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  1. You're missing the point. The point here is that someone had an idea and that idea clearly failed. And no matter what people told in the first days after noticing that the idea is bad even if the concept is good, the main idea is kept and damage is still done. The issue isn't having a vision since every vision should have limits, the issue is to refuse, every damn time something fails, that players identified the flaws of the idea and solutions are only accepted as solutions when it's already too late. Look at all the crap that happened with MH where only some builds work, look at all the stuff it was discussed during months. I, like many others, thought that something was achieved with that but the same freaking mistakes are being made. It's like they didn't learn enough after all this years working in the server. All I see is "we're trying our best, please wait" and this disappearing day after day: and if you don't know what entertaining means: Perfection doesn't exist but being stubborn doesn't help either. The game looks like a freaking chore at this point.
  2. ^ This. If it's not enough here's a better way of showing it:
  3. Because the old ones could be done with friends and it was different from the usual repeated farm. It was a great fixed group activity to do together every Tuesday and at the end we all could share the results of BSBs. In my current group there is only 3 players doing Summer every single day (me excluded, I don't have time to join it whenever the server wants and if I can, it's 1/day and for that I prefer to simply do something else) and before all the MH drama and Summer drama we were 7-14, depending on the free time of everybody, doing the weeklies. We even had rotations in MH to let everybody get access to BSB since some have reunions that end late but did an effort to be there since it was a group activity.
  4. Hundred Spear has cooldown, not delay, so nop, that pet won't help you with anything. Max you can do is to use Illusion Pole Axe +13 to reduce the cooldown to 1s for now.
  5. You're talking about EDDA as in go with a party? Because you can play the role of a tank thanks to WI there or even help the party with the Magic Intoxitation buff from Comet. Parties accepting you is a different thing but talk to them, work together, check if many are open to the idea. While there are some players fixed in a mentality ruined by metas, some people are open to possibilities as long as there is a backup plan that works if plan A fails. Odin 4 and Ein 3 are both end game dungeons if you want to farm them serious for profit so you can't expect to do amazing dmg vs stuff that have 2M+ HP with that gear. Sure, RK can get there with mid-tier-ish gear but they can use leech HP gear with AoE DPS skills and balance things. The major issue with WL is that you either you've the gear to deal the needed dmg or it will always feel that your class is crap. The way you deal with dmg is most of the time more burst than DPS because of cd times and being locked into books+release for most of the skills. If it was me, I would focus for now on gear that helped with the fixed cast and -%delay if you actually want to do harder stuff instead of being in the mid-tier with mid-tier gear. That way you can at least use books and release properly (I think you need -72% delay and -1s of fixed cast for this but someone correct me if I'm wrong because I don't play that much with my WL to remember all that stuff properly) for some better farm. After that focus on dmg. For the -1s of fixed cast you've the ein 3 weapon+accessories combo plus +9 illusion leg B with the fixed cast enchant as a cheap option (and this isn't exactly super cheap already) and the temp dex boots+bio5 hat with Magic Essence 5 as the expensive version. I will also add that temp dex/illusion leg +7 with fixed enchant+Zaha Doll with a decent refine is also an okay alternative when it activates but having constant -1s of fixed cast is a different world. For the -%delay there are a ton of options. Depending on how much dmg you do and what you pick for the -1s fixed cast, you can opt for stuff like +9 illusion armor b with -delay enchant, heroic cape, headgears that provide -% delay like heart wing headband or illusion goibne helm, ein 3 weapon +11, etc. There are so many options (some budget, some not really) that it's better if you do some research on your own for this and pick what your wallet can afford.
  6. TunaDeck

    Summer Patch Notes

    Congrats, you made an event that is supposed to be enjoyable become a freaking chore. Are we playing a mobile game?
