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  1. kinda agree with the loot system at ein3 and odin4... farming solo -less loots because of the system -farming with friends -need to match our time when to farming etc2...waste of time -farming with randos -its like the leech party...they promise not to afk but afk the whole time (not even buff or attacking) -farming with the leech party -they promise to give the loots when the run is over but they run away with the loots instead... here im really hope they revert this party loot system at ein3 and odin4...just make it normal pls
  2. Doubt it will be much easier unless gm team wanna make 2 set quest for weekly...normal mode and hard mode...of course the rewards will be different too...like hard mode reward is the same we have right now while normal mode u gonna get like half of it...
  3. Different classes but weapon suggestion all sword/axe type...just make an rk lmao
  4. Now what? What wrong with tank sura in this instance? And why tank class wanna become dps now? This instance show how players supposed to play the roles...instead of thinking who care about the roles...
  5. Ikr...like its gonna be damn boring if everything behind mh related content
  6. For me its fine the way its is right now...if u worry about the flee mobs...others dps in the party can take care of it...and another reason i like this instance the way its is right now because there is no way player can solo it...
  7. did i ever said dont play it? See...ppl like u love to assume thing...u have no idea how boring old sf is...like ara said some multiplayer game hard to play because of lack of ppl... Hey this forum free for all...i can come and read and comment whenever i want...dont like my post? Ignore it and dont read it... And what with ur last sentence?
  8. of course im aware this is rant post like bunch of numbers rant post about summer before...i mean like can u guys put it on rest already...since this thing already happen and its almost 2 months now...idk what u mean by show off u can do it like there is bunch of players can do the weekly too...almost every costume content that gm make there always some small population players will hate it...nothing new about it...and what i dont understand is why people like you act like if u dont do the weekly ur life as players in nova ro is over...like seriously ro its not all about weekly stuff...there
  9. for me this FS its like their testing stuff to see how the community adapt to it and im sure they know what to do for others events when they see the feedback they get during this FS weekly how about remove the entire weekly concept? problem solved everyone not gonna get stressed for this weekly thing anymore
  10. summer event almost 2 monts and ppl still up to this? really guys? this event not permanent...
  11. kizzy

    Healing Role Update #142

    About the golden gun...sc can atk during hiding?
  12. I hope we done with this topic since gm team already make a huge huge huge change to make it more more more easier for the players that busy or no time for weekly because the real job/life/whatever it is...can i suggest here to close this topic? Since i dont see the point anymore for this topic...
  13. No no no no....we dont need more lazy pvmers in pvp area...we already had enough at bg...its painful to watch
  14. Yea make 2 set weeklies...the old set weeklies only give 2 bsb..old set easy to clear anyways...give more than 2 kinda too much...since most of us just want to finish the weeklies asap because we got no time..and for the new weeklies just stay with the current reward 10/11 bsb...
  15. Pls pls pls dont go edda and become tank with wi...its not use there...u better off use comet instead...way more useful for party...
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