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Found 12 results

  1. EnterTheSadman

    Sister But Boy

    SisterChoiiee the male sister

    © EnterTheSadman

  2. Hi, i'm kinda new to this server and to Renewal in general so i wanted to ask for help for my AB (FS), i've trying to look up on guides but they all are outdated and i don't want to buy gear that isn't the "best" by know. I would really aprecciate if someone could leave me a build or something like that, by now i'm interested on Full Heal AB ♥ THANKS! (btw sorry if my english is broken, isn't my main language)
  3. Whenever when possible, i will try upload some gameplays with my ab here, starting with this OGH H run i did today~
  4. Hi! I am new to the game, I hope someone could help me build my archbishop. I do need help with my equipments and stats. Thank you very much for helping.
  5. I’ve been entertaining several questions from other Arch Bishop players, and testing out some stuff to help them decide what gears to get. Do note that my knowledge is limited, and I don’t have luxuries such as unlimited funds to buy/craft the ideal gears for min-maxing purposes. I’m horribly bad at math, too. I do have some ideas and some gears, so I’m hoping by showing them here, others that might be interested can build upon them and improve them further. If you've read any of my AB guides before, treat this as a kind of supplementary information, or an example of applying the guide for practical purposes. Healers I received a question about gears for “burst healing”, and I interpret it as reaching the highest Heal amount possible. From my understanding this depends on INT, base level, equipment that increase Healing effectiveness, and MATK (although I’m not sure how much influence MATK has on Heal amount) (MATK doesn't affect Heal amount). I ran Infinite Space a few times, grabbed the Rift Armor set, and did a bit of Heal testing. This set increases my Heal amount, more so than Diabolus Robe, +6 Buwaya Sack Cloth, and Vital Tree Shoes. lol photobombed by a random hunter Here's a quick and simple breakdown of my stats, passive skills, and gears shown in the screenshot: 120 base INT + 10 INT (Job Lv 60 bonus) + 6 INT (Thanatos Staff) + 1 INT (Centipede Larva Card) + 1 INT (Rainbow Scarf) + 1 INT (Manteau of Rift) + 2 INT (Light of Cure) + 5 INT (INT Shadow Gears) + 16 INT (Clementia) + 30 INT (stat foods) = 192 INT Meditatio Lv 10: Heal effectiveness +20% (according to iRO Wiki) +6 Chibi Pope with Parus Card: Heal effectiveness +5% +3% +3% = 11% Blush with Parus Card: Heal effectiveness +10% +3% = 13% Thanatos Staff: Heal effectiveness +15% Bible of Promise Vol. 2: Heal effectiveness +5% Diabolus Ring: Heal effectiveness +5% Light of Cure: Heal effectiveness +2% Rift Armor Set: Heal effectiveness +5% +12% (total refine level of Rift Armor, Manteau, and Shoes; I'm assuming that every refine level increases Heal effectiveness by 1%) = 17% Total bonus: Heal effectiveness +88% Heal Lv 10: 5,400 ~ 5,600 Highness Heal Lv 5: 23,000~ Offertorium Lv 5 + Heal Lv 10: 12,700 ~ 12,800 Offertorium Lv 5 + Highness Heal (Any Level): 32,767 (This seems to be the max amount of HP that can be restored by Highness Heal) Besides Offertorium-ed Highness Heal being capped at 32,767, I think these are not the hard limits of normal Heal, Highness Heal, and Offertorium-ed Heal. My Rift Armor set is not properly enchanted, do not have cards, and is not overupgraded. I don’t participate in Battlegrounds anymore so I don’t have enough Valor Badges needed to create +10 Glorious Cure Wand (Heal effectiveness +29%). For those aiming to reach the highest amount of HP restored from Heal while avoiding Light of Recovery’s punishing SP cost, I think the Rift Armor set is worth considering. FYI, back in 2014 jRO released this nifty footgear that goes with Light of Recovery like sweet tasty jam on toast. JRO stuff are pretty damn neato, like this accessory released in early 2016. Though if you can wait until the Rockridge update comes along, there would be a staff type weapon that healers can use. Combat Medics Another question I get every once in a while is about Magnus Exorcismus (a.k.a. ME) and increasing its damage. So I stacked my MATK-increasing gears and compared them with gears that increase ME damage by a certain %. While having 1,006 equip MATK, Magnus Exorcismus deals 19,000 ~ 21,000 damage on Ragged Zombie. While having +90% ME damage (from +4 Shrine Maiden Ribbon (ME damage +40%), Holy Stick + Exorcism Bible combo (ME damage +20%), and Spiritual Ring + Rosary combo (ME damage +30%)), Magnus Exorcismus deals 32,000 ~ 35,000 damage on Ragged Zombie. Although Holy Stick combo is nice, considering that the weapon can be enchanted in Malangdo, there are two things I dislike about it. First is the annoying autocast Turn Undead; the global cooldown is very disruptive for me, especially since I don't always run with a Minstrel. Secondly, the lack of a slot for Shield card means I can’t use Nightmare Arclouse + Nightmare Mimic card combo and Big Ben + Neo Punk card combo. I have another weapon that I prefer to use, namely +12 Evil