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  1. [RECRUITMENT TEMPORARILY CLOSED] Alliance is recruiting for WoE! We're the longest running WoE guild on NovaRO, and our main objective is to be a strong and competitive WoE focused guild. Most of our members have been playing WoE on this server for 3+ years, and played a big part in helping the WoE scene grow and shaping how it looks today. If you're a veteran looking for an organized, strong guild to play in, or you're a newbie looking for a place to grow and learn the ins and outs of WoE, Alliance is one of the best places to be. What we're looking for: Players who can reliably attend WoE 1 (currently Saturday 8AM Server Time) . Players who want to have a fun and competitive WoE without getting too involved in drama. Players who can understand English and join voice (preferably speaking, but not mandatory) Players who play the following classes: AB, SC, Mins, Gene, Wandy, players who can play multiple jobs If you're interested in joining, feel free to post your character/Discord name on this thread, look for us at our usual spot in Ayothaya, or you can PM one of our leaders on Discord: Shalltear#1543 Shapes#6977
  2. Lore is now dissolved. Thank you for the years of friendships <3 •••• Who We Are: We started out as a band of friends wanting to connect with more players, to make long lasting friendships. Today we're a thriving community that still continues that mindset of socializing and helping one another. We're also an international guild, so everyone is welcoming of different languages and backgrounds! What We Do: We're a Social/PvM guild that focuses on helping each other out with Instances, leveling, weeklies, and much more! Rules: We accept most players, we just ask that you're active on our discord server, and follow these rules: • Respect Everyone sexism/homophobia/racial slurs are not tolerated. (more rules are listed in our discord!) Guild Hangout @go 33 Guild Leader: Bulbie (Nickie#9155) Co-Leader: Xione (Gin#9876) Officers: Fall Kakey Zelda GX (Becca) Doktah (Bacon) Let us know if you have any questions! x Lore
  3. Somos um grupo de amigos que decidiram criar um clã para ajudar outros players e estamos recrutando novo membros para aumentar a nossa casa. Nosso foco principal é ajudar players que tem dúvidas sobre o conteúdo do Monster Hunter. Então se você quer aprender a jogar MH mas não sabe por onde começar, precisa de um time para fazer suas weeklys ou simplesmente quer fazer instâncias casuais pra se divertir é só vir com a gente! Guild Name: Nysori Sushi Bar Guild Leader: xZawa Other Leaders: Misso Lamen, Diekase Guild Direction: MH, Instâncias, PvM, 4Fun Language: Portuguese Save Point: Comodo Requeriment: Sem level ou equipamentos mínimos, apenas ser ativo no jogo e uma pessoa gentil :3 Nosso discord: https://discord.gg/qyQdXbs
  4. THE SHEPHERDS is now open! I am now kick-starting an MH-focused group/guild for our custom content. It is made for the idea to help newbies and the people who have difficulty to find groups for MH. It is because they are either not-meta or simply called "deadweight" by some randoms. I've been alone too for so long, and now I decided to help those who are starting in MH! If you're decided to learn and play MH, join the discord: https://discord.gg/5nrqpCg I hope that I could try and help out, at least until Garronath XD -Satella
  5. B> New Banner for Dark Theme About us - We're a small community built by veteran PvM and PvP players. That said, we are a social casual guild focusing primarily on providing a fun learning experience in PvM and PvP content. We provide a very active Discord to chatter, leveling parties and enjoyable voice communication in Battlegrounds, chatting together to build stronger relationships. We hope to invite adventurous new and old players who enjoy using Discord and/or are willing to step into unknown Renewal content. General Information - Anyone who wishes to join can either reply to this thread, or visit our save town Splendide and ask for an invite that way. Active Hours: 15:00 to 0:00 server time. Town: Splendide Language: English Leader: Sanoshi Co-Leaders: Fluffs, Shuu CEO: Enma, Azn Combo, Rino, Andie Goals - Create a family friendly environment to joke and spend mindless hours on and off RO with. Quickly get players past the dreaded new player experience Pass on PvM and PvP Knowledge Produce the dankest memes Guidelines - Rude/Offensive behavior from any guild member will not be tolerated. Be able to speak/understand English as it is our primary language. Be respectful to other guild members.
  6. Olá brazucas jogadores de RAG! Somos a Guild Clube do bolinha e estamos recrutando jogadores brasileiros, pode ser novato ou veterano, estamos depostos a ajudar todos a crescer no jogo! Aqueles interessados mandem mensagem com o nick no rag e a tag do discord, se tiver.
  7. or join our Discord server for faster response!
  8. Casual player maining a Wanderer. I would like to have more friends on this server and would love to learn how to do the instances/Monster Hunter/ anything PVM if possible. It's difficult playing alone and would definitely help to play with more people. I am somewhat geared if that helps. I am on Hawaii time and can play Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays, pretty flexible with times, especially on Saturday. I would love to learn how to pvp as well. Reading the new updates, I would be very interested in learning how to do Monster Hunter quests as I have never had a group to play with that. Anyways please let me know. IGN Skanko! English speaking would be terrific!
