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  1. Hello, NovaRO. After some self-deliberation and consultation to people I trust, I've decided to take an indefinite hiatus in NovaRO. Some of you may or may not know me, and would probably just shrug this post. But before I take another step outside NovaRO, I'd like to tell why I decided this. I've been feeling really down since the "reversion" of GX in MH, as I geared up my GX for such content. When it happened, I feel like I've totally invested for nothing and my efforts gone to waste. I even regeared my RK, just to catch up with the "META" in order to be on par with other people to play MH. Some people would say that "Why don't you just gear the class you love to play?" Maybe it's easy to say but it's quite uneasy to just accept that all the efforts and time you invested in our character for the "unique" content... feels like nothing. I know GX is still a good DPS outside MH, and it's still viable in MH even with less than 60% strength. It's just that I feel uneasy lately with the MH content. Even trying to make a group for it didn't remove my unease. Second, I'm feeling lethargic with weeklies. Most of you would probably feel the same way that weeklies have become such a chore. "But it's so fast to do! I can finish it in a day." is probably the statement of some of you... It's just that, there is this feeling that if you rush weeklies, you'll have nothing to do. But if you slack weeklies, you feel getting left behind. Really makes you think... Besides I already missed my weeklies for two weeks... Then I asked the people around me, and the partner I trust... They all say I need a break from NovaRO. I don't want to trigger my stress and anxiety again (I was under psychiatric therapy for 2 years because of depression.) So I believe I have to really take time to step out of the game. But if you need me for MH, WoE or KoE. I'm around discord. Just a PM away. Thanks, NovaRO. I'll come back when I'm ready. Hope you guys have fun. Big expectations for MH3, though. See ya! tldr: Tired. Need a break. Hiatus for now. P.S. Ping me when you need Satella Pinoy RNG Luck.
  2. THE SHEPHERDS is now open! I am now kick-starting an MH-focused group/guild for our custom content. It is made for the idea to help newbies and the people who have difficulty to find groups for MH. It is because they are either not-meta or simply called "deadweight" by some randoms. I've been alone too for so long, and now I decided to help those who are starting in MH! If you're decided to learn and play MH, join the discord: https://discord.gg/5nrqpCg I hope that I could try and help out, at least until Garronath XD -Satella
  3. I see Shadow Chasers as tanks with Dark Claw.
  4. Setting aside the charts and all that, players invested huge amounts of investment for their class, and with a snap of a finger, you take it away. And now if players invest again to a particular class and it goes detected by your DPS meter dealing cheese damage, you'll nerf it again. Pattern now is: And the cycle repeats. Meanwhile, RK remains with minimal change. Compare to the tantamount expenses done to a class that will be nerfed if it is detected as a cheese strat, RK needs minimal investment and still outDPS most DPS Classes.
  5. After reading everything, I'm still displeased or not convinced. The whole point of this post seems like "GX is making huge numbers and RK is not far behind, but we decided to nerf GX instead!" @Ariasmen is right. You take away all the investments (time, zeny, real money) of the people with this fiasco. While RK had minimal changes with MH content, GX had their EDP damage reduced, their SbK nerfed and now their CI gone and poof. So, why not make a commission for MH with developers and players? It feels like a roulette. "Abracadabra, let's nerf this class/skill!" I'm a GX-MH2 user until we got hit by the nerfhammer. I invested everything to my GX, only to deal sub-par damage compared to RK who seems like your favorite class. (I play RK now and it feels so bad...) Right now, I invite GX people because a lot of GX gets rejected in MH parties because of this nerf. --- I know you guys actually played the actual Monster Hunter. And hunters farm over and over again to invest in gears, weapons, armors, decorations and the like in order to do cheese strats. Some actually gets toned down but the actual weapon doesn't "die out" and players will get over the toning down... However, what you did is taking away one of the decent remaining kit of a class. Right now, players are gonna invest to another class and will find ways to cheese strat under 5-7 minutes. And when you're unsatisfied with the cheese strat, you'll probably go "Woop dee doo, nerf dee doo." again. --- Give other class the buff they need. You guys don't like the term of META for MH, but there is barely any class topping the charts (Less than 5), and mostly the Wyvern is full of RKs like in a ratio of 70% RKs, 30% other classes.
  6. Raihan

    Patch Notes

    This MH "fix" is pretty stupid. First, you nerf one of the best utilities Genetic has to offer, assisting ABs to heal with AoE potion pitching. Second, you nerf (or should I say revert?) CI for GX, one of the classes that can be on-par with RKs in terms of MH DPS. So to play MH, you have to play the best choice for DPS which is an RK that got at least 3 times "buff" First is the Str Nive fix. Second is the Str Buff bonus fix. And lastly, provoke. How easy it is for RKs to provoke themselves via Auto-Berserk? Ridiculous. NovaRO? More like Rune Knight Online to me. P.S. you haven't even fixed Xenoslasher. smh.