Slayer Vanquisher Staff + Big Ben Card, with Mad Bunny + Neo Punk Card. Also because I don’t have +15 Crimson 1 Handed Staff ;w; The Mad Bunny was a gift from a friend, and another friend helped me upgrade the ESV Staff. I can't seem to embed .gif and .mp4 files so please click the link to see them, they will open in a separate tab. They're .mp4 files so you can right click and select Loop to continuously play them. ME with Holy Stick + Exorcism Bible combo in Bangungot Hospital: 22,000 ~ 25,000 damage per wave. ME with ESVS (Big Ben Card, FS 4, Spell 4) + Mad Bunny (Neo Punk Card) in Bangungot Hospital: 25,000 ~ 30,000 damage per wave. Extra: Luring additional mobs into ME while it's still active. To help me do this easier, I changed ME’s sound effect into a different .wav file that has about the same duration as the skill (I’ll attach them at the end of this post for anyone who’s interested). I followed this guide to change the skill’s sound effect. FYI again, in kRO there is a Shadow Gear that increases Magnus Exorcismus damage, which is pretty neat. Meanwhile jRO released a book type weapon that increases Magnus Exorcismus damage back in late 2013. It looks shiny. Something else I didn’t discuss in much detail in my guide is Judex. At first glance this seems like a crappy skill, with crappy cast time, negligible AoE, and crappy damage (400% MATK at Level 5? Seriously?). There are exactly two pieces of obtainable equipment that increase its damage; Hero Judgement Shawl (+10%) and Shoes of Judgement (+30%). With that said, having 100% Variable Cast Time reduction, Sacrament, 120 DEX, Temporal DEX Boots, and some cast delay reduction gears can help you spam Judex. I’ve used this while running low- to mid-tier instances in small parties, as additional damage/crowd control while kiting. Emphasis on while kiting; moving constantly helps me bypass the animation delay. Also bear in mind I live with ~300ms ping to the server on a good day so I will seem to stutter a lot more than I intend to. Mobbing and kiting with Judex in Odin’s Temple: 7,800 ~ 8,900 damage. Judex and Reckless Magic: 12,400 ~ 13,000 damage. Judex with Hero Judgement Shawl (Agav Card) + Shoes of Judgement (INT +2, DEX +2, MaxHP +500) + ESVS (Big Ben Card, FS4, Spell 4) + Mad Bunny (Neo Punk) combo: 14,000 ~ 16,000 damage. Hero Judgement Shawl was triggered by Judex, and its autocast Lex Aeterna causes me to pause because of its global cooldown. As you can see the additional 200 INT from Reckless Magic increases Judex’s damage by… a small bit. Now let’s take a look at Adoramus. Adoramus with 1000+ equip MATK: 44,000 - 51,000 on (Nightmare) Ancient Mummy. Adoramus with Judgement Set + Nightmare Arclouse + Nightmare Mimic card combo: 126,000 damage on (Nightmare) Ancient Mummy, 131,000 ~134,000 damage on (Nightmare) Verit. It’s worth noting that Adoramus Lv 10 deals 1500% MATK and has 2 seconds skill cooldown. Currently there are no cards or equipment that specifically increases Holy element magic damage; compare with Lichtern Yellow Card for Ghost, Elvira Card and Gioia Card for Wind and Ghost element magic damage, etc. Because of this, I honestly don’t know if there’s anything else that can be done to improve Adoramus damage, besides an overupgraded Mace of Judgement (which is a Lv 3 weapon so I won’t be surprised if somebody made a +18 ~ +20 of it already by now; if you made it, congrats, your AB is pretty much the most geared combat medic in NovaRO), or a +9 Empowered Mace of Judgement with perfect enchants. In kRO, there is a Shadow Gear that increases Adoramus damage, though I’ve heard that generally Shadow Gears make players too OP. On the other hand, back in 2016 jRO released a super neato footgear that increases Adoramus damage by a lot. You can probably tell by now I really like a lot of what jRO has done. Though with that said, the Nightmare Biolabs update should bring with it a headgear, weapon card, and garment card that would be very useful for ABs. So there you have it. I’m not as experienced when it comes to tank-spec AB and melee/battle bishop so I will not be discussing them; I know several other players that are more experienced and more qualified to talk about them ;] If you’re new to playing AB, I hope this helps you figure out what kind of AB you wanna be. If you’re a veteran, please go easy on me, I know my casual is showing. Attached are alternative SFXs for Magnus Exorcismus. Copy the file into your NovaRO folder > data > wav > effect. Then rename it to priest_magnus. ME - Epic.wav Epic: This is the one I’m currently using, it’s an epic choir with bold percussions, strings, brass instruments, and (I think) pipe organ in the background. ME - Heavenly.wav Heavenly: A simple SFX with a very gentle tone. ME - Hellish.wav Hellish: It’s more intense and sinister in tone than the one I’m currently using. ME - Solemn.wav Solemn: I used this one for a while, it’s a solemn choir with sounds of bubbling water and gently crashing waves. It’s 14 seconds long. priest_magnus (original).wav Original: If you’re old school or don’t like any of the other SFX. It’s 3 seconds long.
  6. RadenWA

