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  1. "Selfie of The Fallen" IGN: Gaghiel *[GM] Panic Challenge: Draw a Royal Guard
  2. This will be kinda unrelated but let me ask something. All those new, promotional artwork for MH2 (loading screen with scenery, original characters etc) were commissioned work specifically for this server? If so, that's really amazing. I'm loving all the work put into the details!
  3. Opa! Suuuuper me interesso! Ando um pouco ausente do jogo mas adoraria poder fazer parte do grupinho! Depois darei um pulo em Amatsu para me encontrar com vocês... Tem algum horário que seja mais fácil/bacana de encontrá-los por lá?
  4. why is everything here so pretty oh my gosh
  5. Gaghiel

    Giveaway: Eggring Pin

    A 17carat diamond may be quite continental, but eggring pins are a girl's best friend ~ IGN: not a furry
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