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  1. Welcome to the server, u will have fun for sure
  2. Yaku

    Level 185 Patch Notes

    that gramps omg xD
  3. nice a lore lover of ro!!! u are welcome
  4. Yaku

    T>costume seraph wing

    offer up again. got new one.
  5. For SE and SR i got this ones based on Korean folklore or basically Korean names cause both of them are about the Korean. i will put F for female and M for male: So Young (F) Kim Young-oh (M) So-hee (F) Lee So-Young (M) Tokgabi (M) Miryek (M) Wenhai Ma (M) Yumi Heo (F) Hungbu (M) Nolbu (M) Hong Kil Dong (M) Eujin Kim Neilan (M)
  6. a good start it's the one u like it the most... just see my account. fresh start with a star gladiator when he wasn't a thing with the star emperor. btw rangers are boooooooring if i can say something personal go with a classic knight instead. just see if a player will give you a violet fear and do an ibrid magic build cuz u supposed to have fun. and not do the same skill thing over... and over... and over... and over again be inventive you know? btw welcome hope u will get fun.
  7. cya and good luck with all the stuff.
  8. i feel happy about the blacksmith/mastersmith change cause now they can do Power Thrust without been yelled by people
  9. fond a video wich show some system of the game
  10. keep looking for the news, actually nova ro got many gear to farm it and they put always something new.
  11. it was on beta test in china at august 2018 , so i think we have to wait more
  12. ok guys, now we have a new ragnarok online mobile! what do you think about it? personally i think it will be way better to guardian of eternal love
  13. Yaku

    Just Chilling

    Nice arts!!! hope to see a star emperor too!
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