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  1. Its hard cd iirc and even if future update item it still has 1 sec cd, you can try the ancient weapon from MH2 though (forgot its name).
  2. Go get/farm imperial spear and buy airship manteau. Use overbrand and banishing point to level up. End game either banishing point build or devo.
  3. Can't find some sets, this still be updated?
  4. Yeah I wonder about this too, we allow fsk that has effect and can jump but pinpoint attack of RG can't do this one.
  5. StrayCat

    Christmas Patch Notes

    Soul repear wasn't even much played by many yet another nerfed was implemented.
  6. What? So you can still increase atk and it has still impact on RoG?
  7. Well if you willing you can ask each other the price again and do another deal.
  8. Power module usually sits on 50-60m per piece if you buying for two pieces it should be around 100-120m. Though partly it his fault too for dealing too fast.
  9. StrayCat

    Christmas Patch Notes

    NIce update except for root nerfed.
  10. StrayCat

    Edda: Fall of Glast Heim

    Can we reduce battle time of guardian battle to 5mins and whoever has more guardian hp wins instead of tie?
  11. Just get shadow gears from MH 1 for your AB and do a healer role on MH 2. If not much gramps 175 do the weekly quest kills and get field manuals using valor badges. CKS == cursed knight shield can be brought using weekly coins. Big Def/Mdef pots are from telma on BG, check battleground consumables instead of sieges. Nah its fine to switch out randel garment. nimble armor = furious gazetti adds range resist though you may want alternative, furious ice titan combo.
  12. Yeah expect dying a lot with this meta. You can try just back line support or near mid so no sura/gx can snipe you. Always use box of sunlight, pneuma/safety wall to protect yourself. I don't suggest you to ruwach some gx/se on cloak to uncloak them, let others deal them. So get some smokie and spam hide - lauda(if needed) - hide pneuma/sw - hide. I usually have nimble/pasana armor, anti-sniping/flameguard/glorious manteaus. Always have a switch or just use resistance on what usually kills you. Though I won't suggest but BG is cluster fuck but have spirit enchanted box and use magnus/adoramus/judex to curse people. Annoying shit but also good for running away to those that don't have much mobility.
  13. StrayCat

    Patch Notes

    Aw crap, why LP removes ankle snare now
  14. Eh its fine, gramps party is chill most of the time, you mostly only got called out if you're support or if you all lack dps/aoe. Support: - Usually just do your job. Always turn on buffs. Always follow the dp s so you don't lagged behind. DPS: - Don't be jackass and kill the lured mobs of tanker before any of party members arrived. All: - Wait till everyone is done.
  15. Well this base on my experience too what made it hard to play pvp mode: 1. Lack of experience - Dealing with some skill or class you need experience to be able to counter them or at least put a fight. You also need to at least master the skills your current job has. Mostly I learn and practice things on BG but there's draft and woe too. 2. If you don't have reliable zeny making - Because gearing a character is pain. At least have enough to even buy foods you need if WOEing. You buy a bunch of stuff that can help you with your damage reduction or dps. Try to gear a PVM character first. 3. DPS You don't know much and you're new, try to learn a bit before trying to be a DPS. If you still plan to do pvp mode try to play supports gene, sorc, rg, performers, and AB. If someone dissed you try to remember its name and don't buff them.
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