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  1. Not saying that i don't know it takes time and it needs a lot of fixes.. But damn it's getting hard waiting. Sitting on my Soul Linker everyday, doing basicly nothing while waiting
  2. It's fixed. Thanks a lot for the fast work. Can close this now.
  3. Tried the fixes, doesn't seem to work. But thanks. Guess i'll try reinstalling the game.
  4. After i updated today, to patch 1.5.3 I've been experiencing that my turbo buttons have slowed down quite a lot. https://gyazo.com/97600998919363fce973d5eff9629bad In the video, the second the mouse changes to the skill icon, i'm holding down the turbo button. But as it shows, it takes almost a whole second before the turbo button actually presses a mouse click for it to use the skill. It does pick up pace after holding it down for a longer period of time, but as said, almost a whole second before the first skill is used. I've heard others having similiar problems. However it doesn't seem to affect all. Edit: After investigating further, it seems the delay is even worse if you're facing the opposite direction. https://gyazo.com/2fad4f4d8f5ef1f85250cd180355c2b3
  5. After standing in izlude which seems to be the standard spawn point, i've noticed that several people are looking for the "Teleporter". I often have to tell them that the teleporter is Warper and even show them where the NPC is. So i'd like to suggest that we get an icon above the Warper's head, just like we have for the 3 other main NPC's. (Kafra, Tool Dealer and Healer) It's a minor thing, but i really think it would help out new people who might be a little lost at first.
  6. MMORPG's are meant to progress. While this is a very custom thing to add, it's an improvement that isn't breaking anything in my opinion. It's making things easier for people, so they won't need tons of Geneticist and have to keep swapping gear over and over, which is very annoying. I don't have a Geneticist myself, and i'll say yes to this. To the people who say "But i've spent so much time leveling several Geneticist" If you are annoyed about the time spent, you're playing the wrong game. The game is a big grind in itself. You spend hours upon hours to grind for cards, costumes, gear and so on. Also, if time is so much an issue, then think about the time you save in the end, for not having to change character and gear everytime you want to use a new homunculus.
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