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  1. @tgbg59 that was from novaext. Check the patcher for its settings.
  2. Yep it happens like that. But with that amount I dunno.
  3. Rune Knight - Crit Build High DPS tier even early game build equipment. Royal Guard - Support or tank. Needs high investment to see real damage of builds. Warlock - Strong damage dealer but needs high investment to see real damage of builds. Sorcerer - All around damage dealer, support, or both. Good sorc always have a slot on high end dungeons. Ranger - Stong damage dealer even with minimum set. Good early game class. Currently one of the top DPS solo or party. Minstrel/Wandy - All around damage dealer, support, or both. Always have a slot on high end dungeons. Mechanic - Have equipment sets to help for damage. Good early game class. Genetic - Good all around class but needs high investment to see real damage of builds. Has homunculus to help. Guillotine Cross - Strong damage dealer especially if high invested. Good early game class. Shadow Chaser - Mostly better on WOE but has some specific builds the shine on its targeted dungeons/instance. Arch Bishop - Always have a spot on parties even if minimum geared. But high end dungeons needed investment but not much as other classes. Sura - Tank suras are needed to high end dungeons. Has strong damage either pvm or woe. Kagerou/Oboro - afaik even early game equips oboro has strong single target magic damage. Dunno know much on kagerou though. Rebellion - Strong damage dealer especially if high invested. Good early game class. Super Novice - haven't really used this class but I've meet some who really are good on their own. Soul Reaper - I use this as a buff only but dunno much on as damage dealer. Last months most parties like to have SR too. Star Gladiator - Strong damage dealer especially if high invested. Good early game class. Currently one of the top DPS solo or party. Summoner - Strong damage dealer especially if high invested but mostly single targeted. Last year was the most sought out in parties. You can start either with ranger, rebellion, gx, sg, performers, mechanic as first class they are easy to play. Tier list is hard to say as some class either shine solo or on parties or both. Updates keep coming so things still might change.
  4. Ghost palace - sell the gray shards. Airship - Sell the armors; if you have ferlock set might add a bit on movement speed or get ferlock manteau to +9 OGH/ OGHH - I've seen parties doing this as large as 12/12 people so probably just join them or invite others. Coags and Conta are not much on large parties but temporal crystals will sell well. Also some random items on chamber room will drop some sought out materials like gold bullions. Charleston Crisis - CC Runs are much fewer with the release of some new armors but still other class needs them especially the blueprints. Either sell the old fuel tank or rng for blueprints. Sarah's Memory - either sell the +6 foods or use it yourself. Geffen Magic Tournament - just fight till where you can't finish the enemy. Just do note you don't get the coins if you are not facing the next opponent so leave once the fight started. If you are not max level just leave the instance so you don't lose exp. Other option is too look on the link I posted above and sell the materials needed by some class. Sell them by bulk as much as possible. Like RKs light granule or runestones. Gene's material for acid demo or gx poison bottle for edp. Also the accessories/ring to geffenia can be converted to mora coins and sell as much as 80k. You can also try selling the illusion stones from lower end illusion dungeons. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Illusion_Dungeons
  5. Not a GX but I current use the woe suit set + stuffs to have more resist. Might help you a bit if you are switching to resist gears. Top: Black Feather Beret (Leib Olmai, Leaf Cat, Giant Hornet, Giearth; currently I have the corrupt life combo to incease hp/sp) Mid: Challenger's Blindfold Bottom: Handkerchief in Mouth Armor: Marc/Furious Gazeti +6 Woe Suit (better if +9; I use suit because range resist) Garment: +4 Woe Manteau (rotation depends on enemy: noxious, hode, jakk, dustiness, swordfish ) another switch is Airship of Manteau carded with randel just for auto guard Weapon: +4 combat knife Shield: +4 cranial valk/cursed knight's shield Shoes: +4 woe boots (verit carded for corrupt life combo; +9 is better to have firelocke card while HG has elemental resist) Accessories: x2 Glorious Rings or x2 EOE Vit 3 PER 3% HP, 3% All Property Resist (Except neutral) (x2 6% All Property Resist is better for PER) There's a bunch of items on siege shop that need refinement to have some of its effects activated. Might help for damage set.
  6. Warlock need high investment and not much really a farmer. You can try gravitational field with phen to hit mobs on geffenia if you cant kill them with those resist your 4 elements. Or try jack frost on magma dungeon 2. Other option is to join instance/dungeon runs and try to sell loots with an alternate merchant account. You can try to sell gold coins from your dailies too. Might help: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Zeny_Guide_and_Farming_101
  7. Do we need total 40 refined for illusion goibne set? Ingame and patch description it is just 36 or higher but on divine pride and our market website there was separate effect for total 40.
  8. Can we reconsider the effects of temporal manteau? With a hefty price of 9k siege tokens I think it is better to unlock this item from being exclusive to woe only and be able to use on pvp/bg/draft. Also if possible because this is treated as new item, can we get the original manteau effects even through awakening it? I know this was already been rejected before but it might be a worth a shot for the commissioners to discuss again. Previous discussions: Item effect being suggested: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20846/temporal-manteau-1
  9. Such a nice death on first turn :3
  10. StrayCat

    Rebellion & Mechanic Updates

    A price to pay using blacksmith skills on mado the new overheat system.
  11. StrayCat


    AFAIK you need high refined glorious morning star to work for AC. Might alternative is the High refined VM Mace long range & anti-demihuman enchants + CKS.
  12. StrayCat


    Mech prefers mado with Arms Cannon build. Axe Boom is not really spammable and you lose shied if using TH-axe. I think vellum guillotine still best if you want axe boom.
  13. Even if you farm to different maps you still get that reduced 25% so better farm on best map to go with.
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