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  1. i dont think those se even bother to report it since its benefit them and almost most of us dont even know about this...if this guy dont make a post about it i guess we never know about it...right? https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/11267-allow-all-expanded-classes-wear-valkirian-manteau/
  2. technically or not...they not in the part of trans class...being a 3rd class doesnt means ur a part of trans class....and i dont think i need to put the family ro tree classes here for ppl to get the point
  3. 3rd class or not star emperor not even part of the trans class...read the item description ty
  4. ah right im forgot about that...but then again i thought we only have skill custom behavior...never thought we have custom behavior for eq too...they better remove it if not others ppl will start asking for more item custom behavior
  5. well because u said "that would incentive everybody to play WoE" i thought it would imply for both woe tho since seeing gm always make an announcement that needed some certain class for draft woe...
  6. what kind of effect does se get if they use vm? i thought vm effect depends on their class and i dont see SE class or any related to SE class at item description there? kinda weird there if SE using it or dont tell me they get some special effect? remove it pls
  7. does it imply to draft woe too? since pretty much every week draft woe we lacking a numbers of certain job and with this addition we might seeing more ppl at draft woe...right?
  8. of course bg is easier compared to bio 5 and im 100% sure even those pvmers gonna choose the bg instead...since all pvmers has to do it just join them while for bio 5 they need a lots of time wasted like creating pt sometimes take hours and need the party to last longer for that 400 kills...sometimes the bio 5 party lasted less than 1 hr which is pretty much fail for that 400 kills..
  9. nova already said before they have plans for it https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/topic/10892-bg-dailies-suggestion/
  10. so now u want em to sell leeching...ah
  11. not a bad idea since its more easier that way
  12. well for me better reduce the requirement needed for change leader...sometimes need 7 or 8 votes to change the leader kinda annoying plus some players either veteran or fresh lazy to use that voteleader command...
  13. i dont think any players use this manteau anymore for woe nor bg tho and by seeing the price that u post and the demand for it at trade channel compared to challengers blindfold and handkerchief in mouth...so for me this manteau really need some change to make it worth...
  14. no more free exp leech at agh after this #sad
  15. well i know those ppl farming mvp like crazy to get the cards and at first im cool with it (mvp card at bg) but now seeing ppl like straight give up when they see arias ninja on the opposite team and like meh lets just lose this game...its start to get annoying tho...like come on at least put up a fight instead of just rushing to arias and suicide
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