    Tale of Robot and Cates

    Once upon a time, Gravity tries a thing. It didn't work.
  7. Please message me here at my forum account with your deals . - Andie
  8. I'm selling a Light of Cure ring with Cure lvl 1 +2 INT for 19.999.999 Zenny perfect for any Arch Bishop of any build, post a reply in the forum if you are interested, or pm to one of my classes: Kageshiro and Soultern.
  9. Hi! I'm new to the server (a month tops- mainly just lounging around) and defo new to renewal server *Aigoooo!* This is my first time trying out a renewal server and everything's been dandy. I'm looking for a guild (English/PH) who's into PvM/WoE and who's willing to adopt me and some of my friends who's also new here. We already know the basics in RO and we're still in the middle of building our gears and stuff here, but we'd really like to try everything the server has to offer. We just don't know who to ask (guides, tips, run arounds, the patience and all). My class is Archbishop (max and main) and I'm almost, always active (cept' it's holidays right now so I'll be more active after New Years and all the hang over). Oh, I haven't tried most of the instances. I can only name a few (Toy Factory, Jitterbug, OGH Normal/Hard) but I'm willing to try And yes, I don't have a banana.
  10. My first time exploring Lasagna The BGM was so good, and the monsters are so cute. Especially the Eggring. I hope there's an Eggring Pet
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