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  1. dadalin212

    Question about GRFs

    Cosmetic-type edits are fine. "Do not modify your game files. Any modification that gives you an unfair advantage is not allowed (ex: altering sprites for skill delays, etc). The exception to this rule is cosmetic changes." https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Rules
  2. dadalin212

    Chibi Mode

    Hi, chibi mode stopped working (both current and old client) after the recent patch that added the nova.ngrf file. I've tried editing data.ini to change the sequence (switch from 1=nova.ngrf 2=JobSprites.grf ===> 1=JobSprites.grf 2=nova.ngrf) but was blocked by RagnaShield when starting NovaRO.exe. For now, the only way I can get chibi mode to work is by reverting back to the previous old client that doesn't utilize the nova.ngrf file (had to remove it from data.ini though). I'm wondering if there are other alternatives to resolve this issue? Or does this mean chibi mode is being phased out? TIA
  3. dadalin212

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    My sincerest apology for derailing the topic, but yeah, 80k in cursed fragment and still no lvl 5 is just wrong.
  4. dadalin212

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    400-500 kills per hr? Random member parties? No OP equip like +10 or above abusive, right? If true, that's really impressive, would love to join if a spot is if ever avail
  5. dadalin212

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    Ofc is on party share, heck, I played doram 99% of the time. If that were the case, I should've gotten more. And no, most pt don't pop bbg for Bio5. So for a party of 7, you need roughly 100kills for each person to get 1 sentimental fragment. Are my number of 1-2 per 1.5hr of acutal hunting REALLY that far off?
  6. dadalin212

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    Are you accusing me of being a liar? Really? Already got my +9 Midad ME5, what exactly do I gain from lying? And no, the party members are not incompetent. Anyone with enough experience with bio5 knows how fast a party disbands if that happens. And if this thread do get locked up, is would be most likely due to ppl like you who's acting aggressive toward other members. Anyways, that's all I have to say on that matter, feel free to interpret it anyway you like. Now, back to topic. It's been 4 months since Bio5 was realeased, maybe Nova can pull out the numbers from the server to see how may ppl who were able to get a desirable enchant (eg ME/ACCUTE/METTLE) and what level of enchant to see if any changes should be done. Just my $0.02.
  7. dadalin212

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    Oh shit, really? I thought that was just a joke. I feel you, man. It kinda remind me the time I spent 450m in HDs just to +15 a +10 crimson mace bought for 250m. XD
  8. dadalin212

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    It took me ~30k cursed to get to ME5 (after 5 failed ME4 upgrade attempts) and a friend of mine got hers in 12k, idk where 80k come from, but it's not THAT bad. While I still do Bio5 for fun, the way I see it, simply increase the sentimental fragment drop rate or get rid of non-rare final enchant would greatly encourage more players to participate in bio5. Getting 1-2 sentimental fragments after 2hr (1.5hr of actual hunting + 0.5hr of recruit/restock/break) in a 7-8 ppl pt is simply demoralizing. As for upgrading the final enchant, iirc, ppl in iro/kro mostly stick with lvl3 while lvl5 are as rare as mvp cards. But even at lvl3, it still outshines most of the currently available headgear on this server.
  9. dadalin212

    Chibi Mode

    Really enjoy the chibi mode, can you please update the grf with chibi sprite for SR&SE when you get a chance? Thanks in advance
  10. dadalin212

    Can we have Rope[4]?

    Just buy rope[3] in Comodo weapons shop then do socket enchant (class C) with Seiyablem to add extra slot. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Socket_Enchant
  11. dadalin212

    Cheap alternative: Calf Kingcobra

    Long version (for future reference): Use @wd calf diamondback to find mob id (it's 3749) then use @wi 3749 to find map where mob is located (it's rockmi1) finally, use @navi rockmi1 and it'll show you how to get there Short version: Use @go 43 to warp to Rock Ridge then head to the map on the right, another right, then up. The mob that drop calf DB is the machete wielding elite buffalo bandit. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/monster/3749/elite-buffalo-bandit
  12. dadalin212

    Take all quests option on all eden boards

    Already been suggested, but still waiting for response from GM:
  13. dadalin212

    Improving @noks system

    Rules aren't set in stone, it is up to the GMs to interpret them. I'm sure this isn't the first (and probably won't be the last) time that @noks is called to question, and that the current @noks is configured after many trial&error and careful thought/consideration. With that said, while @noks is not perfect, I personally think it's fair: a reasonable middleground that take both ks and hording into account. Sure, in a perfect world, everyone would be be courteous and respectful, but ofc it isn't or else we wouldn't need @noks in the first place.
  14. dadalin212

    Improving @noks system

    -1 For me as well. Not that I'm against mobbing, but some ppl take it too far. Last time when I was at lasa_dun03, some greedy bastard mobbed like half the dungeon's monsters. If that wasn't bad enough, there was a ranger TPing around AS ppl's mob (mostly failed attempt at ksing my mob due to @noks). Won't be returning to that map any time soon, it's even more ridiculous than gefenia/magma. Rant aside, if you need that much distance to kill the mob you're most likely under(level/equip) or using the wrong class/strategy. Just my $0.02
  15. dadalin212

    Giveaway: Eggring Pin

    I prefer my Eggring scrambled...*takes out a bat* IGN: DaDaLin212