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  1. Yeah i read his post but it only contains foods, created this hoping supplies will be enabled as well
  2. Make BG Supplies usable in pvp. It would help our pockets and time if we could just use BG supplies like RK Runes, fire Bottle, EDP and Spider Webs in PVP. I mean its not that hard to farm these items but to spam them in pvp, 4 hours farming is just not enough to stay in pvp for an hour. Please please? thanks!
  3. Works only with normal attacks. Not that hard to counter. Crystalization is worse. And it is official. I'd say strategic rather than broken.
  4. That's why i'm here in suggestions, but maybe your right they dont want to do it since they dont want to, i just want to point out my insights on the topic. Anyway, your siege potions or yggs wont work here, whether its % or flat. "bStateNoRecoverRace" You are bound not to get recovery items for the next 10 seconds so it doesnt matter if that update comes or not.
  5. I tried using it with my RK seeing it has very good potential but dissapointed that it looks like it has no script or its proc chance is super low. I've read from one of the reports that it took him 42 seonds to proc it. It's been 2 mins and im here at PVP with a tank buddy and nothing happens. Such great potential lies with the weapon yet now its useless. So my suggestion would be: Make it work as intended. 100% Proc Chance 10 Seconds From what i gathered, its supposed to block all incoming healing/recovery skills/items unlike critical wounds w
  6. CheeseBurger


    is this sold already?
  7. Hi guys, im new to this kind of thing so i need your help. The rolling cutter effect (the big blue number above your head when performing it) is already being a bother to me. I watched alot of GX videos, novaro and others, they have it removed. Then at one summer event, i asked a GM if it's ok to remove that, he/she said yes you can remove it. But my problem is, i've searched everywhere. I cant find a guide on how to do it. The guides that i found are for the black and white checkered floors. but i dont want that. Can somebody out there please help me? thank you in advance!
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