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  1. Yes that's what our party did before, cause even if your AB just stay within same screen, sitting down, doing nothing. will get targeted anyways.
  2. this is destroying essence of tanking, if you are forcing tank player to use DPS gears, why dont they be dps instead. and i dont understand why this has to be a problem. "it was almost impossible for the Tank to lose Hate, trivialising a key mechanic of MH" back then it was almost impossible for tank to lose hate, now almost impossible for tank to get hate. Sentinel itself is reducing Tank damage, while Death Wish and Battle Stance increasing DPS damage, with only these two skills. the statement of " Therefore, 1 point of damage from a Tank is no
  3. finally Unyielding, been looking for that forever. hahaha thanks nova RO
  4. i used that maniac pot and some aspd stuff. Asura Strike is the strongest skill sura ever had, even as Inquisitor you still using that skill later. there is no skill in Sura skill tree can be compared to Asura Strike. but to be honest, every Sura skills are viable now for end-game stuff like MH2. you can pick anything and boom, millions . of course with billions zeny investment, this is required for sure. currently i can get to 30m at max manual combo TC, and 15m by Flash Combo, i just tested few hours ago. mind you this is not with L
  5. this is a fraction of what Asura Strike can do. thats the only skill you can use for standing equally with cross impact.
  6. Hopefully my test will benefit you somehow. I noticed 1 TC module and 1 Pow is better than 2 Pow or 2 TC modules. but my test was using Self buff, it might be changed or the gap will get even more wider. when your character is affected by external buffs. also i think ASPD is important for combo delay, it could be based on ASPD instead AGI in this server. cause i have 30 AGI and 190 ASPD. when the Muscular Endurance update patch arrived ( some day ), you can ditch your Bear's Might and KSS set. cause the atk / matk -50% penalty will
  7. well i was thinking, we could get the nerf only, so it is quite balanced, if we push the others. but im surprised to see new Acute description and GX's bio 5 hg. a guildmate of mine did 204m CI damage to Lambda. oh well, i dont know what to think after they get this "nerf". i mean, it will put gap between crit classes itself. from RK to Ranger to GX. even a gap on crit ones, lets not talk about non-crit ones.
  8. crit nerf is just a lie , to make all non-crit classes not get butthurt. ill take CI as example here , while initially people said CI is lowered but it is base CI,. check your acute description in-game now, based on description itself, Acute 7 is 110%. even though the effect is not changed, yet. but isnt that increased ? check your bio 5 headgear description, in this case, CI bonus was 10% per 2 refine lvls, now is 15%. in reality, this will push the gap even wider, between non crit and crit classes. the cake is a lie.
  9. hopefully you guys consider regarding my prev suggestion few months back, regarding All-in-one MH food item. so you dont have to reclicking one by one especially after respawn or when the duration ended. not mention, it will save some inventory slots and avoiding confusion. it is just like Mega Orleans, but this is for MH only, when you click you will get dash, demon, stoneskin, and all tonic buff. not get removed upon death and having longer duration.
  10. thats i agree, its RG's exclusive skill. but if it is possible, rather than Defender, they should buff useful tank skill, like if there is a question, between Sorc, Mins, Mech and RG, you would choose RG to tank and why is like that ? Defender itself is not the answer of "Why RG tank in MH2?" , cause the skill only give benefit to tank itself, lets compare with Insignias, Bragi and Analyze. thats why imo, it has to be Devo skill that get buffed instead Defender.
  11. 150 atk is not that much tbh, not smol but not big either , maybe they can discard that 3% long range. and i believe its a bit hassle , to swap shield every 30 secs. but they can make shield-check buff, like Auto Guard, when the shield is not equipped, it will be gone.
  12. Yup i just tested it as well, are you using ranged attack ? Ranged Attack doesnt work. Melee skill does work.
  13. Yes, it does count as reflected damage, nullified by Golden X. while SE's union is not, so you still die from it. its impossible for me to be mistaken.
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