  9. Polish player fluently speaking in English, but also having some knowledge of Japanese, Italian, German, Korean, Chinese. Looking for friendly, casual, funny guild of the nternational crew. I have a discord and microphone if needed. My IGN: Sorcerates, Szarmancki, Edwardo Elric.
  10. Hello and Welcome!! Are you bored? Lonely? Sick of your friends mocking your fun class builds even though you have plenty of properly geared characters and just want to have fun in between instances and BattleGround? Well look no further! Have I got the family of fun, active, weird guild mates for you!! We are Fluffy Tail! We love to run instances, do BattleGround, make fun and interesting character builds, and not to mention play great music in our discord lounge! If you feel you want more to look forward to when you boot up NovaRO well we are just the band of weirdos for you! Just in case you want to know a bit more before you decide(like you need it, right? )Here is some information about us! Our hangout spot is Amatsu (Always there, Our guild leader "RoboKitty" actually was the one who helped organized the new spawn point! [Wow so cool~]). We are an English mainly speaking guild with a (Mostly) Eastern standard time guild member roaster! We are PVE and PVP focused but we are just starting out moving into PVP! So mostly Battles grounds for now but we have our sights set on WoE! We do try to do daily instances!(Life happens. Sometimes we are not all able to.) We also have veterans in the guild who have been playing Ragnarok Online for years now.(Not just this server!) We run our own private guild discord server as I mentioned! Lots of fun to be had in our chat rooms! So now that you have decided to join us which I can tell you have by the eager look on your face! Contact any of the guild heads at these user names on Nova Ragnarok online! Guild Leader - RoboKitty, Game Vice Leader - Poser Officer - AloeLeaflet Officer - Lola Officer - Misutikku Officer- Kiyochan If you are having trouble reaching us there contact me at [email protected]
  11. Moin Moin, Nach einiger Zeit auf dem Sever mussten wie leider feststellen das die Deutsche Gildenbeteiligung leider sehr gering ist. Also nehmen wir uns das jetzt etwas zu herzen aber wohlgemerkt auf fun Ebene! d.h.: Wir machen gerne Dungeons/Dailys/PvP/WoE/Farmen etc. solange wir dabei auch Spaß haben. Wennn du dich also angesprochen fühlst kannst du entweder dich hier melden oder InGame anschreiben. (AdilJarek, FinnCsaba oder holly2603) Vorraussetzung für dich: -Wenigstens 1Char auf 175 oder kurz davor -Regelmäßige Onlinezeiten (ist breit gefächert ich weiß aber ein paar mal die Woche sollten ja drin sein) -Discord (Wer schreibt denn heutzutage noch :P) Bisher ist die Gilde wirklich klein aber wir hoffen da eine kleine Gruppe aufzubauen um regelmäßig Spaß zu haben. MfG
  12. Hi! So I just started playing novaro, and instantly fell in love with it, But so far i've been only playing it solo or with my gf and thought it would be fun joining a guild! We're mostly interested in PVE, and collecting loots! Our levels are 130-ish as a sura and a rebellion. We speak english only, and our time zone is at GMT+7/UTC+7. Thank you for reading, Hope we can join the community soon!! Russlock-Alizeh
  13. Hey everyone! Im a new player that lives in Sweden and im looking for a EU guild! Im new to Ragnarok (lvl 90 atm) and i would love to be in a guild to make friends and also so i can ask questions about the game so i can become better! Its lonely to not have anyone to talk to so i really hope theres a guild out there that can take me in. Hope to hear from someone! In-game name is Direth!
  14. Pied Piper (banner to go here) Time Zones - International, mostly North America & Indonesia Level requirements - None! Classes wanted - Everyone is welcome! However, we really need support classes for instances! Guild focus - PVM/Social/Instances /WoE Guild Home Town - Eclage (@go 35) Guild Leaders (PM one of us for an invite!) - Maverick / Yeun / Chemist - Leader Mallinock - Co leader Discord https://discord.gg/k5hcwqK We are mostly on Discord, please join in order to communicate, and join events or if you want to join the guild. About us Pied Piper was created by Illegal Memes and to this day is a friendly / casual guild that runs PVM instances together and since evolved into a family that likes to theorycraft how to help people earn zeny efficiently in our guild because our time is valuable. We are a drama-free zone, and will not tolerate any bad apples or rude people into our family. Instances we run Wolchev, BMD, OGH, any others that may come up.
