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  1. TunaDeck

    AI homunculus

    Someone shared this on discord from another user that plays the server in the other day: https://github.com/Kisaro/AzzyAI It's just an updated version of the AzzyAI that supports the updated hom-s skills. If after this your hom still does zero and you don't know what you're doing wrong. Here is my setup for my Dieter (I use it as a semi-tank/buffer depending on the situation and you can adapt it to your hom with min adjustments such as changing the hom base to lif and activate/deactivate other buffs (I think I made it a bit generic in some sections to be used by other players)) - https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/522782178774482944/539984907032592408/AI.zip If everything still fails, check https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/FAQ:_Homunculus_and_Azzy_AI_Tutorial#Azzy_AI_Tutorial and make sure that novaext works (you can do something simple like type /fps or /turbo to see if it works or not).
  2. TunaDeck

    Super Novice Link bug?

    That's what is in the wiki, not sure if it's custom behavior or not here. I decided to level my SN to max level and seems like the issue was really the level req (hat asks 170, rod 175 and I could only equip both after getting those lvls).
  3. I'm not sure if this is really a bug or custom behavior but I saw this video from kRO and it seems that there SNs can use bio5 headgears (not 100% sure on this but it seems to be that since names match with the ones from Divine-Pride) and a doram 175 rod (the yellow magic one) while being a lower level than the required. I tried to reproduce it here while having the Super Novice link with a bio5 GX hat but I can't with my lv158 SN: Same thing happened with a 175 lvl4 doram weapon from a friend: I know that as soon as you're lv90 you can equip any headgear with the link and at 96 it let's you equip a few lv4 weapons (Dagger, One Handed Sword, Axe, Mace and Staff) as it says here - https://irowiki.org/wiki/Super_Novice_Spirit - so maybe there is a bug in here? If not it's because here we need the lvl required in the gear to equip them? I will try to level my SN later to check this last part.
  4. TunaDeck

    Doubt in SE

    I had no issues with Rideword and Incubus. Mob a few and use the sun combo, full hp/sp almost all the time. I also hope you know that Kihop helps with the damage so 12/12 parties help to maximize the damage. I level'd mine SE almost full naked in the 115+ gramps in a 12/12 party, it was pretty much one-shot everything with the sun combo.
  5. TunaDeck

    Doubt in SE

    They're actually super strong. Not many naked chars can do decent damage like a SE. This is what I share with friends when they ask about SE to make them understand that you need to understand how it works before saying that it sucks. 120 str/90 agi/75 vit/3 int/100dex/100 luk build (or something like that) They can be played with minimal gears as long as you understand how their buffs and skills work (yes, it asks you to read a bit, but don't expect miracles, you still need gears to make damage happening (yes, it's a very lame and bad pun)) using moon and sun builds (stellar depends a lot on gears unless you've a minstrel to give you sinx song all the time (btw, getting 193 aspd on a SE isn't even that hard, just a bit expensive)). Here are some examples: A party of a decent size in bio5 makes a geared SE do solar burst of > 1M and be a very strong dps. A SE without a weapon but with average gears in the other slots can solo GMT if you activate miracle in the first rounds. Colours has a very good and complete guide that maybe can help you a bit to understand the class: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Colours'_Guide_To_Star_Emperor
  6. TunaDeck

    Sarah & Fenrir suggestions

    Or at least make it worth to do the top left side and the MVP? I wouldn't even mind if doing those would mean getting the ygg at the end being replaced with extra shards.
  7. TunaDeck

    Daily Honor Token Improvement

    I don't get this. You're suggesting to increase the cost of robes and rewards at the same time as one of the possibilities? Wouldn't that end with the same issue as we've currently? (and I don't think it's an issue, it's easy enough to get robes with enough chars even if that takes a bit to do but it's at the same time a way to reward players for some work) I think that at the moment the only issue I've is the kill quests. They take too much effort for the lower reward that it offers.
  8. TunaDeck

    Hello, New player needing gear advice!

