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  1. Welcome! Base homunculus and its mutated forms (the larger version of the base Homunculus) can only reach level 99. Only Homunculus S can go all the way up to 175. In addition, stats don’t particularly matter on Homunculus, especially latter on, so you can rest easy for the most part. Good luck!
  2. Daddy Panic patched my fix in, so patch your game and it should be fixed. (and shifted it over 2 pixels, actually)
  3. You're all invited to my funeral.
  4. Dust


    Keep in mind that souls are not from the bio3 Weapon Exchange. Energy Fragments, however, are from this.
  5. I believe status debuffs will be CAPPED at 20 seconds. Anything lower will not be changed.
  6. Dust

    Sorc SF

    If you mean you can’t cast the skill, you need to first cast a bolt skill. Before the bolt finishes casting, you press Spellfist. Then you’re free to autoattack.
  7. Hi there, I’ve started a thread for status icons so we can keep track of them easier. I’ll send this to pending and add it to my list!
  8. Right now, we have MVP cards allowed (one per team) every other month, so both people who want and don't want MVP cards allowed have their time to shine. In regard to the time change suggestion, do you have a suggested time frame if you're proposing a change? Keep in mind that the current time was voted on by the community.
  9. Moved from Gaming to Suggestions
  10. Dust

    Rebellion & Mechanic Updates

    Just don't get hit :^)
  11. Dex matters very little in the ASPD calculation. It’ll probably raise your aspd up 3-4 maybe. But before you do any resetting, have you tried using the aspd consumables? The standard ones people use such as Awakening Potion, Enriched Celermine Juice, and Guarana Candy? In addition, what GX build are you going for?
  12. The first suggestion is similar to this topic in Pending Suggestions. As for an ELO system, I believe that we've said before that we wouldn't be implementing ELO, but circumstances may have changed so I'll leave the topic unlocked.
  13. For a new suggestion, please make a separate topic. Locking this.
  14. Dust

    Interuprted Skill

    Hey there, I'll be moving this to Class Discussions, since the suggestion forums is for Suggestions towards the server ^^;
  15. Cleaned up some of the posts. Reminder to keep this topic civil.
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