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  1. StrayCat

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    Mom is <3
  2. StrayCat

    Movement Skills in BG/WoE

    Enable all movement skills or no movement skills at all!
  3. StrayCat

    Beast Horn on PVP

    Hi All, Please check, base on last update it was said that beast horn can be use on pvp room but upon using it w/o gloom status it didnt worked. Thanks,
  4. StrayCat

    Patch Notes

    >In effect, Battlegrounds consumables are now usable in WoE, with the exceptions listed above. Does it include all class specific items? Runes, thorn seeds, mado fuel, element potions?
  5. StrayCat

    Hello Needing Help to Build my Royal Guard

    Tanking on bio5 was more or less relegated to suras, RG usually run devo build even on woe it is primarily their job. For starting on woe/bg devo get the sets that can increase your HP. - Feather Beret / Brown Piamette EOE Vit 3/Bungisngis - Blush / Monocle with EOE Vit 3 - Gentlemans Pipe / Umbala Spirit - Armor, Garment, Shoes: Glorious set obtainable on battlegrounds / WOE suit set (+9 armor marc, noxious/jejeling, green ferus/ +9 firelocke soldier) - Spear[4] x4 EOE Vit 3 - Cranial shield valk is preferred. - accessories: x2 glorious rings / black rosary with EOE Vit 3 Or any of the sarah / hero / PER with HP enchants More or less you can get up to 90 - 100k HP with +30 foods and 120 vit + force of vanguard or reach up to 130 - 150k with full buffs of party (mins, ab, etc). Try to devo one or two only. Stay back of the people you are devoing and buffs and pots if needed. Cast defender only if needed. Moonslash and pinpoint can help too if someone is close enough. Otherwise wait for others input.
  6. StrayCat

    BG Conquest Surrender

    Can we have a surrender command on this mode? Like voting for like 50-70% of current team and one guardian stone broken. Sometimes conquest takes too long and everyone is either have to wait for timer or quit the game. This is usually happens when attacking team can't break through the defense forcing a long grueling battle. This can both benefit team as consumables are not just wasted (foods, pots, aspd, etc) where we can just have another battle mode.
  7. StrayCat

    BIO5 Soul Exchange

    Due to class souls are account bound and not all players plays all class, have some bio5 souls trade to some other class soul, say trade 3 acolyte soul for a swordsman soul. This helps creating the headgear you are focusing right now and use the account bound souls for the class you are not using. What do yo all think?
  8. StrayCat

    Old Payon town

    Wasnt that map use on guild arena?
  9. StrayCat


    Try entering pvp room and ask them about the build, they probably dont enter here
  10. Kagerou work if you have the right gears and skills for pvp. Also I see more kagerou's entering the pvp and bg than oboro.
  11. StrayCat

    Shield chain vs Banishing point Royal Guard for DPS?

    @Leora You can change your armor to excellion suit with str atk atk enchants for atk and less SG procs and accessory to another bakonawa then change shield to cursed knight's shield and have a switching of rosa shield for shield spell level 1 atk bonus. Well if you want shield chain you need to use the cross shield because of the skill bonus also have same shield spell 1 bonus of rosa. You can try to use inspiration too for more buffs.
  12. Can we add this to Telma as BG consumables?
  13. StrayCat

    Patch Notes

    Would the SE and SR will have achievement title too?
  14. StrayCat

    1hour Infinite Giant Fly Wing

    Actually I want permanent giant fly wing like the permanent rental box.
  15. StrayCat

    my clan's base need a kafra

    I think its better to suggest new savepoint for your guild's base like the new 47 area. You can get all the basic npcs if it approves.