  15. STARLIGHT REVOLUTION IS RECRUITING Regards brave adventurers! This is the English department of the Guild Starlight . We are focused on PVM and MVP. If you're looking for a nice and friendly community to make party to different instances, this is your place. We are recieving both new players, to support them, and old players, so we hope you feel comfortable in our humbly and warm guild! n_n What do I need to be part of the Stars? 1) Communicate with any of the GLs that we will listed below. 2) Ideally, saving in Lutie, because Winter Stars are beautiful. 3) Having a Discord is obligatory, at least to talk via chat. It is not necessary to have a microphone or headphones to enter audio, although it is appreciated for a higher participation. 4) Be nice and have a strong desire to be par of our guild. 5) Desire it even stronger! Where or who can you go to receive Guild? To find us you have to go to our save point in Lutie (@go 7) and look for any member that's in the guild Starlight or Starlight Revolution.. That way you can ask him/her for a Leader that can give you Guild. The GLs are the following: Alice Wonderland (Genetic) / Asuza (Genetic) / Amane Miria (Star Emperor) / CamiIIe (Rebellion) / GL Main (The GL is crazy, it's crazy). Discord: Rion # 8696 Eastwood (Rebellion) / Askaloth (Genetic) / why i did this (Doram) / GL Secondary. Discord: Eastwood # 1281 Fu Wind (RK) / Arturia Pendragon Saber (RK) / Tsuki Moonlight (AB) / Fu Gatito (Doram) / Sub GL. Discord: Fu Wind - Blade of Wind # 3585 Onedrimer (AB) / Nyameless (Doram) & Sub GL. Onedrimer # 6683
  16. Eu e meu namorado acabamos de começar no joguinho faz uma semana, e queríamos entrar em uma guild brasileira com players ativos, e que possam ajudar os dois noob aqui kkkk Eu joguei ragnarok por muito tempo, mas meu namorado nunca jogou, esta sendo a primeira vez dele, por se tratar de um server totalmente diferente do BRO estamos meio perdidos quanto ao joguinho. Estamos familiarizados com o discord ja, então se possível uma guild que possua o discord com a galerinha online ali ;D Deixem o nome da guild, a quantidade de players nela, e se tiver, requisitos para entrar na mesma, e claro um meio para entrar em contato ! Obrigada pessoal
  17. About Us: We're a WoE 2 guild looking for new players to join our roster. The Discord is an essential tool for communication and you must have it to be a part of our team. If you want to try the WoE environment send a message to Shapes#6977
  18. Scarlet Devils Scarlet Devils is a new guild there, we wanna build a chill, drama free, social and active community. Our rules are simple, keep your drama off our guild, be active and nice with others, don't be a jerk(you know if you are one) and have fun! Wanna join? Do it! (https://discord.gg/VRYvadZ)
  19. Hi Everyone! New Corgi guild here looking for casual players who wanna join us in running instances, leveling, and general PVM. Also to socialize and make new friends Active and semi-active, newbies and veterans welcome! About us: We're a group of dorks, who recently started playing RO again after 8+ years. We mostly played private servers so coming upon NovaRO is great! Anyone who wish to join us can reply here with Character's name or go to Thor and look for "DurianCake" or any Durian for an invite. Info: - We are mostly active around server time: 14:00 to 0:00 during weekdays, Mon - Fri, and active all day Sat and Sun. - We're stationed at Thor Camp. - We only speak English but anyone is welcome - We do easy instances daily and run harder instances and endless tower/cellar on the weekend. - We love Corgis!! Taxi the Fat Corgi is our mascot.
  20. Succumb to your desire... to run instances on this video game. Emblem: Save Point: East Geffen. Come say hi! Temptation was formed with the goal of making sure no one feels excluded within their own guild. Even if people in our group were to become burned out, we want to preserve our friendships beyond RO. Our discord sees activity every day, so it can get pretty chatty. Don't worry if you feel too new or undergeared to join us, we will help you get up to speed! Temptation is an organized guild for running dungeons. Using our discord channel along with a discord chat bot, we plan events ahead of time and allow people to sign up if they're interested. Organizing made easy! Come join us for: Gramps parties! Level those alts! Instances! Quest parties! Non-RO game nights! We try to avoid small party instances that exclude guild members. We want as many guildies as we can get to come along and have a good time. Want to join? See an AFK chat with our guild name plastered on it? Drop on in and leave your name. You can also come to East Geffen and say hi. If you're feeling particularly immobile, you could also request to join through our discord by booping this button: https://discord.gg/EgPUGkp
  21. Credits and thanks to Reimu (BlackBird17) for this amazing guild art Recruitment is currently closed Hi there! Sapere Aude is an older guild from iRO that has spread over to NovaRO! A lot of us are still new to nova, however we have a good understanding of renewal mechanics, so bear with us! The name Sapere Aude means "Dare to know" in Latin. We have an active discord chat with close to 200 members where we socialize, organize events, and share stories from our lives! We still operate in iRO, so if you play there as well, this is the perfect guild for you! We take pride in our friendliness, and will try to reach out to everyone without leaving anyone behind. Sapere Aude is a reformation of an older guild in iRO known as "Semper Fortis"(as well as its sister guilds, "Semper Anticus" and "Semper Invictus") founded in late 2016. Guild Activity: We run ET/EC on Fridays at 7pm PST (server time)/ Saturday 11am UTC+8 and Saturday 4am PST/ 8pm UTC+8. We alternate which day we do either ET or EC on to give all timezones a chance to do both. We like to do Monster Hunter during happy hour to farm coupons as well. We will be hosting more instances soon~ What do we expect of you? We expect friendliness from you, and occasionally visiting us on Discord for communication (even if you're on hiatus, we'll still welcome you on Discord!). And to be kind and helpful to others, trying to help anyone who needs help. I'm interested! To join Sapere Aude, you will need to fill out an application on our website: http://ragnarokandchill.enjin.com/recruitment After you've filled out the application, just wait for one of our captains to approve you and send you our discord link. You can let us know via discord that you have submitted your application by contacting: Average#7987 duke#8463 jamdonutjam#5799 OR Jump on in to our discord server, and we can answer any questions you may have before filling out our application, or if there is some problem submitting it. Have fun in game and we hope to see you in our guild!