  7. Since nobody pointed it out yet, I will just leave here that suggesting a +15 HEADGEAR here is pretty dumb (seriously, even getting a +12 is already freaking hard, +15 looks like someone wants players to quit due to a failed attempt with refines). Nobody should follow something like this at all for that specific slot. Heart Wing Headband is mostly a new player pick until you get something better and if you want something similar that at least offers something good mixed with ACD, you've Illusion Goibne's Helm. Even suggesting a +10 Bio 5 Hat would be better because at least that provides a huge boost of dmg for AC and it's still possible to have -100% VCT with it.
  8. I play BG, I get Glorious Weapon and/or some exclusive rewards like costumes that can't be traded along others that can. I play MH, I get Shadow Gear that can't be traded along others that can. To me it feels exactly the same. You're not forced to do both but you have to if you want the rewards.
  9. Exactly the same thing as MH, it's an extension of the game.
  10. I don't get it Fu. What's the issue with playing a different game from the normal RO? Don't you do it for PvP too? Are you saying that the build that you use for normal PVM also works perfectly fine inside PvP? With no absolute changes? The main issue with MH can be resumed in one single thing: + balance after reaching 2* Everything works more or less fine until you reach that point. Then tons of builds start to not work at all due to tons of different reasons, like the lack of def bypass for some classes vs Garro, because they need to do MH 2* to deal decent damage in MH 2*. You can find ways to make it somewhat acceptable but if you try to get a party with randoms, lots of randoms won't accept you because players will look at your shadow gear and won't accept you except if you play a WC RK. They want players that can make the runs fast because time is actually valuable for some meta-builds due to how busted balance is at the moment. No matter what people say, players aren't motivated to play 2*, they're motivated to pay for a leech and use the mats from the leech to make their shadow gears (which clearly isn't enough to make a ton of them, just to leave the minimal +0 and that's it - limit yourself). Don't believe it? Look at this pic a friend sent me in the other day and think about it: Yes, 12/20
  11. Pretty much anything works to clear ET nowadays if you've the gear to achieve high values of dmg. The only really big hard part is probably Ent because it may be slower/hard for some classes compared to others.
  12. 1 - yes, you can have how many transformations you want on. You just can't unequip the gear or the effect is gone even if the transformation is still ongoing. 2 - No idea. I think the last proc is the one prevailing. 3 - A wiki is a wiki and the definition of it is "A typical wiki contains multiple pages for the subjects or scope of the project". This means that the wiki is not 100% like a database, info has to be filtered to provide only what is needed (this is mainly made by players so sometimes some info is missing until someone adds it). At the moment there are no skill shadow sets so adding them there would just confuse players because they would think that NovaRO has them already implemented and after going there, they are hit with a big no.
  13. To me this list is each day making less sense. Feels like the poster never made parties with some classes and added info based on the crying of some until someone added real info that fixes the mess initially posted. Here are some examples: + You had previously SN in the cheap+low tier category but if you play a MATK DPS (yes, dps will be subpar because the class lacks a decent skill for that even if you can achieve retarded levels of MATK that in some cases beats some very well geared WL) it's actually super expensive. Cheap or not will depend exclusively on the role being played. + You classify SC just as an okay tank but they can fit, for example, the role of a WL since they can copy CL. They don't have access to Arch Plasma cards (they only work with rods and 2hand staves) but they can use the EDDA dagger to boost their wind dmg. TS also isn't in a super terrible position although hard to achieve good results to many due to how the skill is being boosted - being heavily based on final mods. + Mecha being above SE makes no sense because SE dmg is way above what a min-max extreme end game Mecha can do and you achieve that with less, way less. Mecha fits a spot in certain parties as a tank in the same context as a SE can also fit a spot in certain parties as a DPS.
  14. To me the best option to force diversity would be if the HP of great monsters scaled based on the classes picked and let us do whatever we wanted. Got a low dmg class on your team? Add 50M of extra HP. Got a high dmg? Had 200M. And if players wanted a real challenge we could also have a hard mode where the HP value would be always the max possible. Problems with new gear? Don't enable them in the first weeks after an addition of new monsters.
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