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  1. Someone told at discord that we could add a better minimap to our grfs to make things at mh2 easier so I decided to make one to make life easier. File is attached to the post and ready to be added to the maps folder. Below there is a brief image explaining it. I think everything is alright and was checked a few timesbut if there is any mistake feel free to tell me so I can fix it asap. Credits: Icons - the amazing rpg maker community Map - quick adaptation of the one shared at the wiki mhisle01.bmp
  2. If you can find someone to AB and you know the class well and your gear isn't terrible, you can do A TON of stuff together without any issue at all. RG may not be a top 5 DPS but is a solid class that just asks the player to know how to use it (buffs are really strong). Others have already said what's the best but if I was you, I would check the skills and see what you enjoy more. RG can be played with more than one offensive skill if one wants and works really well (I really like to combo Cannon Spear with other skills, for example).
  3. Don't forget that SN can equip any Bio5 hat with link.
  4. Are you already in a guild or playing with a group of friends? I think that's the main issue for stuff like this since, depending on the difficulty of all this, going with random players may end being a big fail until the best strats are sorted out. With friends, or someone you can tag along, specially if you're all on something with voice chat (discord, skype, twitch, etc) and can talk and discuss the best strategies and roles to go with, it will be possible almost for sure (specially when we're supposed to have exclusive buffs for that map) for anyone with some decent gear.
  5. I know that Kihop is strong, I know that many use it to solo some stuff, but it's ridiculous to watch someone log a bunch of accounts for something like this. It's not fun and makes some people who you party with stop partying and instead do the same.
  6. TunaDeck

    The best bow ever

    He's talking about the rework of Jitterbug. On kRO every gear from that instance now drops with 2 random enchants and the quest inside changed. We don't know anything about how things will work here neither when the change will happen or even it will simply become something like an hard mode. For now assuming nothing is a bit better unless you've something like a +10 or above bow. All we know is that since it's an official change we will get it soon or later.
  7. TunaDeck

    The best bow ever

    I know someone who has a +15 Gigantic and it's just a bit better than a +15 Crimson Bow with gears changed to balance the big boost it gives in ranged dmg or you will simply see it being pretty much the same with the drawback of less aspd (it only really shines on Aimed Bolt but SS is so strong nowadays with unlimit that you can pretty much forget it until we get access to the EDDA Bow). Also, nowadays there is also the Illusion Hunter Bow and that thing +4 is already pretty much close to a +15 Crimson Bow with the disadvantage of being forced neutral unless you use endow/aspersio/converters. A +9 should be better or equal to a +15 Vicious according to math BUT it's hard to be sure until both are seen in action.
  8. +1 We all know that the enchants are super strong, and the same can be said of the hats, but something like exchange a bunch of souls+frags for a special enchant or even a guaranteed lvl (maybe a single use per hat and we've to pick one from those two options while we're at this because that's also super dumb sometimes?) would be really cool just to alleviate occasional stress from tons of farming (I think it took me like close to 100 resets just to see my first special enchant and another 100 to get the right one? All I can say is that this isn't healthy at all in the long run to many even if some farm is needed because it's the BiS for many builds). At the same time it would even give a use to those souls outside of being only used in hats since that's the only current use for them.
  9. While I hated the gigantic number of items, I actually enjoyed doing them and see new uses for items considered obsolete after getting enough. Having more than one place to get the corrupted rosary was also nice :3 It's always fun when you've options and forces the server to look for them but takes a while to find them all. Being Indiana Jones is fun.
  10. A friend asked me to post this so I'm posting this on his behalf. Since bragi and service for you changed to a party buff, would it be possible to have them now on alt+z like other buffs? Talking about the +, - $ icons we see behind the nick of a character since it's useful to notice when someone has or not them on.
  11. TunaDeck

    Level 185 Patch Notes

    Now they're but when I posted they were showing the wrong places (simply swapped). No clue if it was cache playing a trick or not (forgot to actually check that) but it was worth a warn since some players were doing the wrong one. It's a fun quest nonetheless
  12. TunaDeck

    Level 185 Patch Notes

    The navi directions for the rosary in mouth are swapped with its awakening version. If you do the quest for the awakening, you're actually doing it for the normal version.
  13. My two cents: You can already reset most of the stuff you suggested but +1 to HTF resets. The item already has a chance to break all the time anyway. The rest is like you're trolling. AB scrolls? Make friends, it's a mmorpg - many mates online ready to play a game. Zerk scrolls? Go farm a LK card if you want one that bad. If you actually succeed, you will actually win the game.
  14. TunaDeck

    Need help with SE

    I started doing GMT with gears very close to what you have. Without Miracle sometimes it wasn't enough to kill the last two (and lots of them would end into fails) but whenever I had, it was ezpz to finish it everything. Pretty much what others said is what I would say and advice except I would add an extra tip - careful with Ju, he strips shield and sometimes that can be problematic and give you an unexpected death (although you aren't using shield at the moment so you should be fine).
  15. Now, if any have ever tried it, you will see that Sacrifice/Marty's Reckoning is uber trash tier. You can get 100k+ of HP and it still feels very weak even on PvM. We know that the skill is working as it should because currently is a skill that depends on a cash shop item to be good on kRO: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/5985/ But since that item pretty much makes the skill jumping from bad to amazing, what about implementing it through a quest and a bit weaker and make it viable at least to the players that want to have fun with it? I don't know exactly how to make it a decent and not an OP item since I've seen some RGs doing 140k on kRO with it but maybe implement it with... here are some possible suggestions: - heavy nerfed in the skill boost, like increase the skill dmg by 1/6 to 1/8 of what the item currently does - make it work close to how DB works where full hp means more dmg and less hp means less extra dmg (this looks to me like the best option) - make it work as an inverted of the last suggestion - less hp = more dmg with the skill - increase dmg based on the max HP of the player (this means that having a tao makes the user actually have an advantage but stacking hp gears on a devo build would also make the user have another viable skill for dmg; this would also change the meta a bit I think so not really sure on this as a decent idea) I know that the -2 seconds for pressure probably would have to be removed (the skill is currently very nice in terms of cast time) but a buff to Sacrifice would be very welcomed by many players.
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