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  1. My two cents: You can already reset most of the stuff you suggested but +1 to HTF resets. The item already has a chance to break all the time anyway. The rest is like you're trolling. AB scrolls? Make friends, it's a mmorpg - many mates online ready to play a game. Zerk scrolls? Go farm a LK card if you want one that bad. If you actually succeed, you will actually win the game.
  2. TunaDeck

    Need help with SE

    I started doing GMT with gears very close to what you have. Without Miracle sometimes it wasn't enough to kill the last two (and lots of them would end into fails) but whenever I had, it was ezpz to finish it everything. Pretty much what others said is what I would say and advice except I would add an extra tip - careful with Ju, he strips shield and sometimes that can be problematic and give you an unexpected death (although you aren't using shield at the moment so you should be fine).
  3. According to this https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Illusion_Dungeons the max stat for accessories and armours is a +3 but Kafra DB shows that a bunch were sold with +4 stats. ==edit== NVM. It seems that it was just a typo at the wiki after talking with Hatsumei on discord.
  4. NPC says that I can't enchant because it's not an illusion item. While that makes sense, it doesn't seem to be true on kRO - http://kafra.kr/#!/en/KRO/itemdealhistory/0/8/////1_1//"흡혈귀의 하수인"/3 The enchants for this accessory seems to be exactly the same as the ones for Illusion accessories based on that unless there is a system that I'm not aware.
  5. Now, if any have ever tried it, you will see that Sacrifice/Marty's Reckoning is uber trash tier. You can get 100k+ of HP and it still feels very weak even on PvM. We know that the skill is working as it should because currently is a skill that depends on a cash shop item to be good on kRO: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/5985/ But since that item pretty much makes the skill jumping from bad to amazing, what about implementing it through a quest and a bit weaker and make it viable at least to the players that want to have fun with it? I don't know exactly how to make it a decent and not an OP item since I've seen some RGs doing 140k on kRO with it but maybe implement it with... here are some possible suggestions: - heavy nerfed in the skill boost, like increase the skill dmg by 1/6 to 1/8 of what the item currently does - make it work close to how DB works where full hp means more dmg and less hp means less extra dmg (this looks to me like the best option) - make it work as an inverted of the last suggestion - less hp = more dmg with the skill - increase dmg based on the max HP of the player (this means that having a tao makes the user actually have an advantage but stacking hp gears on a devo build would also make the user have another viable skill for dmg; this would also change the meta a bit I think so not really sure on this as a decent idea) I know that the -2 seconds for pressure probably would have to be removed (the skill is currently very nice in terms of cast time) but a buff to Sacrifice would be very welcomed by many players.
  6. Is this enough? You can see the cat spamming it non-stop with a bit of animation delay when it happens but you can clearly see it at the same time being cancelled right away with a Picky Peck.
  7. Tokei just told that it needs to be tested to give you a better answer... RMS, rathena (the source of RMS scripts), and even divine-pride, often have wrong info so without proper tests we don't know which one is right. Give it some time, soon you all will have an answer.
  8. Or maybe we need an use for them outside of being just cards. A quest where we could use them in the future could be nice.
  9. So, I and a few other players on Discord at #thief had a few doubts about the bow damage mod and I decided to check the Insight S enchant from the new Rachel's Instance since I got it (I knew that it was weaker than a PER with a few tests but... I wasn't aware of how it worked). After a few tests, I noticed that it was adding a %atk based on the base weapon atk of the bow equipped. Numbers in red are the base weapon atk values of each weapon. Being 10% of it, it's actually adding +10%. After showing this there and how it looked very weak, someone showed me that the Resentful Soldier Card was actually just a +%ranged dmg mod (you can check the battlestats info for this in the screenshow below). Now, I don't know which one is right but since the same mod exists on bio5 hats with Master Archer and Insight A from the same accessory I'm using, maybe one of them (Insight) is wrong and the rest right? No clue tbh.
  10. I'm not sure on this but after a few tests with a friend it seems like it's missing a portion of the effect on the card. Currently we've this: I tested two of them+valk armor on my ranger against lex divina for a bit of time and we couldn't get a silence this way. We took both off and sometimes we would get it. Took everything out and it was noticeable the silence rate. This gave the impression that it's actually missing it but I know zero about its script here so I may be actually wrong and it was rng playing with me. The reason for this possible bug is that Divine-pride kRO description seems to show that it actually adds a 30% resistance against silence too (I know zero about korean, using machine translation for this but the script effect there actually talks about silence too) - https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/4354/gemini-s58-card
  11. Some items from this new instance have issues. We get two types of white potions and one has no description and can't be sold to the npc nor drop on the floor. Same thing happens with a concentration potion that is different from the one sold by the npc (those things are heavy ._.). The accessory that Ktullanux drops at the end of the instance shows unidentified with unicode letters. I forgot to take a screenshot from the Ktullanux drop but here are two from the white potion and the concentration potion.
  12. At least now RKs can be considered party players with the "new" Spiral.
  13. I think some people are ignoring the fact that we got this so early so we can adapt slowly with time to those HUGE changes in gameplay that we will get in the future. It's huge now? Sure. Will it be in the future? A bit too. What about the other classes? They have options for that too and others will hit the server too.
  14. It seems that the items added there before the char storage bug are now gone forever (?). It also seems that the Wetsuit from the Summer Event can't be stored but I remember to add to that storage all my other Summer Event items (missed this one somehow) since they were occupying a ton of slots in the inventory of this char.
  15. What about this? https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/28510/vampires-familiar-1 And thx for the updates, look amazing!
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