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  1. Excuse me but, when I received the RODex for participation. I didn't get anything from it. It's just empty.
  2. Character name: CedtheSummoner Pet: Ghostring
  3. I really loving this new gears so I made a test with it.
  4. It's that time again of another episode of me winning GM Events. There's still few more to go.
  5. Since I'm a pet collector, I decided to share how I tame them.
  6. Based from this post: https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3237-pet-evolution/ Since it's official to kRO, should we have this? Thanks.
  7. There are some costumes that has [G] in it and it's not possible to obtain them. The following costumes have the [G] slot.
  8. Thanks GM for another wonderful event. Tune in for another GM Event winning series.
  9. Hey, I have a suggestion. How about receiving achievement titles on winning GM events? Examples: Panic Scatter: Scatter Survivor Run For Your Lives: Apocalypse Survivor Floor is Lava: Volcanic Survivor Human Darts: Bullseye. Turbo Track: Road Runner
  10. Thanks GM again for another winning of GM Events. Stay tuned for more.
  11. I've been trying to post buying for days. As a pet collector, I really wanted her because it's too good for my collection. I'm willing to buy it for 120m. IGN: CedtheSummoner
  12. Unfortunately the vids are now complete for their performances unless I missed some.
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