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  1. Ryousama96

    Patch Notes #153

    Assassin cross
  2. Ryousama96

    Patch Notes #153

    The client pic is always gorgeous, who's the artist?
  3. Where's Nillem? The one in prontera castle don't have a choice to warp to the mansion
  4. thanks. which one is cheaper though between illusion set and faw+temporal. as a new rk i have very limited budget and dont really know the normal price of them because havent played for a while.
  5. still on topic, which is better, illusion boots and set or temporal luk boots?
  6. How long would it takes usually to get that much lol, 50x2000=100k badges
  7. Alright thanks. Just found out i have about 2k badges in my storage, what should i spend it for? Flamberge or Gladius?
  8. Thank you for the answer. Is there a difference between main weapon and offhand weapon placement and cards placement??
  9. Hi guys, i just came back to Nova after quitting for a while (a really long while) and i saw new cards that piqued my interest (eremes guile card) So, i checked my zeny and have about 300m, is it possible to make a viable CI GX for battlegrounds? if yes, can you help me list the equipment i need? (never played gx in my whole life before) And if not, then how much zeny do i need to at least make it to entry level CI GX?
  10. ranger is the best for beginner. cheap equipment to be effective and can farm almost everywhere, just bring hunter bow+hunting arrow till endgame (level 175) and start faming zeny with thanatos bow + rideword hat lmao. white wing set is also currently very cheap
  11. you dont solo gramps, you go in party. join or go make one.
  12. FINALLY THE CAT HEADGEAR IS HERE and that unnecessary new job
  13. Because why not? IGN : Verdyne
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