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  2. Thank you for your answer helped me a lot
  3. Hey, i've seen a lot of guides and people saying that Holy and Fire are the top tier elementals you should be aiming for your Crimson Mace in End-Game. That also shows in the prices for these elementals. As i have read in the Forums that elemental cannon balls such as Holy and Shadow overwrite the weapons elementals (Iron Ball takes the weapons elemental partially in to count?) i was asking myself and in that case also you guys if it is worth more than 150m difference in price between Holy/Fire/Neutral and Poison (one of the worst elementals i would guess?) for the extra ATK Dmg from the Iron Ball(takes holy element if used with Crimson Mace (Holy)?) compared to the Holy/Shadow ball? Acid Demonstration doesn't have anything to do with it as i understood it's damage is always neutral correct? Edit: If im using Crimson Mace (Poison) with Iron Balls and get Aspersio from an AB will it overwrite my weapon's elemental in that case Poison and make me deal Holy DMG with Iron Balls or will it be half/half or will it still be Poison? Please write your opinions and suggestions I'm very new to renewal and i might be overlooking something that i didn't consider. Thanks.
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