlestats . but thats it, waiting the update for each classes to test.
  12. thats because your critical damage is your diminishing return, as your critical damage get higher and higher, its effectiveness decreased, adding Acute Lv 5 on your character wont do that much, > temp luk + 30% > your FAW > accessories thats also the reason why, some rangers go for critical mod instead ranged atk, it gives lower damage on general usage, however when you use Unlimit, your ranged attack llosing its effectiveness, while Critical Damage mod shines brightly boom , 3.5m
  13. sadly the calculator development is stopped otherwise, it will be easier for us to calculate stuffffffffffff, this is actually very useful, so you dont get fooled by fake hype, like "omg guyzzz this weapon is newwww and cooolll " with price 1B, turned out the performance is mediocre for your character, cause it may differ from one character to others, depends on many things like gear , stats blblablabalbal.
  14. this is general damage formula , most of skills are using this, unless it has its own damage calculation formula, like Dragon Breath ohhh i still have this before come to nova, as for the source,idk if it still exist or not, its in wp forum i originally came from official server, in there we tested lot stuff, uh oh something like that. I believe nova also using this formula, cause recently, i made comparison on Sharp Shooting. between Illusion Hunter Bow, Gigantic Bow with enchants, VM Bow with enchants, and Crimson Bow the result was correct. which one is better, the 1.5B zeny Bow or the cheap one from instance at +15 ? as for critical, yup it is x 1.4 x Crit % Bonus 1.4 is base critical damage when you crit, it does x1.4, since we are using ominous, it gives 26% crit damage at +16, hence it is 1.4x1.26 cause crit is multiplicative to its base crit damage, it is not additive like other,
  15. Yuppp, lets reproduce very simple damage formula: im wearing weapon with 50 atk at +16, i used bloodied shackle ball to gimme +50 equip atk, the formula for finalized atk before calculated with skillmod is Total ATK = (Status ATK x 2) + Weapon ATK + Equipment ATK + Ammunition ATK + Buff ATK + Mastery ATK lets ditch status atk, ammunition atk, buff atk, mastery atk. leaving us weapon atk, equipment atk weapon atk formula is Weapon ATK = floor[((((Base ATK + Variance + STR/DEX Bonus + Refine Bonus) x Size Penalty Multiplier) x blablablablabla atk,size,sdsdsd x EDP modifier we have no edp, it is 1 ill ditch refine bonus, str dex bonus, variance, and lets just say we are hitting monster at 100% size because of that weapon atk wil be : 50 x size penalty x blablablablablatksize, x 1 now for equipment atk : the formula is ( total equip atk x ele mod ) x lulululublablabla atk,size,sdsd total equip atk is total of flat atk , weapon is not included ( sadly ) now for 2x Contaminated Wanderer Total Atk = (Status ATK x 2) + Weapon ATK + Equipment ATK + Ammunition ATK + Buff ATK + Mastery ATK Total Atk = 0 + (50 x 1 x 1.6) + (50 x 1.6 ) + 0 + 0 + 0 ( cause CW gives 30% bonus to size, 2x = 1.6 ) Total Atk = 0 +80 + 80 + 0 + 0 + 0 Total Atk = 160 now for 1 CW 1 Ominous ( 1.3 size, atk +3 per refine lv ) Total Atk = (Status ATK x 2) + Weapon ATK + Equipment ATK + Ammunition ATK + Buff ATK + Mastery ATK Total Atk = 0 + (50 x 1 x 1.3) + (( 50+(3x16)) x 1.3 ) + 0 + 0 + 0 Total Atk = 65 + 127.4 + 0 + 0 + 0 Total Atk = 192.4 // 192 Damage formula = floor[((Total ATK x Skill Damage Modifier x Skill % Bonus x Ranged % Bonus x Ranged % Reduction) x Hard DEF Multiplier - Soft DEF) x 1.4 x Crit % Bonus] now lets just say, the monster has 0 hard def with 0 soft def, resulting 1 of def calculation, [(4000 + Harddef(0)) ÷ (4000 + Harddef(0) × 10)] = 4000/4000 = x1 ranged bonus only applied when our attack is ranged, otherwise it goes to 1 , we will use critical bonus here, lets say our skill will always crit, otherwise that critical part is not added to calculation, ohhh some people said critical bypassing def, it is yes but actually no, def still calculated, it is just your crit will multiply the result, critical is just not reduced by def, oh wait it is same then ? lol xD lets say our awesome skill has 500% skill modifier, which is x5 , then our awesome skill damage increased by base lv with calculation of base lv / 100, 85% ohh and, of course , our awesome 50 atk weapon, will increase our skill damage , 10% per refine lvl, resulting 160% skill damage increase. ( 85%+160% = 245% / x3.45 ) 2x CW : ( no crit damage increase ) 160 x ( 5 x ( 3.45) ) x 1 x 1.4 x 1 3864 1x CW 1x Ominous ( 26% crit damage increase ) 192 x ( 5 x (3.45 ) x 1 x 1.4 x 1.26 5842 looks great here, 51% difference, cause you have low atk by overall , and the other variables are not included. however as your atk get higher, this value will be decreased. after all, this work on many classes in RO, even to Ranger normal Ranger does 100% ranged atk, cause most of monsters cannot reduce it , different from player, how much ranged atk, if you use unlimit, it is 100+350%, which is 450%, then how much the value of adding 20% ranged atk when you are on unlimit, 470/450 , when you are on unlimit state, adding 20% more ranged atk is equal with 4% damage increase. remember when you are low lvl, Offertorium gives double healing on AB,? then when your AB is geared as heck , Offertorium effect starting to get reduced, it is not double anymore, in fact, it is not worth anymore to get rather than the wasting SP-fest , aside from its debuff erasing effect, on my AB, it is just approx 50% healing increase. thats it, Diminishing Return
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