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  1. Err.. If you're already on town you might aswell talk to the Kafra, it literally just takes a second to do it. D: Anyways, for me it's a NO.
  2. OMG ~ someone stole my name. D: Yeah, that's not me. I decided to only try ToS after it gets officially released. :b Anyways, cool video. :3
  3. I guess i have been away from the official servers for far too long. But it's understandable since, as you mentioned, they can upgrade their gears without the chance of breaking it. Still, those numbers seem kind of crazy for regular players, i expected some players to have it, but didn't expect it being so common. lol Just to think of how much money they spend to have it.. ew D:
  4. Lol? Even on official servers most people stop at +12~14, and that's for weapons. :| For armors +7~+9 still is the furthest most people go. Of course, there are a few exceptions, but that's about it. /yawn/
  5. Fear not! The Power Warg Rangers have arrived to save the day! /heh/ [img width=900 height=562]http://i1235.photobucket.com/albums/ff425/Koneko_neko/screenNovaRO034_zpshzijnybt.jpg
  6. I honestly don't wanna see safe certificates on the server, do i even have to say why? It's simple.. Because it would pretty much kill the economy. How so? Having it would make most people just farm one piece of gear themselves, use the cert to get it to +7/+9 and be done with it. :| As for the HD eluniums and oridecons i wouldn't mind having it, but at the same time i'm not so sure having it is a good idea. The reason why i'm not so sure about the HD ores is the same as why i don't wanna see the certificates on the server. Even though it'd take more effort using the HD ores than the certificates, ultimately all you would need is one piece of gear to +9/+10 it. And again, it'd screw the economy. The only way i see the HD ores not hurting the economy so much is if their use were restricted on refinements from +9>+10. This way people would still have to work to get their gears to +9, which is not easy, but wouldn't lose the gear trying to +10 it. Of course, to make it even worth using, they'd have to be changed so they don't downgrade the gear on a failed attempt. :b Almost forgot.. Where and how to implement it.. How about the Proof of Loyalty shop? This way anyone can get it, all they would have to do is vote. And it would ultimately help the server grow without being pay to win. :3 .. Anyways, that's my opinion, feel free to say whatever. lol
  7. Doesn't the Rental NPC at prontera works with mounts as well? As for you guild castle rental suggestion ~ sounds nice, not sure what other people will think tho.
  8. OMG ~ why did you do this?! Now everyone knows how lame i am. lel *hides* Jokes apart, it was fun, even though we got completely rapped by you and Dea. lol But in all fairness, aside from being extremely undergeared, both me and Brownie decided to join the tournament about 30 minutes before it started. e_e So we were not prepared AT ALL, i actually got surprised that we made that far. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying we could have won if we had prepared for it, but we could have lasted a little longer than that. lol :< On a last note, the reason why i had no instant cast is because i had runned out +20 foods. u_u .. Anyways, thanks for posting the video, actually enjoyed watching it. :3
  9. Actually, i didn't think about the implications it would have on the PvP meta. Mawile has point there. D: I don't see the harm if it were PvM/PvE restricted, though. x:
  10. That would be great actually, as stated by him, not every class has acess to ghost property ammo/weapons. Not sure about how it should be implemented though. :x
  11. OMFG! They're Nekos! *uuu* Definitely want those!
  12. @Squid I did read everything, but as i said, if it's something everyone would benefit, i don't see why it shouldn't be released. Potentially OP or not, if it's easy enough so anyone would be able obtain, theres no harm in having it. The only thing that will differ from one person to another is how much work they would be willing to put into it. No point on keeping having this discussion, we're getting off topic. Let's just accept we have different opinions. ;x
  13. @Squid Even though no one openly admitted that being lazy is one of the reasons they don't want FAW/Archangel Wings released, with all those senseless arguments they might aswell had. Not trying to offend anyone, just saying that "being too lazy" is the only thing that would make sense, since if it were to be released everyone would benefit from it. lel Anyways, i already said what i had to say about this subject, so i won't be replying here anymore. x:
  14. I voted Yes for it to be released. Why? Because all the arguments of people that are against it sums up to either "I'm too lazy to work for things we already have. So i don't want one more thing to work for" or "I already worked my ass off to get my stuff. So i don't want new stuff to be release so i have to work even more". x: And as state before, FAW and Archangel Wings are a part of RO, so theres no reason why we shouldn't have it. -.- Of course, Nova would have to figure out how it would be made available, because the official servers's way won't work for us.
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