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  1. With current gear available it's actually possible to go with two handed sword and eat a ton of damage without any big issues. You can end with a build very close to 100k HP in an almost full dmg build for Bio5 with Runes and survive a bunch of dmg all the time. Is it cheap? No, it asks you to use runes all the time and many will probably hate the cost (specially the cost of using Lux) if the party sucks and dies a lot but feels worth on a good party where everything dies super fast and you enjoy playing RK there and help with kills too.
  2. You forgot to add that the guy has access to 2 Megs.
  3. That's not exactly how an average works... but whatever, this won't go anywhere as usual.
  4. Conta Wander+Ominous Assaulter was good pre-17.1. When most RKs were using Lava Leather Suits +7/+9, the increase of a Ominous Assaulter was similar to a Contaminated Wanderer so it was a super cheap alternative. Then 17.1 arrived and the game changed with the new armor. The issue with Snake Head vs Acute is that with good procs, the max dps from Snake Head asks for a decent lvl of Acute to achieve the same value. Currently Acute Lv3 already provides the same avg dps as Snake Head but on a good day of 4x procs (runes+double atk), Snake Head will win with a big fatality in the middle of your screen unless you decide to upgrade your Acute. Just remember that while Acute still gives the best solid avg dps since it doesn't depend a lot on procs, Snake Head is still good for the initial hit with CS and later swapped to Bio5 hat with Acute.
  5. If you're basing your "it's broken" on kRO videos, be aware that we don't have half of the gear they've or use. There is even a guy that is becoming popular with Thanatos, Miguel, Eremes Card Combo, and many other almost impossible to get stuff and very little players are aware of that when they watch his videos. If he has all that crazy stuff... well, you've the gears, you've the dmg, you can't complain about it.
  6. Nyia Card: 5% to transform into Nyia While transformed, 1% to auto-cast water-element Earth Strain while physically attacking. Slot: Accessory Garanth Card: 5% to transform into Garanth While transformed, 1% to auto-cast poison-element Crimson Rock while physically attacking Slot: Accessory
  7. @Fu Windschwert You can check Ziu's video about them (lazy to search dp or kRO's website for the changes).
  8. That acute thing on the katar is wrong, the katar can only have a max of 2 acute 5 making it 1 acute lv 10 (be aware that it's painful as hell to get them since the rate seems super duper low) - https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Illusion_Dungeon Also be aware that stacking too much crit dmg is pointless after a while since you suffer from very small returns. Instead you could invest in other ways to increase your base dmg making the final output higher.
  9. Since we've now the effect for devo lines and monk/champ/shura spheres and someone is suggesting for Soul Reaper, why also not adding it for guns/rebel's coins and RK's Millenium Shield? edit: I just noticed that the force render lub file you shared on discord already does this perfectly and it's super easy to change it to our taste (I couldn't find one without being either protected or giving me issues until now so thx o/) there so it's kinda whatever to me now but maybe it can help others. edit2: nvm, seems like millenium shield doesn't work with it
  10. You can get very decent dmg (like 200-300k without much investment) but the 0.5 seconds of CD that we got now with the latest skill rebalance patches kinda ruins it at the moment vs RC that does 7 hits per second. It has a few uses - like one-shot packs without much HP, cancel the first slow spin of RC, or even to give you a bit extra of survival since it gives status (bleed, blind, stun) - but I think that's it? Unless we get something to remove that CD it will suck as a decent main skill to use.
  11. Some people should try to make each class and see how it works. The changes on dmg may be too much for PvP but the QoL changes were needed at 100%.
  12. Just in case someone didn't get this part right: "Inflicts new status effect "Magical Intoxication" on the target for 20 seconds. A target under this effect will take 50% more damage from all properties." from Comet means even physical dmg according to Ye Kim. from here.
  13. Reroll feels fine but I wouldn't mind a way to get more black tooth tbh 1 per run feels low when tons of people also want them even with party drops for that.
  14. At the moment JDR wins against everything as soon as you add EDP because of how it works and the highest value of weapon atk plus the massive +% atk bonus and enchants.
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