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  1. Based on latest developer note, kRO is planning to give rebalance update for all classes, including new expanded classes. this update itself is scheduled in the second quarter of 2022, and will be divided by 3 parts. 1st https://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=4139189&curpage=1 2nd https://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=4139190&curpage=1 3rd https://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=4139191&curpage=1 given the fact we still have no 4th class update here in NovaRO, with no ETA as well , could be sooner or later. it would be nice if this patch is included on release day, considering this is the first rebalance patch for Expanded Classes. now im translating what are the changes we have. Dragon Knight Imperial Guard Wind Hawk Troubadour / Trouvere Arch Mage Elemental Master Meister Biolo Shadow Cross Abyss Chaser Cardinal Inquisitor Night Watch Sky Emperor Spirit Handler Hyper Novice Soul Ascetic Shinkiro / Shiranui
  2. humm okay i dont know about other classes yet , but at least for the class im playing Inquisitor. several skills are not changed. Explosion Blaster should have lower cd and lower AP generation which is 4 not 5 after rebalance patch. Third Consecration HP/SP regeneration has base of 5% ( similar with Sura's GT Cure ) this part is correct. for each skill lv, it is increased by 1%. so 10% at lv 5, then increased based on base lv ( this part i dont know how much ) but comparing kRO version with novaRO, kRO version has a way higher HP/SP heal. ( would assume it is baselv/100 ) though in the end, HP absorption based on damage like hunter fly still better, doesnt mean this skill should be bugged
  3. what about 4th class rebalance patch ? not yet added in novalabs?
  4. AnnAnna

    Patch Notes #176.5

    from malangdo i think, not necessarily cash shop, both the box and the stone can be vended. the stone itself is cheap, as we look for current vending data of KRO, Ranger Stone II Garment price is 2.7m zeny
  5. AnnAnna

    Patch Notes #176.5

    im unaware that you can exchange Lapis to Jade, and Jade to Amber. now along with Pity system, this is twice better. thank you for your hardwork.
  6. I do believe it will be better if you all include it in Weekly Reward, assuming you will get 2 Honed Amber, 2 Honed Jade, 2 Honed Lapis per week, you would need 1 month of doing weekly to craft the set. i mean you could farm for 3-4 days by your own and craft the set or waiting a bit longer which is total of a month for that from weekly reward at your own pace. in the end it is all same but this surely will help a bit, especially if you own multiple characters with different classes. besides, all the reason why this system created is not revive the gameplay experience of card farming right ? what to revive tho? we are all have experienced that or still experiencing that everyday trying to get the cards we want. i can see this is all created to make players occupied because of the delayed "MH3" . if player progressed too fast, they have no content left to do in game. so that my suggestion is, for anyone who have time to do this all over again I do pray may the luck be in your favor. however it would be wise for Nova team to provide an alternative way for people with several limitations. maybe they dislike the map choices, they are not strong enough for the mobs, they do not have suitable class for that, they are not pvm player to begin with, whatever their reasons are not the concern, the concern here is, how to encourage them to participate in, if possible in a way that suits them best.
  7. Eheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thanks novaRO <3
  8. AnnAnna

    Introducing Nova Labs

    in my case im sure it is not GRF, cause I never play with it. solved by unequip all gears + including shadow gears , then relogging . bugged again, cant add other skills, after adding some.
  9. AnnAnna

    Introducing Nova Labs

    for some reason i cannot even add 4th class skill, so i tried to reset my skills. now i cannot add any skills at all, is there a workaround for this ?
  10. AnnAnna

    Patch Notes #166

    pretty interesting i think, though the workaround can be applied to MH2 as well, to promote party plays that have been lost due leech service.
  11. AnnAnna

    Hardcore Mode

    God i died, finally my journey is stopped here i think you guys need to work on this, when you get dc, your character stayed online for few secs, but that was too long i think. i got dc and when i relogged in my character died. out of many ways to die, this is the most unfair one. it was like few % left to 178
  12. AnnAnna

    Hardcore Mode

    THIS IS SO ADDICTING, sad i teleported to random fire pillar and that killed my character immediately, i actually have million zeny already and +9 crimson weapon all gone, but im gonna try again. im addicted to it.
  13. AnnAnna

    Hardcore Mode

    is it possible to put storage in realm of the dead ? i was talking with a friend in discord, by the time i alt-tab my character is dead lol the lv is not a problem, but the gears are such RNG thingy. if it is possible, i would like to request item transfer for dead character. with limitation, you can only transfer 5 items or so.
  14. AnnAnna

    Hardcore Mode

    What about if you get disconnected on hunting ? cause most of times, you will find your character died and returned to town. is there custom for that or ?
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