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  1. is there any chance we can make the exchange system? example exchange the soul for energy/sentimental/cursed fragment? since idk what to do with these extra tons of souls
  2. kizzy

    FE Draft WoE

    well we already pass the 185 patch...so we gonna do this?
  3. well i tried to ask around (ppl from various servers) they said dark illusion back then have bug that the gx not jump to the target and its become range atk skill...but i dont see that bug in this server and inside bg the dark illusion work just fine...so i dont know why its disable in woe and draft?
  4. i dont see the reason why dark illusion aka gx skills being disable in draft and woe...is there any chance gm can enable this skill? thx
  5. look at ur minimap red dot there...u just need to go that place
  6. just how many rangers that we see trapping in bg? pretty much just one and how many class can and ways to remove trap? A LOT and yet ppl acting like ankle snare is hard to remove? LIke come on guys does ankle snare really that HARD to remove?
  7. some of u sura think snap is official behavior in bg??? and u think the consumables foods aka speed pot and guyak have same mobility like snap?? Man, please....
  8. hi gm...can u guys add candy(item code 529) at npc pet groomer? for sweet drops pet food?
  9. tbh im kinda shocked at first when see this topic start from someone play wl that have the skill to remove this trap.... and again just how many rangers did u see use ankle snare at bg nowadays? just 1 and sometimes he barely use it beside like others said there a lots class that can remove this trap ...
  10. how often curse is applied? how about u check it when bg hh up
  11. back then got 1 ranger that always trap in bg...if u a regular bg pretty much u know that ranger but nobody make a fuss about it? why? because that ranger have no dmg all he do is trap...but this new trap ranger or same ranger that make a comeback with good eq( well idk if same ranger or not) can make damage aka kill ppl now and suddenly its become an issues? check the date...
  12. do you see how bad bg right now with those cursed roaming around? not just sorc use it but wl and sc too...and why we wanna waste stats points for it when we can get consumable item for it? beside its just for bg
  13. we already have repair scroll for broken eq why cant we have panacea for removing curse? since i see bg nowadays full of AOE magic curse tho...heck not to mention if wl+bragi spam
  14. back then got 1 ranger always make trap during bg conquest but i dont see anyone talk about it....but if they make any change with ranger trap...i hope it would effect others annoying traps too like mins Poem of the Netherworld skill....
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