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  1. FYI: hugel racing update comes with safe certs up to +11. They're actually pretty difficult to get if you don't have hundreds of bots crowding it the races.
  2. And they both want fairer more balance matches. The system isn't for bragging rights it's to prevent the 5 people coming in from woe all ending up on the same team against a super novice, a minstrel that has 90 int and a ranger in complete white wing set.
  3. you don't need to make separate queues, just balance the teams based on ELO that way skilled players are evenly spread out across both teams.
  4. We have GMT accessories and enchants now those are better in every practical way. Thanks Nova.
  5. I mean if even Arias thinks is too hard... it might be. Although, the garment is super irrelevant, I'm more surprised that you wouldn't be changing anything else in bio5 since it's just sooooo popular already.
  6. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome. tbh does not seem that powerful considering melee only and limited usage, barely spam-able. I understand FSK is a thing but that seems like a major risk considering the class can't reliably escape after doing so. (FSK to allies is custom, this should be removed) Also, doesn't the skill also have fixed cast time?
  7. That's not something I can really control but I feel like that is nonsense. I could just as easily say all the people who disagree with me are haters and ignoring any arguments against that. But I wont because that's a stupid assumption to make. I have not even posted this thread on my own discord. I can't help what happened to me. I even said in one of the first posts that I feel really bad for the server since my experience being broadcast is definitely giving a much worse idea of the content to those who watch. I don't like being negative, I love the server and hope the best for it. However if I drop 80k Cursed fragments on a headgear and get nothing for it, well it's unfortunate that this is the experience that many people will see first. I don't know why anyone would make a suggestion they personally wouldn't want. I also don't understand why getting a suggestion passed like this would put me at any advantage. I don't have cursed fragments saved up I've already used them all, 80,000 of them in fact. I make this suggestion because investing this much for nothing is an utterly awful experience and I want to make sure that no one else has to suffer through this like I have. It's truly been a terrible experience, the content itself is fun and challenging, which is nice. but even my party is starting to get bored and move on and the main reason is "I'm never gonna get it, why bother" even though we can very easily clear the content many of the players in my own party, the party which managed to shove 80,000 cursed fragments into a headgear don't feel like this reward is feasible to obtain. Call me crazy but I have a hard time finding issue with an enchant system where a person who gets more enchant materials gets the enchant they want. But it's not even that I want it easier, I think the average spending to get level 5 is perfectly acceptable right now, or at least what I've heard from other players. I just want a safety net for these hyper extreme cases since they're actively scaring a lot of players away from the content and they feel utterly terrible. It's really unfortunate that my specific experience was so insanely terrible but that's not really something I can control.
  8. Arias is an extremely high end player. There is a lot more going into that AD than just instant cast. ME5 is a strong tool but is not anywhere close to the level of some of the MVP cards in this game and it's fair to assume that some of them have a contribution to that damage. Like what was done in OGH? Reminder that on kRO there is a chance for the temporal boots to break every enchant attempt and every level along the way. I have a feeling OGH would be way less popular if we had the official enchant system. In fact most enchantment or crafting systems do have some leeway in them from official behavior. Very few of these processes are actually unchanged. I mean, I could just play doram and SE, get higher damage without this cancer content. but that does not really solve the problem for the people who don't want to play 1 of the 2 viable dps jobs in endgame content and raises an unrelated concern of class balance we're seeing lately.
  9. Since the literal topic of the thread is to tone down the insane bell curve found on this specific enchant system. I don't see any better way to argue for that than real world examples. Not saying they should be easy to get. I'd like everyone to work around the same amount of them though. It's completely unfun and unfair that someone could end up working 20 times harder for the same reward they may not even get. This mirrors the current refine system which is such a major issue on the server that literally every content update released this year has had a fair pushback from players who are sick and tired of it. Most players are not engaging with a fair amount of the content because they refuse to push their luck beyond +7. If you need evidence that actual players have issues with this kind of progression, go read some of the recent RMS reviews. It's more so... "Why does he get it in 5 minutes and I need to work for 5 weeks?" The massive sways in the RNG are very unfair and on the nature of it, most players on either side of the curve are very vocal, making the average player either envious or anxious, neither are good for the longevity of the content IMO.