    It's not tough, I started with a RK with IB using very crappy items and was doing ~30M/h in Geffenia a few months ago (things may have changed, maybe there was less ks, no clue, but that was what I was doing at the time I started last year and I haven't touched Geffenia for ages and don't really feel motivated to waste my time with it nowadays to check how it's now): Holy Crimson two-handed sword+7 with 2 santa porings. Bathory slotted armor Airship manteau with brown rat Creamy inside a Town Map whatever else I was using that was epic junk tier and nothing else (I even remember that I bought a Gigantic Bapho Horns asap and got the feel of disappointment by seeing that the extra atk barely changed the damage of IB because I was used to pre-renewal where it was actually something lol) Before that I was doing like 1M/10 minutes going 90% weight in Magma Dungeon using a hero plate with earth deleter into a hero plate armor (yes, it's a terrible suggestion of an armor because of the sg auto-cast but was the best I could afford at the time and it looked okay-ish at the time) and a +5 holy crimson two-handed sword with a hunter fly and nothing else besides the rest of the airship set (yep, just that, and I started without the Hunter fly because I bought it later with the money made on magma dungeon; at the time I lacked knowledge of Renewal so I was trying to see what could and couldn't do and this worked really nice). Currently almost ANY class can start and play it from crap to awesome (yes, even an AB can, Adoramus in Geffenia worked in the past and now is even more awesome). It's not hard to play a class when you actually try to learn how to play it and waste real time with it, to learn how it works. If there is an issue, is that players actually need to learn that there is more than Crit RK to do other stuff and that it can actually party with other players. Spiral RK is a thing and can go hybrid with DB to clear OGH Hard, for example. DB is also nice to farm stuff weak to water and fire (and even something that takes 100% dmg from it). IB can be chained with BB to kill packs of monsters and farm a lot of things ezpz. To the OP - If I was to advice something it would be to get more zenny and buy a +7 backpack (you can always try to find a party for MH to do Dunyerr but probably not many parties will want you unless they're farming the set and nothing else or are new in the server). Farm a Brown Rat Card from Rock Ridge for the backpack (seriously, it's so freaking easy to farm that I don't even get the prices) and the revolver buffalo+shotgun buffalo card combo. Add both buffalos into the sheriff badge and something with slot until you can afford PERs (Peuz's seal is a decent start).
  9. Just to give an idea of how bad the current system is, most of the kRO players ignored this specific garment until some events like this started giving them away for lvling chars and a bug appeared in bio5 that made MVPs drop 3 at a time. There was even a compensation of 1 free garment per player after the bug was found because the fix reduced the value to an inferior value than the one expected and players were getting 0 all the time instead of 1 once in a while. The main issue with this garment is that to be worth, it's not a matter of having it slotted and spend your time trying to refine it to higher levels, it's a matter of slot it (already expensive like hell) and by the end of the day having the balls to +10 with a very low number of garments available in the entire server (iRO players complain that < +14 is junk and they have FAWs...). It may look like a damn good zenny sink in a way but I doubt that many will even try to think about adding a slot to it to make it happen since you need to go all balls deep to +10 and that means spending millions after each MVP is killed or live over there. What's worse is that we don't even have other gears to combo with it to make a garment with less refines be still damn useful to use like something such as a GSS. At the moment it's just a badge to show and nothing more instead of being "the best garment to aim for PvM" since it's pretty much impossible to unlock its half potential (+10, not even talking about +20) rendering us, players, just a "look Luke, it's an item" item.
  10. TunaDeck

    Star Emp help, looking for a master!

    In terms of dmg yes, you're right but I noticed that if I don't use excellion I can't chain it so fast so I feel like it's a must if one wants to play solar (maybe ping has a word in here? Mine fluctuates around 60-150ms).
  11. TunaDeck

    Star Emp help, looking for a master!

