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  1. AnnAnna

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    I can confirm this, they already changed everything regarding monk, including knuckle size mod.
  2. AnnAnna

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    Hey Nova, what about Knuckle size modifier ? have you changed it yet ? according to Sigma's post in divine pride forum. "Adjusts size penalty of knuckle Currently : small 100% / medium 75% / large 50% New : small 100% / medium 100% / large 75%"
  3. AnnAnna

    kRO Skill Rebalance

    it is true that this balance sounds bad for the guitar guy, but the next 3rd Job Improvement update is for Performers, then Sura example : they changed Gloomy Shyness to be able to work in PVP/WOE map only , removes skill bonus effect
  4. AnnAnna

    Patch Notes

    Nope didnt work, i just tried it again. i compared of using /ns and manually press Shift, both of them resulting none. it supposed to work like prev client ( BETA too ), possible to use party window and turbo on that skill. its been like that for months but it didnt work anymore.
  5. AnnAnna

    Patch Notes

    what the heck happened with White Imprison now ? , i just login today after hiatus for months then i found i cannot use that skill on party window anymore. you killed the tanking role as Warlock, how did you target your character when surrounded by mobs then ?
  6. AnnAnna

    Trick... or Treat!

    well it doesnt matter to me though. i just hope they make the costumes tradable, thats all so i collect them by buying.
  7. AnnAnna

    What do you think of new Cursed Knight's Shield?

    so yeah in my opinion, the shield has no downside. ignore the defense, just buy it.
  8. AnnAnna

    Trick... or Treat!

    no need to toning down the content , just make the costumes tradable it solves the problem
  9. AnnAnna

    Trick... or Treat!

    I dont think it is hard, in fact it is easy, like so easy. in fact, i prefer if Nova keep making this kind of event, where you, as RO player relies on your skill, you really play your character inside that map. different from the regular instance, you can beat it with any no brainer classes. you just stand , using turbo and hover your mouse.
  10. AnnAnna

    Trick... or Treat!

    OMG Thanks for the wings, Nova. also the FQL update, awesome. 10/10 would recommend people to play novaro.
  11. AnnAnna

    Prominence Kick + Solar Burst ASPD examples

    i think someone need to test it with Bragi, i wish i can. after i upgraded to new client, my turbo broke beyond repair. and still no answer regarding my problem. Rip turbo.
  12. AnnAnna

    Emperor and Reaper Builds

    Now i added 4 persons , no striking this time but Gloria + lv 3 Falcon Soul. Also i noticed how Barehanded Flying Kick can do this kind of damage. - first you need to get Spurt status from Sprint, then activate Tumbling ( it is toggle skill ), run with Sprint + Flying Kick resulting high damage even as TKM - this is how i lvl my TKM by one shotting with Spurt-Sprint-Flying Kick combo, the amusing thing is, when your Tumbling effect activated due enemy attacks ( any kind of attacks ). your flying kick damage will be even more higher - i have tested this with TKM, the mechanic is same with pre-renewal. so Flying Kick damage can be enchanted with - Spurt status - Tumbling effect - casting Flying Kick on Sprint now this is Flying Kick damage as Star Emperor with Wrath, without Tumbling effect / should be more with Tumbling ( cause the training chamber stone cant attack you ). this is without using any weapons. ( Barehanded ). can only be achieved with stacking ranged attack.
  13. AnnAnna

    Prominence Kick + Solar Burst ASPD examples

    have you tried with Bragi ?, the Prominence Kick is based on aspd, while the Solar Burst using cast delay as far as i know. Aspd probably only cut the animation time between combo, just like when you comboing Tiger Cannon / GoH.
  14. AnnAnna

    Emperor and Reaper Builds

    yes if you use Star you have 193 aspd + Warm + Falling Star + some auto cast magic skill. you will be die within 1-3 seconds in Union state. Moon and Sun allow the usage of Union, i myself casually use it when i was still lvling. even now in instances.
  15. AnnAnna

    Emperor and Reaper Builds

    i dont buy, i farmed SF for like 2 weeks before the update, just to get VM Book as many as i can. i dont expect the book with "Weapon unaffected by Size Penalty" get to +15, in fact, i broke the one with 19% damage to boss, one with atk 45 Luk 10, clearly they are better. size penalty problem ?, hmm just bring a Slave with Weapon Perfection. ( i dont know if that Orc Headgear does exist in Nova, the one with weapon perfection effect ). use that and try to get the effect with Warm + your auto attack + Star Stance aoe, once you get the effect switch to Eddga Ok im waiting someone to give information regarding SR . im leveling one right now, had no clue about it.