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  1. Character Name : YurieZ Pets : Christmas Jakk Sasquatch
  2. IGN : YurieZ Pet Name : Hell Poodle Pet Name : Deviling Pet Name : Flame Skull Larger File :
  3. Congratulations to the winners !!! You did a great job Menardy, grats! <5
  4. YurieZ

    Spring Art Contest

    IGN : YurieZ Drawing my guild-mates taking a break after Little Red Riding Hood play (featuring our special guest : Atroce as the wolf ) SS ref:
  5. YurieZ

    Giveaway: Eggring Pin

    I have an eggring as pet in game, I should also have an eggring as pin on my bag. IGN : YurieZ
  6. IGN : YurieZ Gaster Card Full Size
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