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  1. The original argument for running the small castles (Vidblainn, Himinn, Horn) was for the sake of variety and I went with it because I was happy to get them out of WoE 1. However I feel they are negatively affecting draft as well and don't think variety should be forced just for the sake of it. I like Mardol and Andlangr a lot for draft castles, and as much as I like Cyr it might be a bit much for draft so it's between Vidblainn and Himinn for me. Horn is the worst castle I've ever touched and I think it should be locked up somewhere far away.
  2. There has been some complaints about the smaller castles in draft and subsequently the rotation was brought up in the commissioner chat. We've come to the conclusion that a majority vote is the most fair and hence this poll. The top 3 voted castles will be put as the new draft rotation, feel free to pick as many or as few as you like and write your motivation below. The current rotation for draft is: Vidblainn Himinn Horn The current rotation for WoE 1 is: Cyr Mardol Andlangr
  3. Coming up next on the rotation is Vidblainn, an extremely small castle with a ridiculous 2nd barricade choke. The corridors are very tiny, if WoE is ever a 1v1 then 1 hour holds become extremely likely in this castle because of how favored defending is at the 2nd barricade. We currently have 3 large guilds pushing for emp + a lot of smaller guilds fighting around the entrance, space in this castle is very limited so I think the entrance would turn into a mess and not really be fun for anyone. Please consider removing this castle from the rotation and sticking to a 3 castle rotation of Cyr, Mardol & Andlangr.
  4. Made 2 videos for the 185 patch.
  5. if you're doing this please at least wait until after the 185 patch
  6. Hi, I wanted to make WoE videos from different class perspectives: Warlock (Tetra): 175
  7. I'm all for disabling snap but I don't think every movement skill should be disabled. That doesn't really make sense to me. In the end we all want bg to be a fun pvp environment. Disabling snap makes sense to me because sura is by far the most oppressive / high impact class. It takes very little effort to have a huge impact and you can often solo carry rounds with decent gear, not to mention things like breaking conquest stones / stalling kvms by snapping around in a circle until it ends. Yea you could fix the conquest thing without touching sura, but in the end having Suras work like they do now detracts from the fun for a lot more people than those who enjoy it. It is not enjoyable to play against Sura on any other class, they are too over the top as they are now. This change does dramatically nerf the class, I think it's pretty obvious even without testing that they'll go from being the strongest job in bg to one of the weaker ones but I would rather have this than have Sura function as it does now. The reasonable middle-ground would be something like a snap delay or another custom change to tone them down, but I'm not sure how open the staff is to this. Anyway, other than Snap I think the other movement changes are completely unreasonable, if anything I would argue for adding movement options to the less viable classes. Dorams for example are already really weak, disabling Lope only further weakens them which would only detract from peoples fun. As much as I'm for disabling snap I'm against this change, it seems too unreasonable to take every movement option away. I would like an individual look at each class but maybe that's considered too much effort / too custom. I'm not sure. To summarize, I think only suras need to be toned down & other mobility skills are fine.
  8. Frunckie

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    Why nerf frost joke
  9. I'm probably quitting if we revert to the smaller 1 entrance castles. I know Cyr gets a lot of flack for being stale, but I think a lot of you guys voting for the revert have not experienced playing in the smaller castles. You cannot regroup properly with 1 entrance on 1 castle, the castles are small enough to where you'll get 10 breaks in an hour. Defending is not feasible in the smaller castles. The only castle that's reasonable to play is Mardol and even that would be a mess with the way WoE is now played. I think the best solution at this point would be custom larger castles, but that's probably too much to ask for.
  10. We're not recruiting any specific class at the moment, but if you're dedicated and want to get into woe feel free to reach out to me. Frunckie#4000
  11. If nothing else maybe enable them in the gvg arena, it would be nice with a place to test builds fully buffed
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