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  1. well that is sure a blast they really want them to be a pvp machine
  2. event ticket... i never got anything good in that damn eggs, just potions and stupid bless scrolls
  3. well my main was a star gladiator back in pre renewal so now i don't have to wait 9 damn years to be balanced again with the others. they have learned about time and balance in class regard. so the taekwon branch main guys was in real pain in this wait, thats why now it feels good finally and i don't have that scary feeling for be blocked again after what? just 2 years for be back on track?
  4. Yaku

    Patch Notes #158

    good for the hair the 82 male are cool
  5. i already knew but i like to get the downgrade or i dunno i think is like i was cheating. btw gm u can close the topic, i don't know how to do it lol
  6. ok gravity has learned the lesson and evene expanded class will get an upgrade. Spirit Handler got a change. (old one it's better if i have to say) 1) Shinkiro & Shiranui Kaguero ; Oboro's next-level expansion class leaves a mark of "nightmare" for enemies, You can use linked skills to deal powerful damage to unmarked targets. A combination of fencing and secondary skills can deal massive damage to the target over a short period of time. Bounce the installed Windmasser Sword technology and the installed Windmassing Gum to damage enemies within a wide range, You can maximize your non-dosing with a local drinking ceremony using Kunai. In addition, in addition to the existing speed, speed, and wind speed Five attribute methods are added to the persistence and cancer yery. You can also use the same "Shinshin" as your god, to give powerful additional damage to enemies when using certain skills. 2) Night's Watch Stop moving to The Ribelyon's next-level expansion class, enter the focused aim state, accumulate the aim count, and A ranged attacking class that spreads powerful ranged attacks. As for the gun skill of the night watch, two kinds of guns are supported for each skill, The effectiveness of the skill depends on the type of gun you use. Additionally, grenades (lynades) can be thrown, causing multiple explosions on the ground, causing sustained damage. 3) Sky Emperor As the next expansion class of the star, I realize the 1st nature of the sky with the sun, the moon, and the stars. Understand the operation of the celestial system accordingly, and operate skills through the circulation of the sun and moon, Stars consist of skills that provide lasting damage to enemies within a wide range of floors. In the traditional way of fighting the sun, moon, and moon, each The battle concept of heaven is to use both the sun, moon and stars to battle. 4) Soul Ascetic Soul Reaper second-level expansion class utilizes dosing to You can buff or attack allies. You can also create a serangdang to restore nearby range party members and give them a good effect. And you can use the power of the defending enemies on all sides sequentially to deal more damage to your enemies. Restores existing soul energy to its maximum time, and consumes all of the soul's energy. He has the ability to deal powerful damage to nearby enemies. 5) Hyper Novice Super Novice' primary expansion profession through constant self-edology in combat studies and mado A class that reinterprets and develops existing skills. 6) Spirits Handler A summoner's next expansion class with physical/magic/secondary power You can choose your play style by interacting with the spirit. Use the power of tiger spirit iron to apply critical damage to the target. You can play physical battles based on ranged physical attacks. Using the power of deer spirit strings, you can choose attributes at will You can play magic battles based on magic attacks, Using the power of turtle spiritual preciousness, effects such as Cardinal's Benedictum and Relizio range give to party members, or restore the AP of nearby party members in small amounts. You can also play secondary. Expanded paradise group reorganization and enchantment available costumes at ragnarok online conferences so far, We're here to talk about expansion class. These are still in development or in the review phase, so the content may change in future updates. For more information, please refer to the official website announcement for future updates. I appreciate it.
  7. ok case closed, i have done some modification and all works fine now, knowing it was not a server side problem really helped me a lot cuz with that clarification i was able to try stuff.
  8. hmmm ok, i will try something if is not a server side problem. thanks for the reply
  9. ok, no one give a damn *censored* about it. guess i have to play like this..
  10. yhea, im using the patcher. btw i already try to install it again but nothing has changed
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