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  1. On my setup with +7 Illusion Leg A firing shot activated it is 202,228. With +4 TB Dex EA/HE Akuma with hawk eye activated it is 243,780. Haven't tested with 193 aspd but on normal one firing shot procs more.
  2. Cursed Knight Shield - You can either buy from nova shop, other players, or do the weekly quest and get weekly coins. Weekly coins are from quest taken from dailies npc and completing them like winning x20 on battlegrounds, killing 2 mobs x200, or completing and instance. Khalitzburg Knight Card - Buy from players or do OGH https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Old_Glast_Heim I say join eden and level up more. Do weekly quest to get cursed knight shield and farm zeny to buy khaliztburg knight card.
  3. Try to gearing up little by little: Headgear - Fancy Feather Hats or Heart Wing Head Band from Weekly Coins Mid - New Wave Sunglasses buy one or do the quest novaragnarok.com/wiki/Custom_Headgear_Quests Weapon - +9 or more Elaborate Yellow Foxtail White Knight Card Shield - Curse Knight Shield Khalitzburg Knight Card Accesories - x2 Chubby Earthworm Talisman Buffalo Combo Cards For Armor, Garment, Shoes do this quest to get unknown parts and cor cores (novaragnarok.com/wiki/Illusion) Ideally you want: +9 Illusion Armor A (Power Power ACD enchants) Hardworking Pitman +7/9 Illusion Engine Wing-B (Fast Fast Above All enchants) Menblatt Card +7/9 Illusion Leg A-Type (Overpower, random 2x enchants) But you can use them even at +4 before you started refining them. For cheap alternative: +4 Illusion Armor A / Lava Leather Armor/suit +4 illusion Engine Wing-B / +7 Heroic Backpack Menblatt Card +4/7 Illusion Leg A-Type / Hero Silver Leather Shoes Join our sever discord too and ask on summoner class channel: https://discord.gg/dQ6CFg
  4. You have to update the AI again, try to tweak it.
  5. Try to replace your ai with this: https://github.com/Kisaro/AzzyAI
  6. I did suggested this before, got rejected.
  7. Try using /turbo. If you see invalid command you need to install things needed to run turbo. IIRC they ai and turbo has same needs.
  8. Currently we have 30k cap for each items, if we can increase it be better both on kafra and inventory. Things like valor or items untradable and 0 weight are just clogging up.
  9. Planning to have firedance build too, +7 calf already beat +15 crimson?
  10. Put them on price range of those alchemist mask or just a bit higher.
  11. Not just 3 class though, just nova explosion the unmarked ones just even if cant be killed just follow up with solar burst.
  12. +1 so it is easy rotation for using shield spell 3 and not wasting sp.
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