  22. Do you like singing in the shower? Does your mom complain everytime you start singing at 2am because the neighbours "have done nothing to deserve this"? Do you like to completely murder a song when it comes on the radio, and then proceed to get beaten by your friends who really like said song? THEN THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! The X Factor is a television music competition franchise created by British producer Simon Cowell and--- No wait, wrong X Factor. The X Factor is a completely new and social international guild for those who would like to show off their awesome (maybe nonexistant, but still awesome) singing skills! Or just chill in the voice chat and make fun of everyone else, whatever. The only requirement isssssssssssssssssssss...! To have fun! And that's it! Easy amirite? I mean it'd be awesome if you could participate in our voice calls, either by singing or just being the audience. Don't worry, we don't judge - we're most likely just as bad. It's preferred if you join with a musical class (aka Dancer, Bard, Clown, Gypsy, Minstrel, Wanderer) but any class will do. We'll try to hold karaoke parties every weekend or so (when there's most people online, probably) and who knows, if enough people join there might be even some prizes to those who sing the most songs. So what are you waiting for? Come audition with us today! https://discord.gg/wuqpNfU (Our hometown is Comodo, got the stage and everything)
  23. "Chill" Est. 2016 Instances, MvP Hunts, Bloody Branches, AFK, daily/weekly. We kick members every 2 weeks inactivity, unless they give us information about the circumstances. Mostly we play and run instances at around 11.00 AM & PM Server Time or depends on the most crowded time. We encourage new players to understand the game strategies, guides, and whole understanding about how to start as a new player and quickly going up as an experienced player. Go to Lutie to look around at our folks and home. We just rebuilding back at this new year, since most of our old guildies quit a year ago. And now it's your chance! RULES 1. Main char active in guild 2. Chill in base (Lutie) 3. Behave and be polite to every player in the server 4. Follow the rules of NovaRO server (https://novaragnarok.com/wiki/Rules) DISCORD: discord.gg/z7QYaWC or Myrn#7037
  24. United as one family, with one goal. This is our guild, GHOST. An international guild doing different instances. Our purpose is to enjoy the game to its fullest and create one big family that has bond and friendship within each member! So sit back, relax and have fun with us! RECRUITMENT We are looking for members who aspire to become better and have perseverance to do so. ALL CLASSES ARE WELCOME! If you're a newbie, we are willing to guide and help you out. REQUIREMENTS: Be able to have discord app in PC/mobile. Be able to speak and comprehend English. Be able to have fun! We do not tolerate drama queens and kings and issue makers. HOW TO JOIN Join our discord server. We'll communicate with you through discord: - Make sure your aim is to have fun and enjoy the game while prioritizing your own real life. RULE: Our only rule is to respect EVERYONE in the guild. Don't hesitate to approach us. We're always open for new members! ~ GHOST REMINISCENCIA ~ MORE PICTURES IN THE COMMENT SECTION
  25. Hello, all of you! Hope you're enjoying yourselves! My name is MisterBacon, or MrrBacon in-game, and I am new to Nova RO I've played SOME Ragnarok in the past, but pre-renewal, on a different server, with higher rates. I used to play mostly PvP, and I'd like to keep that as my main focus, BUT I'd like to also experience these interesting dungeons/instances. I used to play ninja, but now i want to try something else, and am going for a GX for PvP and a Ranger for PvM Since I am new, I'd like to find a guild to join, that will help me through this vast game, and hopefully a guild I'll someday be able to contribute back too! Hope to see you all in-game!
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