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  1. "After hearing rumors about a possible invasion upon Niflheim, orchestrated by the Twisted Trickster King. A group of adventurers, seeking to end his reign of chaos, are directed towards the realm of the dead to face off in an epic battle against death itself." In the painting: from left to right our Warlock, Rebellion, Sorcerer and Arch Bishop use a warp portal to get into the realm in the middle of its destruction. The Twisted Trickster King feels them and stops its actions to turn around and intimidatingly look at them, acknowledging their arrival and giving green light to the battle. ─────── My entry! Been a while since I participated in an art contest for a game but I enjoyed this event and I felt inspired to paint something for it. This is my interpretation of an invasion of the Twisted Trickster King upon Niflheim with the characters of my girlfriend and mine. Happy Halloween everyone! IGN: Sphyrnax Wallpaper format 1920x1080 A small gif of part of the process The characters in the painting
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