  7. Gene Rework? More like Gene nerf :/
  8. GENE REWORK. *INHALES* *EXHALES* GENE... REWORK!!!!1111111!!!!!!!
  9. Hey all. Just here to drop by again for a bit. Some of you might know me as the guy waving around his Lindy Hop with Queen Scaraba Scroll. Anyways, jokes aside, what's a good char to play casually and invest? Country's currently on a quarantine, so I decided to drop by and... play a bit.
  10. RANDOM DISCUSSION: Discard everything you know about the current meta, the latest trends and what nots. You're new to NovaRO but not new in Ragnarok in general. With a little read of things and classes, you decide on a character a "newbie" like you would play. Don't ask from anyone. You are alone in this game and you jumped to try it out. #main doesn't exist. #support doesn't exist. Other's opinions don't matter at this point. The question: What's the first class/job you'll take or make and why?
  11. Hello. Real life got me. So, what's up and what's new?
  12. Lindy Hops, JDR, Sunflower Boy, Crimson Bows, Crimson Maces, VM Bows, VM Maces, VM Daggers, VM Sabers, etc. All mentioned above are higher tier money required profit and gambling to be actually sold. +7~15 in a sense. Abusive Robes, Flattery Robes, Excellion Suits. You can do Banquet of Heroes and Charleston Daily to make one. At least +7 them. They involve Enriched Oridecons and Eluniums beyond +4/+5 at this point.
  13. Note: This is all based on experience and it might help you all, esp. those starting at NovaRO. STEP 1: Make a Ranger. By making a Ranger, you're on the first step to make zeny! Be sure to do its Eden Equipment set for starting items. STEP 2: Go to Dewata Dungeon 2. Make sure to get the ff. skills: 1. Warg Rider 2. Warg Strike. Both at max level. Your targets here are Banaspaties. Loot Rough Oridecons only. (@alootid+ Rough Oridecons) Once you're on 90% weight, dump the roughs at your storage and repeat the process. STEP 3: Turn your Roughs to Oridecons Every 5 Roughs is equivalent to 1 Oridecon. It would be best if you have a merchant-class to carry all your hard-farmed oridecons. You can make a dummy guild and drop all your Roughs there. Meanwhile w/ your merchant, you withdraw them and go to Payon to make Oridecon. STEP 4: Make a merchant account for auto-trade. Sell your oridecons based on the market price (@ws Oridecon). Always go a bit lower than the market to sell it faster. Since you have a merchant account on autotrade, continue farming with your Ranger with Oridecons. STEP 5: Get a White Wing Set and at least a +4 Malicious (Hunter Fly) Thanatos Bow Gear your Ranger with the basic White Wing Set and get at least the mentioned bow above. With this, you can at least farm in the next area: Magma 2. (Alternative Geffenia & Juperos, but different loot basis) Autoloot all the misc. loots. Blacklist the heavy equipments and only keep Crimson Orb for Mora Coins. STEP 6: Loot Management: Storage and Overprice. Do not sell your loots as a Ranger. Store them in your storage (like your dummy guild storage). Let your merchant-class with overprice skill lv. 10 sell all the loots for maximum profit. STEP 7: First Step to RNG Now you probably have a little over 30-50m over the course of this guide (in a week). Next thing you do is invest in Heroic Backpacks which are less than 2m these days. Buy at least 10 pcs of +0 Heroic Backpacks. Prepare Eluniums (you can farm them at banaspaty with your rough oridecons). Make 1~2 +7 HBPs. Attempt the leap of fate of 40% to +9 HBP using Enriched Elunium. Sell it for 135m~140m. If you failed at #5, just repeat farming again. [Alternatively, you can create a Mechanic and invest on Calf Diamondbacks which are 4~4.5m each. However, you have to at least a budget higher than 50m.] --- **Guide will be updated weekly if there is a change on the economy of the game.** **Criticism and comments, suggestions are very much welcomed!**
  14. Buying the following materials: [PRIORITIES] Ice Piece Price: 15,000z each Need: 1,500 pieces Cactus Needles Price: 2,222z each Need: 1,500 pieces [LESS PRIORITY] Bee Sting Price: 2,000z each Need: 1,000 pieces Venom Canine Price: 3,000z each Need: 1,000 pieces Poison Spore Price: 666z each Need: 1,000 pieces [STATUS] [Currently the highest buyer.] [PRICES WILL CHANGE DEPENDING ON COMPETITION.] [I WILL ALWAYS UPDATE MY BUYING PRICE.] [I WILL BE HIGHER THAN @wb MARKET'S DEPENDING ON MY WANTS AND NEEDS.] [LOOKING FOR SUPPLIERS. YOU WILL BE PAID HANDSOMELY.]
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