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  1. Frunckie

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    Why nerf frost joke
  2. Frunckie

    Revert WoE1 Castle back to the old rotation

    I'm probably quitting if we revert to the smaller 1 entrance castles. I know Cyr gets a lot of flack for being stale, but I think a lot of you guys voting for the revert have not experienced playing in the smaller castles. You cannot regroup properly with 1 entrance on 1 castle, the castles are small enough to where you'll get 10 breaks in an hour. Defending is not feasible in the smaller castles. The only castle that's reasonable to play is Mardol and even that would be a mess with the way WoE is now played. I think the best solution at this point would be custom larger castles, but that's probably too much to ask for.
  3. Frunckie

    Cluster Bomb in BG

    If you teamkill in the KvM buff phase with rangers cluster bomb, it will bug the lives out and the round won't end until it times out even if your entire team is wiped.
  4. Frunckie

    Three Word Story

    Follow my Spotify
  5. Frunckie

    [WoE2] 815

    We're not recruiting any specific class at the moment, but if you're dedicated and want to get into woe feel free to reach out to me. Frunckie#4000
  6. Frunckie

    make BG foods useable in PVP room

    If nothing else maybe enable them in the gvg arena, it would be nice with a place to test builds fully buffed
  7. Frunckie

    [WoE2] 815

    Looking for an AB to play in our permanent roster, pm me here or on discord Frunckie#4000
  8. Frunckie

    [WoE2] 815

    Video from last WoE2, currently not recruiting any specific classes. But feel free to reach out anyway if you want to get into WoE.
  9. Frunckie

    Disable mvp cards on draft woe

    We could make it a poll, I'd imagine most people want them off for draft
  10. I'd like to propose changing the WoE2 castle rotation to: 1. Mardol Second largest castle after Cyr, no super strong chokes incase it turns into a 1v1 WoE. The only reasonable points to defend are after third barricade and in emp room, no super strong defensive chokes. 2. Himinn Another fairly large castle, no ridiculous choke points but a fairly strong defensive points in front of third barricade. Reasonable to defend and attack on, easily accomodates 3-4 guilds. 3. Andlangr This is the draft castle. I don't know if other people do, but I don't mind also playing WoE2 here. I think for a 3 castle rotation this is the castle which makes the most sense to have as a third, good size, good defensive points after third + second barricades and in emp room but nothing over the top. Large enough to be playable for 3-4 guilds. Take these out please: 1. Horn Extremely small with 0 good defensive chokepoints, very difficult to defend and only really okay in a 1v1 which I don't think we should be encouraging. Attacking guilds are extremely favored, the size is also very small. 2. Vidblainn Very short castle with extremely small corridors, the chokepoint after second barricade is ridiculously favored towards the defending guild with very strong flag spawns and a long, easy to defend chokepoint where you can stasis / doping / frost joke without any worries. Last few woes in this castle have been 1v1 and I don't think the castle has been enjoyable for anyone.
  11. Frunckie

    Disable mvp cards on draft woe

    +1 I think disabling mvps in draft makes it more appealing to new people getting into woe
  12. Frunckie

    [WoE2] 815

    Currently recruiting a Genetic player
  13. Frunckie

    [WoE2] 815

    Heard you were the best GX
  14. Frunckie

    [WoE2] 815

    You can, Ayothaya belongs to us