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  1. Temp Boots of Luk with BM with King Schmidt's Strong Insignia Strong Fatal 2/3 is more like an end-game build and can use in either WC or Crit build so +7 illusion leg with Overpower is enough for now, Temp Boots of Luk with SoL + Flash Insignia is cheaper but can only use for crit. Keep your WC Build because they are really good DPS in MH 2 right now. I suggest: +7 Illusion Armor A (2xPower 1Delay) +7 Illusion Wing A (2x Crit, Above All) 2x Illusion Booster (Fatal4/aspd4) fafnir combo +8 Lindy with sharp 8 and above You can upgrade your armor then garment to +9 later on.
  2. you can use @mobinfo/@mi to checks information and drops of monsters in-game, @help to check other useful commands
  3. Pretty expensive to be effective, like HS Build that is for end-game. I also saw some vid using AA with PFS and CKS.
  4. and you can still make converters using the old ingredients in main office.
  5. giacapoj

    Edda: Fall of Glast Heim

    Its working now, thanks!
  6. giacapoj

    Edda: Fall of Glast Heim

    always still not working
  7. giacapoj

    Edda: Fall of Glast Heim

    still can't add cor core, unknown part and cursed frags to the buying list
  8. definitely If you have Soul Reaper, Shadow's Soul is really good if your lacking crit when fighting SF MVP
  9. STR: For melee weapons, every point in STR increases StatusATK by +1 and WeaponATK by 0.5%. For ranged weapons, every 5 points in STR increases StatusATK by +1. Each point of STR also adds +30 Weight Limit. The bonus ATK per 10 STR for melee weapons is no longer applied You can also just aim for illusion set
  10. Don't solo bio5 just to get souls Just try joining parties at the earlier days after the weekly reset
  11. Rk needed this update badly, thanks for bring this so early!
  12. I think it's better to ask this after Q2 and the rest of illusion dungeon updates.
  13. For a nuub Physical RK (knows only how to crit things) that just started bg'ing a couple of times before the update, This change is better at least for me. But I do really feels bad for sura's snap and sc fsk getting disabled. Sura's known to just snap everywhere and SC are so dominating before. I don't see much difference in Sura's number not comparable to a lot less SC. Maybe after a couple of months of getting used to this changes, we can have better alternative solution for balancing BG. so this is the reason why I've only seen 1 cat in bg before and after the update.
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