  10. while its super off topic @The One Left @Ariasmen Let's not forget that the sentimental Fragments are the first choke point in your crafting process, so as players are just starting the content they'll obviously get less. Yes, its possible to get more with gum and and a faster and smaller party but this is not indicative of the average player experience at all. There may be an issue if you don't get any within an hour but as we've seen with other RNG things, a large sway in results is indeed possible. Personally I've had runs on gum where I only got about 3 senti in 1.5 hours, other members of my party got plenty but due to the loot share I just happened to get the short end of the stick, it happens and unfortunately its pretty hard to convince everyone to be communist when they have more drops. Anyway, can we please stop interrogating people with bad luck and get back on the topic. If you'd like to make a suggestion about sentimental fragments please make your own thread, there may be an issue there but this is not the place to discuss this.
  11. Really. The worst part is I'm also streaming this experience which is obviously doing wonders for getting people excited about bio 5.
  12. Me. I've spent 80k and I've still not gotten it. Who knows how much this actually ends up costing but there's currently no end in sight. I'm not saying it should be easy, but I would like to taper off some of the extremes of the bell curve, having experienced one myself and knowing how unenjoyable it is.
  13. TBH most people avoid bio 5 because its too difficult and RNG focused, not because its too easy. This has been a running theme for the last several content updates and the solution isn't to make things harder or more official (which in many cases is made in such a way to bolster sales of items we don't even have) but removing the extremes of the bell curve which scare most players away seems to be the most effective way of enticing players. If you need a perfect example of this, look no further than 16.2, a content update which brought a ton of new gear that may have been attractive to several unique builds, but the requirement of +13 on the YSF set made the items virtually unobtainable. As a result there is almost no one doing 16.2 right now, those maps are empty like you're on a beta server. Perhaps the number of people running bio5 is small because they don't want to end up the unlucky person who does end up spending 80,000 cursed fragments and getting nothing for it? Why do you think most players stick to refines like +4 and +7, toning down the absurdly intimidating RNG treadmill of bio5 will increase the amount of players in it, not decrease it. upon the launch of bio5 we seen many players up in arms about the difficulty and refusing to even touch the content because it was too grindy, why on earth would you think making the content more accessible would decrease the amount of players doing it? I mean take 5 minutes to look at how customized our OGH enchant system is. The RNG cancer is reduced in that content by an insane degree and even 3 YEARS later you still see plenty of people gathering parties and running that content because its inviting, the rewards are alluring and realistically obtainable which does a lot to drive players to that content. This mentality assumes people immediately drop the content the SECOND they're done with their specific item, which couldn't be further from the truth. There are plenty of people doing Bio5 with completed headgears, plenty of people doing GMT with perfect PER/MIRs, Plenty of people doing OGH with +9 temporal boots.
  14. Final enchant leveling for the old headgear is obviously a super RNG treadmill. While I don't have an issue with grinding this particular system promotes a wildly different experience across players. Allowing some players to get insanely lucky and just about skip over a large portion of the grind defeating it's purpose and on the other end, players could get so insanely unlucky that they just give up or have such a bad time that it starts to interfere with their enjoyment of the game. Suggested solutions 1. Increase the success chance for each time that specific headgear has failed. This keeps everything mainly the same while offering a safety net for severely bad luck cases. 2. Increased cost for safe upgrade allow players to spend more for an update attempt that wont degrade. Players love safety and I feel this would increase the amount of cursed fragments spent on average since even people who are lucky will probably use them and this creates way less potential for crazy bad RNG occurrences to happen. These are just some ideas, if the GMs want to go another way with this suggestion, I'm not against it. PS: Since I know this is a meme, please don't post something along the lines of "You just want easy items" Unless you've used at least 80,000 cursed fragments on your headgear and still don't have your desired enchant.
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