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  1. Oh yeah! I forget about that, thanks!
  2. Have you tried peco2x/rocket helm + (chip and ferlock set)? Or the two set is enough? Might aim for the ferlock now.
  3. Can we add the bomb item for sling items? Even just the debuffs and not the foods and potions.
  4. So the best combo ferlock set + chip set? What about the headgears peco2x headband or rocket helm?
  5. What about remove the not activated traps if the ranger who setup it dies (dunno if it could be to other ground field effects too)?
  6. If you look at the alt + q window it was supposed to look like that. It was like that when hat is costume and annoyed mask is not. When I converted annoyed mask to a costume it overlaps the spore hats now as shown on sprite. I think this issues goes with all kinds of mask (goblin masks, gozarian mask, etc...)
  7. A different room with this ruleset applied is better than having on pvp room change, as this will let people who enters know they should already be prepared. Making this room an hourly event only makes people know what time to gather, fight, and get the system points (like BG HH time). Having the room have a limited opened time and cooldown might help the kill abuse get the reward thing (1hr event and if you die x3 you will have to wait for 2-3mins before entering again). Im ok with if the support or non-dps get a points even if no kill as long as they are on party. But add the point deduction system for every death everyone has. If one of your party member dies you get deducted too. Probably if solo player against party more points the he/she gets but same deduction points. Limit of max number of party members (3-4?) so as to not have 12 vs everyone on the room. You get the accumulated points at the end of happy hour of the room and all of you will get kicked out (like after every game of BG). As much as possible I want pvp room to stay as is. I do enter there sometimes to test with equipements/bg foods than having duel/leave on town.
  8. Is there more updated than the link above? I've tried using the graymap above but on cyr there's this unwalkable path but was actually a walkable path if grf is not on. Much help appreciated.
  9. Mostly go for vicious mind book and you can update/roll to a better PER enchants. I see colours on BG and looks like he stacks on acd for solar builds. You can just straight up go on his guide to check what to expect for gearing. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Colours'_Guide_To_Star_Emperor
  10. Dunno about frost nova, why you need to escape mobs if you plan to tank? Punk card might help you autocasting quagmire instead of manually casting it. Are you gonna auto attack too? You have 120 agi.
  11. You can post on discord if you are encountering some error message, that could help knowing the issue.
  12. Anyone knows how to add the 3rd class taekwon branch skill icons on the right side? I used Samir al-Hajeed graymap with luka's icon.
  13. Thanks for the update!
  14. What about gold coins? Instead of zeny throw in gold coins.
  15. Yeah that be good to add on battlestats or some kind other command (@mindslots ?). Either mind slots consumed/total mind slots or a list of all spells read.
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