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  1. :( any hints about Illusion of Labyrinth release date ?

  2. Okay, ill give you idea about Sura, since Longchamp already covered pvm stuff , mostly on gate of hell / tiger cannon. ill just add a bit, if i can give you recommendation, you could go for Asura Strike build. Asura Strike was very good mvping skill , and still be one of the best in future, i can guarantee this even tho im not maining this class anymore as for Asura, this skill is a bit tricky, you need find the suitable ratio for your own character between SP and Atk, which one you should go for , ideally 120 str 90 int is good for this skill, give you room for adding more dex for quick cast time, it is even better when you are in party, due Sacrament. never go higher than 90 int, as Sura has crap base SP calculation, different from ArchBishop, adding 30 more int ( lets say you go for 120 int ) gives good amount of increase in base SP. while Sura, meh.. dont waste it. thats why as Sura, ideally you go for Flat SP+ , ideally to have enough flat SP before adding SP+% should you focus for maxsp ? nooo, if you have very low atk, is it not recommended at all. is Lady Tanee mvp card good ? yes and no at same time, to be honest, the damage increase it gives from increasing max sp and the penalty it gives which is lowering your max HP is really bad. should you focus for atk ? also bad, if you have low max sp lol. in the end it depends on your gears, the way you gears the sura, even pet can make difference, when to use High Orc, when to use Abandoned Teddy. the key is on Diminishing Return at Asura Strike damage formula. do not try to stack one of them blindly. Skill Tree is just at least get lv 5 Asura Strike from Monk Tree , for Gears, Longchamp have covered almost all the gears that Sura need in PVM Weapon, Armor, Accessories, etc. im not gonna write long paragraph here, cause he already covered everything in 2 Pages of Wiki pick the best combination from them, you can learn from that. here some from my recorded run, taken months ago, as for Ghost type, you could think something better like Knuckle Arrow. ( nah just wait for 17.1) Valk Kraken Nightmare Bapho Vesper and Morroc Daily bully 19m Asura I probably have one where i one shotted Hard Root of Corruption and went to kill Hard Amdarais somewhere in my replay files. Oh well after writing this, i feel like i want to go play sura again Q_Q, maybe after ep 17.1 update, to upgrade her gears, also if we talk about cards and gears,, they are just boring critical+ at this point, even if you use them those gears are just gonna boost you very little to none. or just skip, wait for 17.1 and KRO Sura Improvement Patch come to Nova RO. heh..heh...heh.. hehhh..... ( i now main Exceed Break RG tho ) Thats it from me, hope it helps. There is no exact answer regarding which build is the best, The question should be Which one best fits your playstyle? just want to create Sura as tank-slave in party ? thats also fine
  3. there is similar topic already, you can check this thread hope it helps
  4. This is awesome, thanks. however is it possible to make the track goes to text channel instead private pm by bot ?
  5. Magnum Break buff duration, thanks
  6. I do believe if you want to get into top 5 rank, you should not waste a party slot for support class. All should go DPS, and yeah the party consist of RK, SE, Ranger.
  7. Not sure, but crit RK or GX or SE also good i think, Ranger and Gene will get nerf in future, according to devs they may bring the changes from RO Zero to RO Renewal, just like what they usually do, like this mass rebalance patch, it comes from RO Zero. many changes we have right now, comes from RO Zero. in that patch, it is stated, - Acid Demonstration will have 2 secs Cooldown, - Sharp Shooting will have 0.8 secs Cooldown - Spiral Pierce 1.5 secs - Shield Chain 0.7 secs
  8. AnnAnna

    Patch Notes

    Holy Shit, finally that Knuckle is here.
  9. Awesome, thanks for your hard work Nova.
  10. AnnAnna

    Patch Notes

    I think shield weight wont affect the formula anymore, or maybe just a little bit of it. the difference between +10 Cross Shield and +9 Mad Bunny ( weight 0 ) is too small it is just 30% shield chain damage bonus instead of weight. i can get 600k with gloomy shyness, without insignia / deluge etc buff but it is still physical attack, so Meh.
  11. AnnAnna

    Patch Notes

    Shield Chain still melee attack, even though it has 11 cells range now ? Kasa does reflect my damage,
  12. AnnAnna

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    the damage is still sad for me, i have +11 YSFPlate, +9 Bradium Shield with Tamruan, PER buffalo combo +9 HBP menblatt, +6 temp str EA4, +9 Ruff Officer, +12 Metal Stick with triple AK those all only give me 70k-75k with crusader spirit. i havent tried with Gloomy Shyness , but since they will remove that skill in future, i better not try with it. can it be at least 200-250k spam ? but yeah, if you compare it with old Shield Boomerang, thats far better. waiting for new Shield Chain. also the skill is Forced Neutral, from what i have observed, means no elemental Advantage and i cannot combo it with Insignia etc.
  13. AnnAnna

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    I can confirm this, they already changed everything regarding monk, including knuckle size mod.
  14. AnnAnna

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    Hey Nova, what about Knuckle size modifier ? have you changed it yet ? according to Sigma's post in divine pride forum. "Adjusts size penalty of knuckle Currently : small 100% / medium 75% / large 50% New : small 100% / medium 100% / large 75%"
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