    This is what I use (I only use star and solar so I've no clue about the rest): 120 str 90 agi enough vit for 100 total 1 int 100 dex 100 luk Solar build: Swap backpack with excellion wing since solar burst needs the -delay from it. Star build: Same thing but I swap to backpack with brown rat to get 193 aspd instead of the excellion set A good set to aim as end game should be something like this: high refine White Drooping Eddga (use rideword hat until you get this, it's more than enough) Monocle with EoE Str 3 Blood Sucker Cursed Knight's shield with KK (+4 is more than enough) +15 Crimson Bible with WK*2 and a book(3) with 3 manananggal card to activate miracle (if you care about it) +9 backpack with brown rat/Excellion with triple atk/triple res (depends on what you want to do) Excellion Suit str+atk+atk or str+atk+unfrozen (depends on what you want to do; in some cases you may even want elemental armor instead of the atk) Temp STR boots with FS and HE (I get 193 with FS so I see no need for the aspd enchant but it's also a valid option; bear's might or lucky day are also fine although bear's might will feel like crap unless you focus a lot on solar since it looks designed to kill packs and it only activates when you get dmg (no, using aloeveras to activate it isn't worth it)) PER Double ATK *2 with buffalo card set (revolver and shotgun) (hybrid aspd and atk are also fine if you need the aspd; crit isn't worth it, heat and skills that you use benefit 0 from it, you're saying goodbye to dmg) Loyal Incubus Pet (you don't want 0 sp) @blind- many players often don't know of the existence of this command to remove the blind effect from demon To get there just aim for something really basic: start with eden, swap to airship later, start getting cheap upgrades from the market until you can do harder stuff (a cheap upgrade is something like 1-2M). Don't ditch so fast the airship manteau, it's one of the things that many players often ignore since a raydric there let's you get -30% neutral damage and that's a godsend in the begin and even later if you want some reductions. If you want a cheap weapon, you can start with an encyclopedia. They're super cheap and there is always someone selling them most of the time. Rock Ridge has a quest - https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Rock_Ridge#Fistful_of_Zeny - that gives a decent accessory (pick the left one), you can do it as soon as you're lvl100. It's a fine upgrade compared to having nothing and even good until you get access to PER (Physical Enhancer Ring) Focus on lvling more than nothing (Gramps and quests help a lot), it makes a difference being higher lvl against monsters. Later on you can farm lots of stuff. Charleston Crisis is a good instance to do to get a bit of zenny from selling the fuels or using them to create gear from verus - https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Verus_Equipment_Exchange OGH Normal with new/weak people may also be something to do to get some zenny with the loot. Ghost Palace, Sarah's Memories and Airship Assault are nice to get useful stuff (and you can also sell some of their loot to players). Also try to make the PERs with the coins from GMT instead of buying them for now. The amount may be a lot and you won't finish it (for now) but luck may be with you and you may get one of the good cards that when sold to a player will let you equip your SE.
  12. I don't know is this is intended as a custom or not (maybe we've less npcs but the exact number of spawns?) but after discussing it on discord with Dust, I was advised to post it here what I noticed. After checking some videos from iRO and kRO, I noticed that at least on OGH Normal (dunno on hard, will probably check a few videos later but maybe worth to check too), we're missing a few maggots/dead man npcs. Here is a quick pic showing both NovaRO (grabbed the first video that I found on Youtube) and a random from kRO that shows the begin of the last room with the MVP Amdarais. Here is the kRO video where I noticed this - Okay, I know, this particular video is OLD. But before checking that I was watching this from iRO and it was similar: This video is <1 month old (21/12/2018) so maybe we're missing a few monsters in the last room?
  13. TunaDeck

    Huge fps drops during woe

    I don't know if this is related to the same issue but this also happens to me on snowball (noticed the extra ram consumption) and the workaround I found was to use refresh. Dunno if it helps checking it or not to check but here my 2 cents.
  14. A friend asked if it's possible to add the usual npcs (tool dealer, rental, etc) to this spot to make it a valid save point like many others since the storage is already there.
  15. TunaDeck

    Question about GRFs

    We can even edit how we can see other players legally here so isn't this is sort of similar to an extent? Maybe a word from Nova, Tokei, or Panic can clarify this? I personally don't use stuff like this them but I know who does.