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  1. It would be easy to do it if they use the database email you provide when registering an account, the main problem is, how to make it work with the RO Client.
  2. Happy almost two years on this forum!

  3. When you chat normally you type on one entire bar but it has a tiny rectangle that isnt filled. That is the whisper, there you input the #channel you want (ex: you want to talk to the spanish community so you type #spanish). Then you type your message on the long bar.
  4. Sorry but that is already taken by "Crazy Eyes" Edelgard.
  5. I hope for a positive answer for the memorial. I'm really sorry for the loss.
  6. I love these news about RK, but I can see the gifs * sadpepe *
  7. Busca al GM o a otro encargado en el discord de NovaRO, sección español, le hablé al GM para que hiciera un enlace permanente pero tiene un leve retraso madurativo.
  8. Every now and then, I question myself if I moved on or not in X aspect of my life.

  9. Did you ask to someone that has items that change CRIT (Lucky Day Buff or Ribbon Fox Ears) to test this exact thing of looking up on the @battlestats command reflects the change?. It could be that the skill is doing fine but the command doesn't reflect it.
  10. If you're suggesting something, at least try to not be passive-aggressive on the message. You want to convince the matter about implementing the item, prove your points and be sincere about how OP or not could it be the item on live.
  11. I'm not against having another place for the Stylist, but I seem to lack the purpose of he being anywhere from the places that he's already in. I really use the stylist on Brasilis because is quieter and I can see my character well so I could make a better and faster job finding a pallete I like. The thing about it for me is what are the requirements for a city/place to have an stylist more than a suggestion. Still, I hope you have an official answer that can be positive for you Takechiyo!
  12. Here are three examples of this discussion, not to portray anything bad but to have an historical view of the matter.
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