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  1. giacapoj

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    Two-Handed Quicken Increases ASPD by 10%. Also increases Cri and Hit per skill level, Cri + 12 and Hit + 20 on level 10. the +10% aspd stacks now with berserk lol! So good update for RKs.
  2. giacapoj

    Hugel Monster race upgrade (KRO official)

    after knowing that they're not tradabe, I'm not enthusiast as before.
  3. giacapoj

    Mora Quest with no Gear?

    You should be focusing on leveling first and its gets easier to farm when your at max level. You can buy the set rn for 2.6M, Suit, Manteau and Boots for 800k ea and Brooch for 200K. (after that Sound Amp for 700K) Gramps last month has Acidus the drops the brooch
  4. giacapoj


    If you're not well geared better get max level first as the monster there are quite strong. I suggest to just farm other places and the buy your WW gear instead. relevant thread:
  5. giacapoj

    Mora Quest with no Gear?

    As they we're saying, after the update they are just so many items to exchange for mora coins so farming mora dailies is not worth much anymore.
  6. giacapoj

    New Ranger

    You should also check https://discordapp.com/channels/95596385109282816/479381195856150528
  7. giacapoj

    Magic vs. the world

    I finally found you, little monster!
  8. giacapoj

    Make Bio 5 Souls Tradable

    Wow, that's a lot. Keeping souls account bound forces player to go out there and eventually make much helpful class that will keep bio5 farming alive is definitely better than making souls tradable. A pretty well equipped summoner friend of mine got rejected once for not having 193 aspd in pt so I'm just wondering whats the minimum complete set gear I have for my soon-to-be-soul-farmer-fs-ab gonna be? (I have a max level ab on other account which I just use for gloria when making runes XD)
  9. giacapoj


    Checked your replay and found out that your extra Mysterious Flowers came from Mangkukulam as they don't drop Silver Bracelet while you have a consistent ratio from Wakwaks. I just farmed those today in Instance > Bangungot Hospital 2F, no Mangkukulam.
  10. giacapoj

    Make Bio 5 Souls Tradable

    This would be a great news from someone like me who only want to play RK. My class will just gonna meme there For just 1 Soul matching the headgear class (30% chance of success) and 5 for safe path, its pretty understandable why they shouldn't make them tradable, unless increase the required souls XD They already made possible for us to get bio5 hg with lvl5 final enchant and with the upcoming bb in Q2, I just hope we can use them on at least +7 armors.
  11. giacapoj


    Tried hunting Wakwaks so I'm pretty sure Silver Bracelet have 100% drop rate. Based on Silverver Bracelet and Mysterious Flower ratio 1-1. You can't autoloot the card if you use @autoloot .09 and below. Should be at least @autoloot .1
  12. giacapoj

    100% neutral resist vs steelbody

    They never give neutral resistance just a description bug:
  13. giacapoj

    1/19 Surprise Patch Notes

    ripp op samurai mask edit: 1/19 Surprise Patch Notes pogchamp
  14. giacapoj

    Hello, New player needing gear advice!

    If you insist, you might achieve the level of this guy (so much respect, but its kinda hard for me to watch the whole raid). The only reason to farm using hybrid RK: Old Rune Circlet [1] Seyren Windsor Card or easier path: The 3 Stages of NovaRo